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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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Robert[L]']hey marz i sended the e-mail with the files of the jetclonetrooper.

the jet need stil some reskinning. but i stil wanted to sent you the skin.

i think you got it in your inbox right now :smash:

and over the credits name its: [JFH]Robert[L]

lol hope you mail me back soon over the other thing i wrote in it.




Got it buddy, Thanks! I will respond to your mail soon. I will the skin to a model set as well. Marzout

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Marz, should Kamas be part of the torso selection or the legs selection (kilts)


Yeah, I think it should be part of the legs selection. That way we can get some variety in there. There arent to many different things that we can do with the legs, so it certainly wouldnt hurt. Marzout

Happy New Year alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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woah i dont like spamming this much lol but anywayz i thought to give a go on Boss from Republic Commando game this is what i done



I will add it to 2.0, but you need to send it to me real soon. I have enough space for one more I think. Be sure to include the shader file (if there is one)Marzout

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no i ant done a shader to it yet

just use the commando shader on it if possible but i sent you the model so you should get it soon and could u make different back packs like the rest of delta squad had and i can try and do the others for ya


Well... Id like to do that, but I know some of those packs are a bit of work. I just want to get some variety in 2.0.


:angel: :angel: :angel: Screen Update :angel: :angel: :angel:


O.k. I'm proud to say this... the helmetless version looks great ingame. I slimmed the face up a tad. I think your suggestions have really helped out. Plus I got Rob's Jettrooper ingame as well.




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marz. iam realy happy to see this. realy, it gives me a trill to see that someone wants my skin in his pack. realy iam so happy.


here is a thire version of cody that dragoon and i made fore fun:



[we stil need to fix the sharp red parts to the thire red]



and i 3 months ago i made some skins fore my presonal fun. i used SWBF2 textures couse that was fun to try oud, but i kept them with my self couse releasing it would be elligal. but when i saw marz his clones a saw

that i could make it on a real clone model so i did.

here is a screenie of the skins i made 4 months ago:




dont look at the low graphix of the 4 months old jettrooper couse if become much better,

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Version 2 huh? As if it weren't good enough! A few reccomendations, don't worry about all these reskins people are making, we don't want the pack to be too big, fix the hand for dual weapons, include portraits for more of the skins, and make Delta Squad. And even if you guys don't do all that, I'm sure it'll still turn out great.


Though I would like to see Neyo with two ARC trooper shoulder pads...that would look sweet.

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