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Everyone know what Wikipedia is?


Well, there's an easy-to-use create-your-own wiki site that Penny Arcade used to create the parody The Elmenstor Saga (a wiki referencing an imaginary fantasy franchise).


I figured we could use something like that to catalogue some of the complex nonsense we've built up over the years, as well as play around with our worldbuilding and suchlike, for easy reference. Imagine: Don't know what an Aesir is, or just who is Halren Flax? Or have you been here a while but don't remember some detail on what a Vanguard can do? Click here! Etc.


Behold: the Cantinaverse wiki.


The password is "cantinascenario".




(Oh, and I've done no editing so far because it's 4:30 AM, so it's in totally raw format.)

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Links that don't go anywhere are red, links that do are blue. Feel free to make as many "broken" pages as you want, btw. They can be filled in later.


btw, in case someone gets confused later on, I might make some cosmetic changes in arrangements of pages, and everyone else is free to do likewise. The last 50 changes to pages are always listed here: http://cantinaverse.pbwiki.com/changes.php Backups can be made on the admin page for those paranoid: http://cantinaverse.pbwiki.com/admin.php - though I doubt that's necessary. XP

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Cracken: All you need to do to create a page is type the name of the page [in brackets] on another page while editing, and a dead link appears when you update the page. Clicking on the dead link will let you create the new page. Magic.


It's actually extremely easy. Look at the two how-to pages.


Feel free to do the Crimson Star War, but I still am going to do a summary for the Cantina threads in which it took place. Yours can be the more in-depth summary, since my thread summaries will cover the main plot events, hopefully in a completely neutral fashion. :)


The 4 Super Star Destroyers? Not sure. See, that's why I'm doing the thread summaries thread by thread; it's a more efficient way to pick up on missing random information, as you can see by the Characters, Locations, Terminology and Msc Notes section of the Cantina 1 thread summary.

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