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Underwater Battles

Darth Eclipse

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I'd like scuba-troopers... :D That'd be awesome... :)



I'll be happy if Star Wars Battlefront III at least comes out...


Real quick in your sig... It gives a link and says to sign up to give you points? What can you do with those points?

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Keep it short and sweet ftw.


Just like your visits to these forums redtech :p


Ever heard of COBRA Sales + Marketing?


@LordOfTheFish- Gotta do what you can to keep these boards alive bro. Seeing as there isn't anything new to start a thread with, may as well expand on some old but slightly interesting ones until something new leaks out.

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COBRA sales? Sounds like GI Joe's worst enemy!


You know what I want? BF3 to kick Killzone's arse. Could you imagine a dark shooter that has a style like that? I'd have a heart attack seeing an SBD with that kind of hardware.


And no Jedi plzthx.

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I like having heroes in the game to play as. Why don't you guys?


I don't like the SWBF 2 heroes though. Those were awful.



The thing is, that SWBF is a SHOOTER GAME!

That's right.






You play as a no-name grunt, fighting no name grunts in the Star Wars Universe. Do you know how many games exist that have you playing as a Jedi and pwning? Almost all. Why can't the other aspects of the universe be depicted in a reasonably interesting way. Hell, Republic Commando was so popular that it got a book trilogy.


Other games show Jedi in a far more interesting light rather than "hold down the attack button and kill people by walking into them". Force Unleashed and KOTOR are particularly spectacular examples, and in BF2 especially they stand out and dominate far too easily, to the point that it feels more like I'm waiting to take my turn as Darth Maul, rather than concentrating or caring about learning to play properly.


As for non-jedi heros, they're amusing, but they're not interesting enough to really make a difference compared to getting the elite weapons(and I'm discounting General Asthma in this argument) and they're more fanservice than anything IMHO.


What I really want to see is the K.I.S.S principle taken to a logical conclusion: make a game indepth not by adding complication, but by making the individual classes all the more satisfying to play as.

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