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Cantina 14: The Guardians Of Peace And Justice


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*Coruscant, Shadow Realm*


Irvine "Help? Me?? With what?"


F. Irvine *lunging forward at Irvine* "Ask your Master..."


*F. Irvine plunges his right hand into Irvine's chest. A rippling effect is seen instead of blood and gore. Then F. Irvine pulls back his hand and pulls out a man, which F. Irvine tosses aside.*


F. Irvine "The thing about ghosts is, is that in the shadow realm, even they feel as real is if they were flesh and bone! HA!"


*The man stands up and turns to see the two.*


Irvine *surprised* "Master Chi!"


F. Irvine "Hahahaha! Stupid Jedi! How long do you think you can keep in there! In your poor pupils heart! Not even Cracken sensed you!"


Chi "You found out about me didn't you, when you tried to absorb Irvine into you!"


Irvine "Master..."


F. Irvine *laughs again* "... You don't need to manipulate him no further."


*Suddenly the three are surrounded by black, shadowy, beast-like creatures that walked on all fours, like a pack of obsidian, rabid wolverines.


Irvine pulls out a lightsaber and attempts to ignite it, but it fails. Only a short sputter, then nothing.*


F. Irvine "Stupid, there's no force here, I told you that."


*F. Irvine raises his hand and the beasts pounce on the Jedi Master and begins to drag him away into the forever night.


Irvine tries to save his master, but F. Irvine gets in the way.*


F. Irvine "There is no saving him..." *begins advancing on Irvine* "... There is no hope for him to survive... You have to learn..."


*Unknown to Irvine, F. Irvine was 'pushing' Irvine to a cliff...*


F. Irvine "... to live on YOUR OWN!!"


*F. Irvine pushes Irvine off the cliff, sending Irvine plummiting down.


A few seconds later, and several stories later as well, F. Irvine 'catches' Irvine by grabing Irvine by the collar, and spins him, and lauches him into a wall, where he crashes through, and right into the adjacent wall where he collapses onto the solid floor.


After a few moments later, Irvine picks himself up, his black hair draped over his face, he sets it aside. He notices that there are lights now, and the wall he 'crashed' through wasn't there. The floor felt solid and there was a small bunch of observer's watching him wondering what was going on. He turned to look at them stright, and most of them backed off immedately...*


Observer "It's Cracken! The Dark Lord! He's here to kill us all!"


*The crowd let out a scream and ran off. Leaving Irvine puzzled.*

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Kaya: Impressive words, Riebe Sothe, yet you did not answer. The Jedi have been betrayed many times by the keeping of secrets. Vader, Palpatine and Cracken were all once counted as friends and nearly destroyed us when we did not expect it. You have power and you shroud yourself in secrecy, yet you also ask our trust.

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Riebe was silent for a long moment. Then, she nodded slowly. "You want me to trust you that you might trust me."


Alyssa opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Riebe silenced her with, "Don't object, young one. It is perhaps time they knew."


Alyssa settled back uneasily in her seat, watching nervously as Riebe began to pace the floor.


"I am 2,219 years old," she admitted quietly. Alyssa was taken by surprise. She'd always assumed Riebe's age was more between ninety and a hundred.


"You..." she stammered. Riebe paused in her pacing long enough to glare at Alyssa, who promptly shut up. The pacing started again.


"When I was sixteen or seventeen, the Sith kidnapped me," Riebe went on. "And not only me. When I awoke, I was in a room with nine others. There were five girls and five boys. They wanted warriors. They knew they were falling apart and felt that the death of all Jedi would reunite them. They changed us, both physically and mentally and turned us loose on the Jedi."


She shuddered, but her pacing continued along with her story. "Three years later, the Jedi captured me. I'd been injured in a fight and they took me, healed me physically. When I was well, they set to work at healing me mentally, showing me the lie I'd been living in. It took a lot of doing, but they helped me see how wrong I'd been. I returned to my companions and told them the story. They thought I'd been brainwashed. I challenged them to help me break into the Sith records rooms and find out for themselves."


Riebe fell silent for a moment before continuing with, "We turned on the Sith, destroyed the facility we had been trained in. Two of us fell in battle there, but the rest of us escaped to the relative safety of the Jedi. We underwent extensive training and became known as Sith Hunters."


Alyssa now understood that, when she'd heard Riebe refer to herself as a Sith Hunter, she truly was referring to the legends of the ancient warriors.


"We aided the Jedi in hunting the Sith to extinction," Riebe went on. "When we thought they were gone, we started to die off. One by one, the Sith Hunters were killed, in our sleep, in our everyday tasks. We scattered. The one known as Jokemaster and I stayed together. Even in our exile, we heard that the others were being killed."


Tears began forming in her eyes. "Soon it was only Craig, Jokemaster, and me left. Then, Jokemaster told me he'd heard Craig had also been killed, that his ship had exploded."


She paused and it was clear she truly cared about these people. "It was just Jokemaster and me, then... if I hadn't..." Another pause. "If I hadn't needed fresh air..." She wiped her eyes. "Maybe I could've helped him... but I wasn't there."


She swallowed hard. "I got back too late. He was dead and his attackers turned on me. I barely held them off and was able to escape." She took a deep breath. "After that, I wandered the galaxy for a thousand years before crashing on a little-known planet on the outer rim. Jedi were sent to it to discover the source of a disturbance and I aided them. They thought I was just a teenager, but they soon became some of the few who knew who I truly am. They brought me back to Coruscant, back to the Jedi."


"Then, the Empire came," she said with a shudder. "I went along with Palpatine long enough to escape his notice and begin wandering again. Almost twenty years later, I found myself on Tatooine. From there, I chased an old man almost to the Death Star and then I followed his young companion," here, she nodded to Luke, "to the Rebellion."


"I didn't play much of a part in the success of the Rebellion and the establishment of the New Republic," she finished. "But I've always helped where help was needed... on the fringes of knowledge."



A heavy silence fell over the Council and Riebe stopped pacing. "Have I answered your question to your satisfaction?"

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((felt like posting this here, jsut so that BD knows too ;)


*** WJ sent me this via PM***


I don't know what you have planned in there and I don't want to step on anybody's plans.


So the Council is feeling a disturbance in the Force and I'm sorta guessing it has something to do with what's happening in your posts. Given that assumption, how much do you want known? Is it too much for Riebe to say that Irvine's 'true self' has been displaced, taken to another realm?


If anything, F. Irvine's presence suddenly appeared near Irvine's, and then they disappeared.

and jsut now, Irvine reappeared somewhere else, he's still himself, just his presence is a little different. Not in a bad way right now, its just that in a few moments, reality is going to catch up and he'll be kinda scared out of his wits.


eh, what the heck, ill post it now...))


* Irvine stands himself up, and begins to observe his surroundings more. He gets a sharp pain in his abdomen, he clings onto the wall, and grabs at his belly. He leans up agenst the wall and grits his teeth, and stares off in the distence, thinking 'Why? Why did this suddenly happen?' He thought how that F. Irvine was able to walk right up to him, and to the Jedi council chamber with a presence, but not of the one he knew of...


The image of F. Irvine snearing at Irvine in the shadow realm, flickers in his mind.


'How? How was he able to get that close with out anyone knowing??'


Irvine looks around, no one is there, but could F. irvine be right around the corner? Where? His clone self could walk up to him for all he knows as a completely different being, a random passerby.


Irvine pushes off of the wall, and begins walking. It feels like to him that this was the first day he's walked on them as he stumbles. The building that he's in looks like a hangar, with the commercal ships awaiting to be loaded. Including a Lambda-class shuttle. Irvine walked over to that one. Boxes of peotential cargo was dropped with Irvine's presence. Irvine kicks a few off of the loading ramp and climbs in...*

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Riebe shook her head slowly. "Irvine was visited and taken. I expect all of us know that much."


She frowned. "I've heard of things like this happening, but never been close enough to feel someone taken like that..." Her voice trailed off thoughtfully. Then, she said, "Usually, the stories I heard ended with the one that was taken being returned, though the time in which that happens varies greatly, a difference of minutes to months."


"So there is nothing for us to do but wait?" Alyssa wondered. Riebe shook her head.


"In some cases, I've heard of people never returning," she said. "I don't think waiting is what you want to do."

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((hmm, WJ, i dont think i really like that, it sounds like your jedi knows what F. Irvine is able to do. I planned on whats going on with Irvine and f. Irvine for a while now, and, um. What F. Irvine is doing isnt force related. (if it was then how could F. Irvine consentrate the force to allow him, or anyone else for that matter to exit the realm, where the force isnt presant)


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((Cracken IMed me after I last posted and told me to "POST SOMETHING IN CHARACTER", and then signed off before explaining what he meant. I think he's misremembering the conversation we had about this RPG, which took place when he was slightly drunk. As I see it, I'm waiting on him for that plot. >_>


I'll post as Kaya once I'm awake enough to wade through these mega posts and understand them, i.e. tomorrow. :)))

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((Hey now, i create my own plots cus if i dont, everyone ignores the thread and doesnt post a thing, due to their reliance on others to post before them, so i create a plot where at this current time, i dont have to rely on anyone unless they bring a character to mine (which they'd have to act fast cus Irvine's about to leave the planet very soon)))

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((Yay, I'm awake.


Okay, time to say all the things I should have said over the past couple weeks:


((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???))


Saurat could modify it; he won't understand some of the mechanics inside the ship - i.e. the systems Aren added. That's all.


R15: I keep missing you on AIM, or talking to you when I'm on my last brain cell of the night/morning. So PM me for plot things XD


WJ: What's going on with your assassins? Could you PM me? I'm a little lost, sad to say.


BD: Deac does have something planned, if only he would post to start it off. :)


Scar: Your wish is my command. Also, check your PMs))




*The Elven Woman, face hidden under a cloak that completely wrapped around her body but for her eyes, watches Irvine as he boards the shuttle. She had been following him ever since he reappeared from the Shadow Realm.


As Irvine disappears into the shuttle, she slips through the crowd towards him, breaking into a run as he goes out of sight. She crouches behind a bale of cargo*




((Scar - up to you whether Irvine sees/senses her or not.


Will reply with Rwos/Kaya tomorrow. [Waiting on R15/WJ for Aren + assassins, waiting on Cracken for Starr.] Somehow my PtH-evaluating took me until 4 AM... well, that's what I get for spending a whole semester flaking. Make me happy, go read it.))

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*Deac enters the penthouse office of Beler Jil, who stands watching the skyline*


Jil: We have a situation.

*A galactic map appears*

Jil: We've found an old research base in neutral territory. We want you to perform housekeeping.


Deac: What about Cracken and the Empire?

Jil: We're hoping they don't know about it. Your mission is simple. We've set up a team. Take it there, clean out anything that's left, download and wipe the databanks, then destroy the place. I don't know what's there, but command wants it bad.

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((I like how that message from kal isnt a 'requesting one', like Deac is going to be at the temple :p


Red: okay, i wish for some of those Niner tapes, or at least a 'sit down' to review them.


... With popcorn. :D))




*As Irvine gets to the top of the ramp, he spins around looking out, but sees nothing. He continues into the craft. His head begins to ache, then eventually pound. Walking towards the cockpit he leans onto a handrail, and grabs at his forehead.


Why am I running? I could go to the Jedi Council, they could help. No, if he'd could show up right at the door, whats to stop him from coming in, even worse... What about father? Father beat him before. But who knows how powerful he's now! No, I can't bring him to father, I don't want... Father to...'


Suddenly his head gives out one hard 'pound' and a flash of the place where Cracken took him for the first time...*


Irvine "The v...!!"


*Irvine regains his composure and continues to the cockpit, he sits down and presses the buttons to raise the ramp. Then he takes off.*

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Deac: Great. Is that all, Commander?


Jil: It's General now. And I have a feeling you won't be a Colonel much longer. Good luck, Starkiller. *Salutes*



*Half an hour later. Deac has arrived at the Jedi temple*


Deac: What the hell do they want with me, I wonder?


[bD, do they want Deac to go straight in or wait?]

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Maw Installation

*Research Executor Herod was a middle aged man, in about his late 40's. Short, but slim, grey hair had already taken over his head, which his hair was cut short. A pair of saftey goggles were hung around his neck, and his lab coat was open. Underneith, his standerd Imperial Uniform was on. He was looking over the latest diagnostics checks from the mornings test. Outpreforming by all imaginable standards and theory. He chuckled. Emperor Palpatine though this was a fools errand, but Cracken knew better. His work could finally be finished.


A tech came up to him, and handed him a datapad. He looked at it, and looks a bit surprised. Cracken sent his lapdog out here to investigate the progress of "Starscream"? Good. He gazed outside the window to his lab and looked out on what he had helped create.


On the surface, it was a regular Super Star Destroyer. However, he saw the second test beginning. the top surface of the Destroyer began to move apart, an idea that came from the old Venerator Class Star Destroyers from the Clone Wars. The now empty space was bristled with turbo laser cannons, and hire powered projectile cannons. In the middle, moved up a superlaser. It fired, 3 times in rapid succession, blowing apart 3 Star Destroyers. He smiled. It worked. "Starscream" worked.


Yaga Minor


*Alysara mused. Her diplomacy skills were signifigantly lacking. Most of her life was spend either retrieving object A, or killing person B, or delivering object C to person B, then killing Person B. None of this fancy let's talk.


A junior officer came up to her, giving her a small data pad. She looked at it. Her father recieved the report, and was enroute. She hit a button on her command chair, hailing her "uncle".*


Alysara: Well, your "brother is on his way. He is most displeased about your apparent open hostilities....






The name brought hate from the deepest recesses of Cracken's being. Loathing, all out driven disgust. His "adoptive" brother, one of Father's disciples during the Jedi Purge, and he quickly became of of his favorites. Oh how overjoyed Cracken was when Agric was sent to the Unknown Regions.


But he was back. Why? The Empire was his, as Father always dictated. His eyes narrowed on the bridge of the SSD Executor, and looked at the clock holo. 15 minutes to reversion. a compliment of 15 Star Destroyers followed, in a hyperspace lane only known to him, bypassing all the reversion jumps that take so long. He knew at least 2 Star Destroyers would not make the voyage, but he didn't mind. He would find out what his brother wanted, and if nothing has changed since.... possibly kill him.


Besides, he was physically far younger now. Old Agric must be in his 50's. Cracken was physically in his mid 30's. He remembered that, his unfortunate first run in with Deac and his merry band. ANother task, for another time....


14 minutes....*

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((Deac, I was going to combine the NRI and Council missions by having it be an Old Republic base.


Cracken: Thanks for hijacking my character. I was going to have him by Cracken's half brother, different mothers. Although Cracken wouldn't have to know that.))


Agric: Don't worry my dear, your father will find me indecspensible.

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((imho, i had to convince cracken alot jsut to make Irvine. with you having Skywalker and pretty much a good portion of the Jedi council, and of most of its 'doings' Cracken i believe is jsut the opposite, he gots the Sith, and there of the 'family' of which


again, in my humble opinion

although, id rather see cracken himself retort to that ^_^;;


speaking of, cracken, nothing about Irvine yet? :D))

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