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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2


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Asgardried Lounge


*Idona smiles, and turns the screen she was watching so it faced Tanara and Eliana. On the monitor were poorly done caricature of the sisters with word bubbles coming from them. Eliana's bubble said "Is it just me because I'm not very smart, or do the Aesir seem to know everything before we mention it". Tanara's bubble held "I do look like I've not had a decent period of rest in a couple of days, but I always look like that don't I..."*


Idona: No you are not interrupting anything, and to answer your question Eliana. Remember you are inside a ship that is aware of itself and you and everything you do within it and a fair distance away. If it deems something important enough the Asgardried will tell us about it, normally it just tells us the situation. This time the ship felt like being an artist, and I would guess you two did something this morning to upset the Asgardried.


Asgardried: Hey, those pictures show a very good likeness of those two, besides they were rude to me. I can if you want print out copies of those so you may cherish them and forever be reminded of my genius...


Idona: As I was saying, outside the ship you are usually around Heimdall and he has better hearing then you would believe, I dare say he probably could be listening to us right now without the aid of the ship. Now why don't you two have a seat and tell me what exactly is happening.



*Meanwhile the Asgardried approaches the planet and begins to land*

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"Well, for starters, I think we've learned to say please and thank you, no matter what," Elaina muttered. Tanara spoke as if she hadn't heard her sister's words.


"It's about Kira," she said. "I think I underestimated her strength. I haven't slept in two days because I'm almost sure that, if I do, I'll wake up under her control."


"But Teri's been nice and quiet," Elaina cut in. "And we suspect it's because of the seperation of the two women that Kira wants to gain control now."


"I know what she wants," Tanara said. "She's told me... bragged about what she'll do when I no longer have the strength to hold her down. She wants to kill Elaina so she can be completely rid of Teri." Glancing over at Elaina, she said to Idona, "If you're willing, I'd like further training to restrain her."

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Asgardried: Lounge


Idona: I will give you further training in restraining her. I still need to give both of you more advanced lightsaber training as well... Unfortuneatly we are about to land so the training is going to have to wait. Until we get you to a point where Kira is no longer a threat Idun will supply you with Manid mead which you will drink every morning. This way your body won't degrad from a lack of sleep.


During the night, Heimdall will keep you company. He doesn't sleep, and can look out for you just in case. Otherwise when we are away from the ship I want you to stay around an Aesir. Now get anything you want to take with you and meet us at the forward entrance ramp.



A couple minutes later the Asgardried touched down on the fragmented planet


*Heimdall and Vidar lead the group from the Asgardried, their hands idly resting on their sword hilts as they scanned the horizon. Finally their eyes settle to the lone inhabitant of the planet*

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((Admiral: The Asgardried is still my favorite character of yours.))


*Guy's ship has landed nearby. Guy, K'Warra, and Cody [and whoever else is in Guy's ship that I've forgotten] join the rest of the group.


The area is covered in sand and rock. The main rift is close, crackling in the distance with blue energy. Minor cracks shiver through the air in the landscape around the group. The atmosphere is hot and would be more uncomfortable if not for the slight breeze blowing from the rift.


A hunched figure rises slowly from the ground. Sand pours from her hooded cloak, collected there over what could have been months. Her cloak in turn falls from her frame as she straightens. Her skin is charcoal-gray, and her eyes are pools of black. But her sharp teeth glimmer white as she speaks, smiling.


No sound comes from her mouth as her lips move, but a voice sounds in the groups' minds.*


Figure: <Greetings, travellers. In the past I am called Doom. Unfortunately you no longer understand that word as it was intended to be. So you may call me by another word you do not understand. I am ker. I have waited for you nearly a year. Now tell me, why have you come?>

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Ker: <Of course I know that you seek the Time Matrix, though you will find that there will soon be few left who do not know of your mission. I know you are in this place because your map has led you to me. But that does not speak to your motivations, does it? Your every move has been manipulated to bring you here. You have all at least suspected this from the beginning. Yet none of you know precisely where your quest will lead you, or whether or not you will survive. I'm sure some of you have begun to suspect that your mission may involve causing yourselves to cease to exist. Why do you continue? What do you hope to accomplish?>

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*Vidar slowly walks around Ker looking her up and down*


Vidar: You know as well as I those answers are slightly different for each one is this party. Although one could say most here are on this quest in the hopes to delay the lost of friends and loved ones. They continue because of this hope, because even though death awaits them keeping active is better then just waiting the wolf.


This though you should already know... and as the pervious stages of the quests manipulated this group, you do so now with your questions. You also should know that this group hopes to bring the end to Gotterdammerung.


Now let me ask, why have you waited for us? What purpose do you serve?

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Ker: <Waiting for the wolf? I like that answer. Why have I waited for you, you ask? It is my job to open the way to the next step of your chosen doom. However, like all guardians, I will not do this without some form of payment. My form of payment shall be the answer of a question, which all of you must provide. If any of you are not willing to answer my question acceptably, then you must leave now. My question is this: How do you believe you are going to die?>

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Vidar: I will first die in the all consuming fires, after I tear asunder the wolf with my hands. The cleansing waters though will save me from enternal death, they will bring life back to this body, where I will live till cycle must start aknew then my second death will be upon a sword.


Heimdall: I will die after I finish my fight with Loki, he will die before I, but give me enough wounds so that I will have just enough strenght to find a place to rest and as my blood spills to the ground.


Idona: A Jotun by the name of Angrbodi, will have my head but not before my sword finds home in her stomach.


Idun: I will first die by an arrow going through my neck as I tend wounded, though the cleansing waters will bring life back to me, till two more arrows find me.


Viddall: In battle, burned alive by the two sons of a Jotun I slew moments before.


Ragnar: Simply really, I'll die as a Jotun takes my leg, and Nidhogg takes my head.


Svafa: Slowly in battle will I perish, Glut will maim my left arm, so it bleeds slowly leaving a trail of red behind me as I push on. The bloodloss will slow me, allowing me to succumb to the minions of Hel.


Valda: Hel's minions will overwhelm me as I defend the wounded.


Gerd: I guess, like them I'll eventually die in battle.


Idun: Gerd, is to young to know her fate yet. She is right though her death waits for her in battle. She will die defending the lifeless body of her love, surrounded by bodies of those she called friend, overwhelmed by the race that scorned her and hates who she is.

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Ker: *speaking over Idun* <Stop. You may not answer for another. Gerd, you must answer again, as if you had not heard what your companion has just spoken. You must answer from your own dreams, and your own beliefs, and your own fears, and your own desires. Now resume.>


((Note to all: Every character present is supposed answer the question. That means all of the rest of you. :)))

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Gerd: Um....I know I won't die of age or of sickness. That leaves only death by other means I prefer to believe it will happen in battle next to my chosen family. I...um, suppose my death will be at the hands of my people since they tried to kill me before, so most likely it will be with fire or with frost, perhaps both I guess. That is at least what my nightmares tell me.


Asgardried *after listening in*: I of course being a true immortal shall never perish, instead after all you peons are gone I will wander the stars looking for a new people who are worthy of my divine grace. They will give me the respect that I truely deserve...

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*After a final exchange of arrows the two shieldwalls charge, the Agamari fling their barbed javalins while the Orcs hurl throwing axes and then both draw swords. The two walls clash together and the blood begins to flow. After their costly advance the Orcish shieldwall numbers only slightly more than the Agamari and with the longbow men taking a toll the enemy the battle is balanced.


Unfortunately for the Agamari the dreaded Hellriders threatened their right flank and outnumbering the Landsmen ten to one their charge would finish the battle, unless the Dragon Lord could come up with something truly special.*

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*Orthos, Ellela and Gortick think long and hard*


Orthos: I am Starkiller. How I die doesn't matter, because my soul will join the rest of them to return again when we are called. I reckon I'll die when whatever task I'm lumbered with this time is over..


Elella: Honestly...*she stares away from everyone* I don't think I'll reach the end of this one. But I'm still going because maybe my death will allow the quest to succeed.


Gortick: *He looks down at the floor* I was hidden because I am destructive. I will die because for whatever reason I'm going to destroy myself.


*The other two look at him in horror*

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Ker: *raising her hand again for silence* <Stop. The three of you must continue to answer.> *pointing to Orthos* <I asked how you believe you will die. You, not Starkiller. You are not Starkiller. You bear the Starkiller. You must answer for you, yourself.> *pointing to Ellela* <You have accepted your death. But you must tell me how you believe you will die, or at least how you imagine you will die.> *pointing to Gortick* <And you must tell me more. You must tell me how you believe you will destroy yourself. Now resume.>

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*Orthos Scowls*

Orthos: I did answer for me. The Avatar will never die if it is victorious. I...

*Orthos has a flash from somewhere far beyond of a mass of rotting flesh, and a poisoned dagger*...I get stabbed? In the darkness? I...I suppose that's it. I am stabbed by an assailant.


Elella: Fine. I reckon whatever's guarding the final part of the quest will bring me down. As I don't know what it is, I don't know anymore.


Gortick: To protect my family and friends I will destroy myself. The force strength within me will continue to produce more and more energy until my body cannot contain it and it will explode.

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*Ker is silent. When she doesn't speak, Raschel does*


Raschel: I always dreamed I would be killed in combat, in my X-Wing, maybe shot by an eyeball or hopefully something more impressive. But I haven't been in my X-Wing for years. When I survived the Rebellion I imagined nothing could kill me. Now this happened. I don't intend to die in this... I plan to die in peace, in my sleep. I cannot hope for more and I will not hope for less.


Guy: I believe my family will kill me, just as they took my eyes, and my mother. I do not think I will get a warning. My dreams warn me of something horrifying but intangible, something dark that I do not understand.


Chere: You're pretty morbid for a White Hat. Wait, do I have to answer this too?


Ker: <Everyone must answer.>


Chere: Uh. Right. Well I don't plan on dying anytime soon. When I get old and wrinkly, then, sure. Until then, nothing's happening to me. Nothing fatal, at least.


Marin: If dreams can be believed... I will suffocate on the stale air I spend too much time breathing. But if I must die in this, I wish to die in combat, protecting others until I can't---


Chere: Marin, that's awful. Can't you---


Ker: <Silence, young one. As I told you already, you must not answer for another.>


Chere: I wasn't answering anything! I was just---


Ker: <Neither you must intefere with another's answer. Answer for yourself alone.>


Chere: I'm not interfering with anything. But Marin, don't you---


*Ker bares her teeth and takes a step forward. Her step become a stride that brings her flashing across the sand to stand in front of Chere from her former position twenty feet away.*


Ker: <You will do as you are commanded or you will perish before you pass this gate.>


*Chere closes her mouth, wide-eyed.*


Ker: *walking away to stand at the fore of the group again* <You may continue.>


Marin: ...I'm done.


Ker: <Well then, wasn't that a waste of perfectly good intimidation? The rest of you, give me your answers.>


((By the way, Admiral: Are still people left on the Asgardried? Assuming they're conscious that is))

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Elaina was scowling intently at the ground and Tanara was not focusing her gaze on anything. Instead, she seemed to be staring beyond everything in front of her, and not just literally. Suddenly, her eyes snapped into focus on Ker.


"It'll be Kira," she said softly. "She's lived without a body of her own for 4000 years. Even if I banish her entirely from mine, she'll simply move on to another... a clone of her own. There, she'll be suppressed by Teri, who will follow her there. But she'll kill Teri. Then, she'll kill me."


"She will be the cause of my death as well," Elaina said, her eyes never leaving the ground. "My sister and I will die together as we kill the 4000 year old Sith creep who has by that point destroyed all that was good about herself."


"Meaning Teri," Tanara added. Elaina nodded her agreement.


"One messed up little 4000 year old girl," she muttered.

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((Scar, you can't really expect a pity-party for your characters when you never had them try to make connections to anyone elses' characters. :p (Except for Heimdall, but that was more a 'I'll be good, I promise, just train me" sort of thing, which seemed like a transparent attempt at a shortcut to making him superpowered.)


Also enough with the refrigerator, especially since it's a reference to something you don't understand ;P


To everyone else: Please don't be personally offended by anything Ker says next. Have your characters get offended instead! XD))



Cody: How will I die? Oh, I do not know. I don't dream of dying. I only dream of ending. And I become something else that I don't understand. I guess that's how I'll die.


*Ker waits. She turns to stare at K'Warra, the last person present to have not spoken.*


K'Warra: What, you expect an answer of me too?


*K'Warra motions to the ground. A burst of light leaps from his hand and hits the sand. A large piece shatters into glass and whips up around K'Warra's hand to form a glinting blade.*


K'Warra: I predict that I will die from a wound to the neck, causing rapid blood loss thanks to the severing of major arteries, and brain death in seconds thanks to a poisonous magical infusion.


*K'Warra slashes the blade across his throat. Blood spurts out. His eyes glass over and he collapses, choking. Within seconds, his body lies limp and unmoving on the ground, blood still pooling.


Then a cocoon of white light surrounds his body. The form jerks and twists, then splits, and K'Warra, revived and whole again, forces his way out of the light as it dissolves away.


He rights himself and smirks*


K'Warra: What'd I tell you?


Ker: <Clever. Yet you did not truly die, K'Warra, and thus your answer does not interest me.>


K'Warra: Then what, exactly, are you interesting in hearing about?


Ker: <You must tell me about your final death, K'Warra K'laar. About your end.>


*K'Warra stares her down for a long minute*


K'Warra: When every last human that matters in the world is dead, then I will die as well, and I will never come back.


*There is silence. K'Warra does not continue*


Ker: <I am still waiting for the last answer.>


Guy: Every one of our number that is capable of an answer has spoken.


Ker: <No. There is still one more.>


Guy: ...You mean the captive?


Ker: *smiling, showing teeth* Yes.


*After a few moments, a hatch in the side of Guy's ship opens. A robotic frame exits the ship, restraints holding Jeramine to it. The orc blinks suspiciously.*


Jeramine: What do you want?


Ker: <I have a question of you, destitute child.>


*Jeramine focuses on Ker. Then panic crosses her face, and she quickly looks away*


Jeramine: By the--- by the gods!


Ker: <Indeed.>


Jeramine: It's real? You can see it?


K'Warra: I think that's the popular consensus at the moment.


Jeramine: Why is it here? What does it want?


Ker: <I merely wish my answer.>


Jeramine: *still refusing to look in Ker's direction* Answer? What answer? Why --- what question could it possibly ask an answer to?


Ker: <I wish an answer to this question: How do you believe you are going to die?>


Jeramine: What? Why would it want me to tell it that? No. I will not answer!


Ker: <If you think your refusal will let you escape your doom altogether, then you are sorely mistaken, superstitious child. Answer me, or I will give you an answer of my own.>


Jeramine: I will die in battle, in glory, but in a way acceptable to Those Who Judge in the Underland. My death will feed Those Who Sit Below In Fire but my life will feed the Glory That Comes. Will you now leave us be?


Ker: <Your answer is poorly thought out, but I will accept it.>


*Ker turns to the rest of the group*


Ker: <None of you Aesir, first to answer, understand your doom. You do not and cannot comprehend this. If your ends come, I will be watching you especially. I will be watching to see whether you doubt.


Gerd, neither do you comprehend your fate. Yet it seems none who know of you comprehend your fate either, for you have many fates rather than one. I will also be watching you closely.


Orthos, you are a fool, for you know much yet you understand little.


Ellela and Gortick, you have accepted death. Thusly I predict you will die fool's deaths. I will say the same to you, Elaine and Tanara, but for different reasons. And to you, Marin, for yet another reason. I wonder which of you will meet the end you want, fool or no?


Raschel and Chere, you still have hope. I predict you will be the first to truly lose it.


Cody, you have always expected to die, yet you do not truly believe it. I must wonder whether your fate will be even worse than the death you expect?


K'Warra, who, really, matters?


Jeramine, I will see you at the end, and I will know if you succeeded.


I will be watching all of you, when you finally meet your doom.


Do you have anything left to say before you leave this place?>

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For the first time since the party came to Ker, Elaina's eyes rose from the ground to glare at her.


"I'll say something," she said quietly, angrily. "You ask us how we think we'll die. It's a question that I'll openly admit I've spent time wondering about. But how are mortals to answer? One of the twists of time is that we can't hope to know. Perhaps we see something in a vision, which is what we have done. But through a simple choice, the future we saw in the vision may be overturned."


Her anger became more apparrent as her voice raised slightly. "You ask a question we cannot fully answer and then you call us fools for our ignorance. Perhaps you'll call me a fool again for saying this, but I can't see how this stop helped us with anything."


A brief look of shock crossed Tanara's face as her sister spoke, but she said nothing.

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