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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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:angel: :angel: :angel: Screen Update :angel: :angel: :angel:


O.k., so now I'm adding helmetless varients. Probably will be in the custom clone pack. Maybe a Cody varient separate. We'll see. This is the rough skin. Basically the old head model from my old pack, but I adjusted the mesh, and totally reskinned it. Marzout


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I made a helmetless cody with your old clone models, it was terrible:






I know, that's what inspired me. I was looking over files at pcgamemods, and had seen this download. It was the thing that finally tipped me in that direction. Actually I was impressed that you made the old model look that good. Marzout

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Thanks for holding me in such high regard Marz :). Personally, I haven't done too much on the MagnaGuard myself, as Kain said.. I put it aside for Clone Ultima; but now that it is done and done, well.. back to work for me :p.


If you've run out of characters to make, there are plenty that could still be done albeit more generic characters than main ones. Mods like Movie Battles would see benefit from some of the following (for example):

- Captain Panaka

- Naboo Palace Guard (red uniform)

- Naboo Security (Yellow and black? uniform)

- Various Geonosians

- Utapau Minister

- Mustafar Inhabitant


Eh, basically all the background grunts/creatures... and there's plenty of them.


Oh, by the way.. "bestest"? Lol, that's quite the mastery of English you have there Zappa... ;)

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Alright I'm almost done with the touch ups.


I know those tags won't be necessary any longer but since I want to make it downwards compatible I have to go through this.

Aligning tags can be a pain though since you have to go by trial and error.

Expect my response somewhat tomorrow



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