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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2


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((Fair warning - I'm ending this scene tomorrow. Via deus ex machina, which I'm aware is lazy, but in effect will fast forward the plotline to a point that doesn't involve the party being forced to run away from everything, which you'll notice has been the theme for the last twenty billion pages.


So reply if you want to do anything in this location before it ends.))

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((Oops, a couple hours short of 'tomorrow'. Ah well, technicalities.))


*Abruptly, and all at the same time, each member of the group sees a bright white light, and they are no longer in the Shadow. In fact, they are not in any shadows at all. They are in a sparsely furnished living room, with a floor, ceiling and walls of green wood that seem to be alive.


Marin is half-morphed into the form of some indiscernable animal, sprawled awkwardly across the floor. Raschel takes a sharp breath; she had been suffocating inside the plant. K'Warra looks pale and half-dead, covered in lacerations.


Facing them is a blue-and-black beetle the size of a large dog. It jumps, and skitters out of the room.*


K'Warra: *looking at Marin* Dammit, I told you not to shapeshift. Don't you people ever listen?


*No one else says a word. Then a slight woman enters the room. She looks young - how young, hard to tell. Her hair is blonde, but spattered with the colors of the rainbow. Her eyes are mismatched in color; silver and blue. She appears to be wearing skin-tight pants and a large knapsack for a top.*


Woman: Hi. Oh dear, I have done this wrong haven't I?


*Her voice changes in cadence with no apparent reason, sounding shaky and awkward. As she speaks, she blinks her silver eye separately several times, until it turns black.*


Woman: I haven't done it in a long time. You look upset. I wasn't trying to do it wrong. Doom only just told me you were coming to visit. I don't think it meant anything by it. Am I sounding funny? I'm sorry. Really, I am. Do you want something to drink? I'm not sure it'll come out right, but I can certainly try. Do you want something to drink - oh, did I say that already? I think I did. Do you?

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*Orthos spins suddenly, looking at his surroundings, while Gortick blinks repeatedly in shock. As Ellela finds herself in the mysterious room, she falls over from the sudden shock, with Gortick moving to help her up*


Orthos: Where the hell?


*Orthos is cut short by the strange woman entering the room*


Orthos: (Regarding the drink) Uh...no thanks. I'm fine.

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((Stepping in :) ))


After the unexpected change of location, Elaina reached her arms out to steady herself. Tanara closed her eyes briefly to collect her thoughts and then moved to join her sister. After reassuring one another silently that both of them were alright, the sisters politely declined anything to drink.


Oh, come on! Teri's voice protested within Elaina's mind. Your body is parched! But Elaina reminded her internal companion that they had no idea exactly what the offered drink might be... or if it would be consumable by humans. Teri wasn't convinced, but she fell silent.

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Midgar: Wastelands


*A blizzard sweeps the rocky hillsides, harsh and blistering cold. A lone figure wanders in the what seems to be an empty white void of covered with layers and layers of rags barely keeping warm.


After a while he opens up his hood, and looks out, squinting his eyes hoping to see,... something...


He notices in the distence, a cave, embedded with in a rock wall.

He makes his way to it and enters uncovering his face as he does.

Cracern. His eyes having problems focasing in the light, he grabs for a wall grunting in pain. He doesnt see much, but walks slowly more inside out of the wind, until finding a corner where he can rest...


His vision was blurred, he can't see the other side of the cavern, must be quite large.

He opens up the rags to look at his torso, a sharp bit of cold strikes him, as he flinches showing a large red blotch on his normal clothes, soaking into the vary rags he wears...


He tosses the rags back over, and pulls out a piece of armor from what he could from the battle ground. It was dented up. But he wasn't using it for protection. He slides over to near the enterence and scoops up some snow and packs it in the piece of armour, and slides back to the corner.


after rubbing his hands, trying to warm them up, he pulls out a lightsaber and ignites it. he sets the armour on the ground, and gently touches the blade on an edge of the armour, heating it up, and melting the snow.

after wards he puts the saber away and drinks the little bit of water that he could.*


Cracern *coughing, to himself* "better... then nothing..."

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Woman: Oh dear. I'm afraid I have not been speaking to other humans in quite some time. The beetles speak much more musically. I hope I've not offended you. You must be here for the Protocols of the End.


Raschel: You know who we are?


Woman: Not specifically, no, but you carry the magic that will allow you to carry out the Protocols. This magic would, of course, be impossible to obtain if you were not planning to carry out the Protocols. Oh, you didn't know? Dear me, information travels badly these days. It was easier back in the before-days, when all could speak the Other tongue. I've always regretted that, you understand...

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Irvine "How long ago was that?"




Midgard, cave


*After a while of refilling the piece of armour wiht snow and melting it to get what ever little water he could he. He checks his makeshift bandages again.


His wounds were finding it difficult to heal. He winces in pain and covers himself back up. He knew he lost alot of blood, half the reason why his body was so cold. Even surprised he was still alive...*

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Woman: How long? Before this world was designed. I no longer remember the time. There've been too many breaks in my lifetime. But you know that. I mean... how couldn't you?


Raschel: Know what?


Guy: Your pardon, but we do not know who you are. Although we are, of course, grateful that you have rescued us.


K'Warra: You don't get it, do you? She's one of them.


Marin: Them?


K'Warra: The formerly human creators of this world. Of the Aether. The gods.


Woman: Yes, that is why we agreed to take the Protocols, though I do not think you could properly call us gods. You didn't know, then? Why are you here?

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((Ha! See if I can't make that into a post!))


Woman: You have a construct with you? Oh, how quaint. Hello.


Guy: *breaking the general silence* Why we are here is information we cannot give out lightly.


Woman: Then you are not here to carry out the Protocols?


Raschel: We don't know what Protocols you're talking about.


Woman: But... that's impossible. How else would you carry the identifying magic? Did the Fifth Icons not lead you here?


Marin: The Fifth Icons?


Woman: Yes, the Key and the Map. Why else would you have come?


Guy: We... do have a key, and a map, and the map did lead us here.


K'Warra: I have to say, this is all quite fascinating.


Woman: Then you are here for the Protocols. You must be. If you were not here for the Protocols, I would not even know I possessed one of them. It would violate the terms of the pact.


Raschel: "The Protocols of the End" - what are they?


Woman: I, er, thought the words would be self-explanatory. I suppose I'm out of practice in language...


*The woman holds out her hand, and a small, complex grid pattern of light hovers above it, like a hologram.*


Woman: This is the Protocol I safekeep. There are seven protocols in all. Each has three duplicates, one for each of the twenty-three who took the pact.


Raschel: What do they do?


Woman: Oh, that's simple. They destroy this world.

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Woman: A construct to hold the Protocol? Oh, of course. That is good planning. I had not thought of that.


Raschel: *as the woman steps halfway forward* Wait!


Marin: *incredulously* Destroy this world? You mean the Aether?


Woman: Oh, dear. You did not know that, either? Well, it shouldn't be a problem, yes?


Marin: You must be joking. Is this... some kind of test?

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Orthos: Wait a minute, woah, woah, woah!


*He moves between the group and the woman*


Orthos: Destroying the Aether? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me at all. Why would we want something that can do that.


*Gortick steps forward*


Gortick: Sometimes, brother, it's best to have something bad so that you're enemies can't have it. Case in point, me.

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