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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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I would of thought Telsa was doing it as he was the on doing the main work (Adding the clones as a species and all that).


Hey just stopping by to see what people are doing here. I dont know if Tesla is ever going to release the species set. I was hoping to see more progress on that, but he may have given up on it. I could be wrong. Tess if your reading this, are you still working on this? Good luck guys, cant wait for V3. Marzout


If Tess has given up, I may try to do something with the species set myself. I just dont know how to do RGB color change for the different sets. If someone is familliar with that process, maybe you can help. Marzout again

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You can find Tesla at the dark forces hosted section, normally.



actually, you can't find me anywhere but MSN or the void IRC channel.


Marz, I am truley sorry about abandoning the V3 clones, I guess, it was just too much when I looked at the big picture.


thanks for making the ARC and 2nd Airborne troopers specific to my request, I'm also sorry about that too, as it was incredibly selfish of me to ask for what I wanted, :p instead of asking what the people wanted.


If you need me, just send me a mail, or message.


teslamanonfire@yahoo.com = MSN/Yahoo

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