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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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Proof *off works in SP with race selection


Race=Clone Trooper



Image = leet


that rules, nice one! :) would it be possible to have , like I think someone else in the thread mentioned, normal human male/female haeds on the clone race catagory, so that it's possible to have a human with clone armor?


btw, thanks TK-8252. Couldn't have said it better myself

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hey marz can u email me l8r i need help doin this certain skin to try and do i show u a pic of which im tryin to do

421.jpg got this and


i just wanna know if u can make the head of the model have 2 images so i can do things on 1 side and not make it copy on the other unless you can?

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Alright, I just deleted a few more posts that really served no purpose.


I'd like to reiterate, unless you have something constructive to say, don't hit the ****ing reply button. I'm very close to just nuking every post made by the people I've had to delete posts.



And marz, did you still need me to do whatever variant it was, or have you gotten that covered?

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hmm, interesting thread you have here.............


i was going to say something about the posts between marz and ruku, but i won't unless it flares up again as i was not here for it. :xp:


so thats why the back of the clone model (refers to ruku's screen) looks stretched, cuz the uvw's are off. i had always wondered that. :xp:


keep it up ruku and marz. :xp:

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I have a question:


Will I be able to put the arc gear on all the ep3 models (using surfs obviously) like neyo? Or will these all be on the same model just with different helmet surfs turned on?


great model marz, always love your work and great skins everyone!



1. we are using *off instead of Surf


and... sadly 2. these are multiple models, we wont be able to put ARC Gear on Neyo...



Sorry, but we wont be using off if each clone has it's own model, we would be using it though ^_^

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