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Someone from the UK, please help...


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Download episodes of Douglas Adam's 'Last Chance to See'

The Aye-Aye

The Amazon Manatee

The Yangtzee River Dolphin

The Rodriguez Fruitbat

The Kakapo

The Southern Fur Seal


Many thanks to The Tingler for making these available!




Can someone from the UK go here

Douglas Adam's Last Chance to See

download the latest episode (DownloadHelper is useful if you're using Firefox) and e-mail it to me... please.

The website just started region blocking, and I'm in Australia. :(

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YESSS! Thank you MJ, I have been looking for this series forever and am utterly flandabbidoozled that the BBC haven't released it on even cassette, let alone CD. I was thinking about this series all today coincidentally.


I'm recording it, and if it comes in less than 10 Mb I'll email you it. It won't be perfect quality, but it should be acceptable!

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Alas it appears the bbc must've done something to prevent your add on working when they implemented the region blocking. I can't get hold of that MP3 at all :(


On a somewhat related note, if you're interested in last chance to see you should head over to Stephen Fry's website. He's replacing Douglas Adams on the new series and he posts all sorts of things on his site as he travels.

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Douglas Adams is by far and away my favourite writer, and I was just listening to the radio adaptation of Dirk Gently - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul which I just bought on CD. I was thinking about how great the Last Chance To See book is (not only is it very passionate about the topic of endangered species, but it's also arguably Adams' funniest work).


I wondered why the BBC hadn't released the radio series when they've paid Dirk Maggs to adapt and complete The Salmon of Doubt instead.


Hopefully the BBC will release them on CD or for proper download after they've got them all up - or for the release of the new TV series in late 2009. Stephen Fry continuing Douglas Adams... can't think of a better choice.


Unfortunately that recording is 20Mb so I can't email it via Hotmail.

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Tingler, you're a legend. Thankyou so much.


You do realise I'll be pestering you in a few week's time when the next episode goes up, don't you? :)


Last Chance to See is brilliant. I loved the book, and I can't believe the BBC don't put it out on CD, because so far this radio series has been great. It broke my heart when they limited the region!


Did I tell you guys I met Douglas Adams back in 2001? I even got him to sign my book (only one of two signatures he gave out at that thing!)


Should I edit the first post and put the link up there?

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You swine. I am bitterly regretful that I never managed to meet Douglas Adams. I've met Stephen King, Rob Grant and Steven Moffat (several of my other favourite writers) but not him. Rats.


I'll be "taping" all of the episodes from now on, so it's no problem to stick them up on MediaFire. Just put a reminder in this thread in case I forget.

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Did I tell you guys I met Douglas Adams back in 2001?


I'm not normally very big on getting autographs or "meeting" famous people, but that is very, very cool. What was the event and how did it all go down?


Douglas Adams is one of the few people that really inspired me as a kid, not that he's ever particularly stopped inspiring me. I think one of the saddest things in the world is that Douglas never got to play with an iPhone. I know it sounds kind of trivial but it upsets me on a fairly regular basis.

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I wish he'd finished his last book... and that I'd emailed him when I had the chance *sob* (He always kept his email address public -- did you know that?)


You could say you missed your Last Chance to Write.


You know, because of the book and the ... with the animals ... and the email ... yeah.


I'll get my coat.

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Thanks for the link Jake, that's a really good talk.


I'm ashamed to say I'm one those people that's only read Douglas' fiction. For some reason I thought Last Chance would be a dull read that I wouldn't be able to get into. I'm not sure where I got that impression now that I think about it, I must have picked it up as a child I guess, but it's certainly been challenged now.

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Thankyou muchly, Tingler. :)


I got them before the site was locked, but if you're willing, I'm sure people missed the first two episodes...


And I can't wait for the Kakapos either! I'm just across the road from New Zealand (being an Aussie) and I'd love to go and visit them one day...

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My hero. Thanks. :D Can't wait to hear this one!


The next one is Search for Southern Fur Seals... you know, I'll really have to read this book again, probably before the Stephen Fry show starts would be a good time to do that.


I went to my friend's house last week and saw that he had a first edition hard cover of the book. Very jealous!

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