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Tutorial: Skinning a body ! :D


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No, this has nothing to with butchering or psycho murders.


This about skinning/texturing. A little while a go I got a PM, asking me to write down some helpfull tips on how to use photoshop in re-skinning bodys of Kotor/TSL.


Well here it is !













At the mods of the board, feel free to upload to a better home ;)


Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone post the second link to any other place I have some problem with rapidshare due to my wireless connection so can anyone post it some where else.And the using the first link gives me a .doc file which is of 0kb.


Darn you're right, its an empty .doc , weird ?


I'll reload it asap.


@DDD, be my guest to host it !


EDIT: Deleted the empty link , added 2 other links to file in my first post.

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It worked thanks Quanon,great tutorial one question though where can I find textures like the ones you use or any other textures.I mean we all are not knights afterall.


You could make them or extract them from Kotor tool and edit them. You just need to be very good with photoshop

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I mean the other textures which are not in game for example in the tutorial quanon uses a chain mail texture and this texture is not present in any game.


Well I often just start with Google.


And use general terms, like: metal texture, leather texture or cloth texture...

Think of many kind of materials, like stainless steel, copper,zinc, marble, silk...


If the added word "texture" doesn't give what I want, I just look for material name.


Else I try these sites:

Some of the better photos you need to pay for :-s , but there still lots of them for free.






Other sites are those like : Photobucket.com, Imageshack.us, ... etc


It takes some time to find them, but sometimes you can use sand as metal.

You would be suprised what some slight recoloring can do.


Edit: Mayang was a good site to, but has been down now for a week or longer... :(

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This is one of the best skinning tutorial I have seen - (and I'm working my way through every one I can find :D ) The step-by-step illustrations are fantastic and really helped on a few points I was confused about.


Thank you. :thumbsup:



Thank you, always a pleasure to help a fellow modder :)


Had no idea the Links still worked...

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