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Shinobi (yes, a Naruto rp :p)


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19 years later...


The Akatsuke have been long defeated. Orichimaru's reestablished organisation renamed The Snake have been silenced. The entire land of shinobi has been left with calm and peace it has awaited for that lasts... until now.


While the major crime syndicate organisations have been compromised, others still pose a threat to the entire nation. As such, the group who calls themselves the Arashi plead for the assistance of a team of ninjas to aid them in protecting their sacred burial ground from the Ogawa.


This RP is based on the popular anime Naruto. Set about 19 years after the events of the Shippuden era, Uzamaki has finaly achieved his goal of becoming Hokage. Very recently, a representative of the Arashi have requested the assistance of a team of chunin/jounin to aid their cause against the mysterious Ogawa. If this plays out well, we'll be going through 3 and a half story arcs (the half consisting of a period of training for the last arc))


Anybody who is interested, you may base you character biography sheet like this:




Rank: (Chunin and over)

Appearance: (Pic/Description)



Nature Type:

Justu: (You can be creative, if you wish. Also, during the training arc, you'll be learning yourself new techniques)



Ok, that pretty much covers it. I guess I'll post my character (you may have up to three)


Name: Kaneda Yamagato

Age: 16

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Ninja Powaa - credit goes to ~akewataru

Personality: Laid-back and serious. Often cocky at times.

Weapons/Equipment: Basic Ninja Equipment (Kunai, Shuriken, etc...), Katana.

Nature Type: Wind, Lightning and Plasma

Justu: - Shadow Endgame

- Chidori

- Lightning Blade

- Lightning Fist (A Chidori based form where the user infuses his fists with Lightning)

- Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana (I forgot to add that a LONG time ago, when he first used it in the first story arc. My apoligies)

- Wind Release: Hair Wind

- Wind Release: Flying Kunai attack (Users forms several kunai out of Chakra, with an enhanced damage effect)

- Wind Release: Flying Kunai Storm


Justu learned after Training Arc:


Lightning Release: Shadow Torment (The user traps an opponent using the Shadow Endgame Technique, and conduct a Shockwave of electrical chakra to the target. The disadvantages include more chakra consumption, which leads to a short time of usage.)

Lightning Release: Shield of Justice (A very adaptable justu with any chakra nature, this justu was invented by Tategami. After performing the necasary handseals, the user can create a highly powerful surrounding shield capable of resisting against many attacks. The common weakeness this justu possesses is that its not as effective against its stronger nature rival; Lightning being weak against Wind is a example)

Plasma Release: Kamikaze Fist Discharge: By using the common science of mixing Lightning with Wind (which is essentially concentrated Oxygen and Gas), Kaneda can infuse his fists with the created Plasma to deal a devastating combo attack against his opponent. The weakeness includes a 5 minute charge time, which leaves him vulnerable until he can perform the Justu. This is said to be Kaneda's most powerful attack, and only uses it as a last resort.)

Werebeast Form (Given to him during the Fight Against Gosai. When using Werebeast form, his strength and speed increase. He is also able to tune in with surroundings; able to sense pheromone levels and chakra points, similary like the Byakugan ability. Unfortunatly, Kaneda isnt able to stay in the Form for very long, and consumes almost 10 percent of his chakra every 2 minutes.)

Yin Seal: Release (After Training with Dai, Kaneda was able to modify the Yin Seal Release to create new Chakra to increase his strength in Werebeast Form; as an alternative to drinking human blood. Kaneda can only use this twice, as long as he has enough Chakra stored to create the Artificial Energy. After usage, he becomes extremely tired and exhausted to the point where he's on the Brink of death.)



Background: Kaneda Yamagato is known for his laid-back personality, but is a serious and determined fighter. During his days a genin, he used to be a member of team 8 whom was run by Shikamaru Nara (who taught him the Shadow Endgame Technique). Kaneda's laid back nature was inherited by his sensai during his training, and so finds it hard to take anybody seriously at times.

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Yes, Finally a Naruto RP!!! here goes...

Name: Sam Kibou

Age: 15

Rank: Jonin

Appearence: A scar on his left cheek, blue eyes, except for when he uses his blood-line jutsu, then they go black, and blue hair. Slightly above average height.

Personality: Stubborn, but willing to compromise, but will pursue anything that catches his attention.

Weapons/Equipment: A large two handed blade, like Zabuza's, but cooler. Also a small Katana on his hip. Carries a lot of Kunai, and has some senbon, but no shuriken.

Nature Type: Water.

Justu: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan, and the Kekkei Genkei Ice Release

Background: A ways back he is related to Haku, so he can use their Kekkei Genkai. When he was 13, he got into a fight with some rogue ninja, causing the scar on his face, and ever since he's been tarining furiously so he can return the favor 10-fold.

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Name: Karela


Age: 16


Rank: Chunin


Appearance: about 5'9,has brown hair and green eyes. She wears a jacket that resembles Naruto's old jacket except that it's black with a blue Knoha swirl in middle on the black.


Personality: Karela is mostly kind but she has a bit of a mischevious side that gets her in a bit of trouble from time to time.


Weapons/Equipment: (Basic Ninja equipment, Kunai knives, Shuriken, large shuriken, demon wind shuriken, Flash and smoke bombs)

Nature Type: Earth and Wind



- Shadow Clone jutsu,

- Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu

- Shadow Shuriken jutsu

- Shadow Clone Jutsu

- Seven tailed self-destruction jutsu. This is a last resort Jutsu which allows Karela to release all of her energy on a target. It is unknown if this Jutsu is fatal to her.

- Earth Barrier Jutsu ( Creates a barrier to sheild allies from attacks)

- Earth scythe Jutsu (causes massive spikes to rise up from the ground to impale a target)

- Earth Coffin (Justsu that allows Karela to encase an enemy target in stone and hold the target there until the target either surrenders or suffocates due to lack of air)

- Kunai Hurricane jutsu. (Karela hits the target with a large amout of wind-propelled Kunai knives.)


Background: Karela was born in the Hidden Leaf Village and went to the academy at an earlier then average age. she had a thirst for knowledge and quickly grew to be quite proficent at many jutsu. She has a problem with authority and lives on her own in a small apartment due to the fact that both of her parents are dead.


She is a good friend of both Hokage Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga and goes to them both frequently for advice on how to live on her own. She has a strong dislike of Sakura Haruno(and Vice versa) due to the "Windy Street Incident", a practical joke that went wrong in her younger days


She likes to eat at the ramen shop and spends her time working at the flower shop.


She has a tendancy to lose control when she gets really angry, and when that happens, her inner demon is released. She starts to lose control when she goes up to the fourth tail and completley loses control when she goes five tails or above. When she goes five tails or above, She and her tailed beast both get confused and may turn on their allies.


After the training arc


Due to intense training during the three month training period Karela now has near complete control over her tailed beast and now the only way she can lose control is if she surrenders it to her tailed beast. She now carries a large scroll across her back which she uses to summon various weapons some of her own invention.


When she first began her training she dedicated herself to bringing back Asuka as she blames herself for giving Asuka to the Arashi, not knowing that Takai has taken her from the Arashi.


Techniques learned during the training period


Wind relase: Leaf teleportation: Not much is known about this jutsu except that Karela spent nearly two weeks perfecting it. Based on what is known, Karela uses her affinity for both her wind and Earth chakra to teleport herself to any location.


Earth release: Exploding Earth Coffin: Karela imprisons a target in her earth coffin and then covers it with expolding tags. Not suprisingly, this jutsu didn't take that long to perfect.


Wind release: Rasengan: Although she doesn't use it often, Karela knows the rasengan technique. She is able to create it using one hand.

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Alright, this RP looks like a lot of fun:D I shall try, but seeing that I am not as knowledgable in Naruto as everyone else here is, I am inventing something new in the Naruto universe: A SAMURAI!:D (Tell me if this conflicts:D)




Name: Akagi Shurijima


Age: 22


Rank: Ninja's ranks do not matter to Akagi, though to most of his fellow warriors, he is actually a Samurai lord.


Appearance: Akagi almost always dresses in black and dark red samurai armor. He also sports a red armored face mask which covers everything facial, minus the eyes and forehead. He is rather intimidating with his dark black hair and 6'3 height. He displays his swords openly, along with a small array of weapons. His black helmet is basic of that of his era of Samurai, and it has two distinct ceremonial steel blades rising from the top, much like horns in a way.


Personality: Akagi is known for having a very very strong sense of honor. He can also be seen as inhuman due to his actions, but outside of combat, he is quite kind hearted. He is also known to possess wisdom beyond his years. However, he is also seen as slightly deprived of a normal citizens life due to the fact that he is often not among any of the villages, until now.


Weapons: Akagi publically displays his Samurai Daisho or the two blades of which many Samurai have: A Katana and a Wakizashi. These blades are sheathed in an embroidered sheath that is painted black, and is highly recognizeable to Akagi's status. He needs no other weapons.


Nature type: Akagi respects all forms, though does not practice in any type.


Jutsu: Taijutsu, something taught to all of the warriors in his land. He has tried nearly all of the numerous forms, though he may be considered an expert in the 'Drunken Fist.'


Background: Akagi was born into a long line of Samurai Warlords. And he has not strayed far from that image. He became very well known among the Samurai community for the speed at which he became a Warlord and how ferociously he had fought for the old ways. He soon began to plan coming out of his hidden nation to learn about the outsiders, and perhaps restore the old ways. He, however, does not like ninjas, he finds them annoying, not to mention that his family had had a long standing dispute with several Hidden Villages and these Village's Parent Nation. Now, he travels these Hidden Village's lands, seeking knowledge, and finding new ways to lead his people back, and to restore their old ways.

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Name: oushima kazue

Age: 23

Rank: nukenin (s)

Appearance: this'll work. no set attire though.

Weapons/Equipment: kunai, whatever's around.

Nature Type: water affinity, capable of lightning and genjutsu.

Jutsu: dokugiri, sensatsu suishou, suirou, kokuangyo, kasumi juusha, suiryuudan, mizu bunshin, haran bonshou, jibashi

Background: got sick of bureaucracy, rules, and competition, left amegakure. went on mainly solo assassination missions, but lost her passion for killing for political motives instead of just for the fun of it.

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Sweet. I think that oughta be enough for now, and hopefully new recruits will come along the way. We need more Chunin, methinks o_Q And jmac, can you add a little more description to your character pwease?


And on a last note: I'm adding another character =D


Name: Daisuke Tategami

Age: 43

Rank: Jonin

Gender: Male

Appearance: - 180 cm tall

- Square Jawline

- Muscular build

- White Hair

- Brown eyes

- Wears the traditional Jonin Shinobi vest.

Personality: Calm and strong minded. Though often seen to be overly proud of his physical strength.

Weapons: Basic Ninja equipment (Kunai, Shuriken, Scrolls, etc...)

Nature Type: Fire and Wind

Justu: - Fire Release: Dragon Fire technique

- Great Dragon Fire Technique

- Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

- Fire Release: Shield of Justice

- Rasengan

- Fire Release: Great Flaming Rasengan

- Wind Release: Hair Wind

- Summoning Technique (Lions)

- Werebeast Form


Justu learned after Training Arc


Were Technique: Rasenrengan (Tategami self taught himself this one during the fight against Gosai. He can create Two Rasengan Spheres and infuse them with Werebeast Chakra. However, he has to be in his Werebeast form in order to perform this Justu.


Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning (too lazy to explain :p . Here is a link)


Fire Release: Inverted Meteor Storm (Similar to the Phoenix Immortal Fire technique, the user plants his palm to the ground after performing the necasary hand seals. Afterwards, balls of fire erupt from the earth and do surrounding damage to anything it comes into contact with. This is primarily used for a trap, or even as a distraction.)



Biography Daisuke Tategami is a fellow Jonin of Konoha. He was assigned to lead the mission of protecting the sacred burial site from the mysterious Ogawa. Both fast and strong, Tategami unafraid to express proudness of his physical stature, which often leads to embarasment towards his fellow companions. Though a very skilled ninja, rumor has it that Tategami knows a secret forbidden Justu that he has not used for twenty-years.


EDIT: I'll start the RP shortly. Not tonight though, but when I have a spare minute.

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Sure, its no problem. You may join freely, but I do suggest you look at some form of reference before RPing. Try http://www.naruto.wikia.com, that has everything.


If everyone likes, I can post a little short summary on whats happened in Naruto so far. I'll add a spoiler tag on it, just so everyone knows whats going on and take caution about spoiling the plot.

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sorry for double posting. This is somewhat like a bump, to inform the other players who aren't that familiar with the Naruto universe.


Ok, here is the basic summary (sorry if this seems like an essay)



To sumarise, the manga/anime tells the story of an hyperactive, unpredictable knuckleheaded ninja called Naruto. Was an orphan since birth, Naruto was disrespected by all the people in his village because he held the demon nine-tail fox spirit that threatened to destory their village Konoha. As a result, he was isolated and became somewhat of a loner. Naruto dreamed of becoming Hokage (the leader of his village), so he can gain respect. Naruto was teamed up with his rival Sasuke and his childhood crush Sakura, and was sent on missions led by their sensei Kakashi.


Through the course of events, we all learn about the background and history of several other characters, particuly Sasuke. Because Sasuke's brother Itachi was ordered to eliminate all members of the Uchiha clan: his family. Left as an orphan, Sasuke vowed to avenge the death of his family by pledging to kill his brother. Eventually, the team encountered Orochimaru, a vamperic-like ninja who is greatly feared by the ninja and performs many ninjustus revolving around snakes. He offers Sasuke a chance to avenge the death of his clan by joining him and his gang, while plotting to steal Sasuke's body in Orochimaru's quest for immortality.


After facing and losing to Itachi and the Akatsuki organisation, Sasuke became desperate to become more powerful to kill his brother. And so, he runs away from

the Konoha village in search of Orochimaru to take up on his offer. Sakura, having to possess feelings for Sasuke, desperately asks Naruto to bring him back. Naruto agrees and runs off with a team of four other ninja to search for Sasuke. He eventually finds Sasuke and loses to him in battle, and so this makes Naruto determined to bring Sasuke back for Sakura.


Shippuden era: After Two and a Half years of training with Jiraiya (Naruto's godfather), Naruto returns to the village and is greeted by all his friends again. Orochimaru is dying and feels it is time to take advantage of Sasuke by stealing his body. Overwhelmed by Sasuke's new power, Orochimaru is defeated and his gang is left under Sasuke's control. With Sasuke now in control, he reforms Orochimaru's gang into "Team Snake", with the goal of eliminating Itachi. After facing and defeating Itachi, Sasuke learns that Itachi had killed his clan only because Konoha had ordered him to. As a result, Sasuke renames his team from "Snake" to "Hawk", and set themselves a new goal: to destory Konoha by joining the Akatsuki and their leader: Pain.


At some point during Shippuden, his godfather Jiraiya had also been killed in a battle with Pain. Naruto was then trained in the sage arts and learned the form "Hermit Mode", which is basically the naruto version of a Super Saiyan :p. During Pain's invasion against Konoha, Naruto has used this form against him in battle.



Yeah, thats pretty much what has happened so far.

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Name: Takeda Kuei

Age: 17

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Takeda

Personality: Takeda's personality is much like his jutsu, cold. He hardly ever laughs and takes things very seriously. He will do whatever he can to get the mission done, no matter the cost. Though he may be could, Takeda does have a sense of honor and is known to have a heart for those he considers friends.

Weapons/Equipment:Shurikens(which he freezes as he throws).

Nature Type: Water and Wind

Justu: Ice Release:

Ice Blast- Fires a ball of ice out of his hands

Frozen Rain- Takeda fires a series of icicles from the sky at the attacker

Ice Clone- Creates a clone out of ice which protects him from attack or freezes the attacker

Frozen Blades- Takeda creates two large icicles on his hands which he can use like swords

Icy Beam- Fires two palm sized ice beams from his hands which he can use to create barriers for protection or to freeze something.

Chiller Touch- Takeda's deadliest move. It takes all of his energy to pull this move off but the effect results in death. Takeda grabs his attacker with his hand and freezes him in place.

After Training:

Buntai Affinity Seal: Said to be the equivalent to the Werebeast form. Takeda's body turns to pure ice, making not only himself more powerful but his jutsu as well. The down side is it drains chakra, and he can only hold it for 40 minutes.

Ice Dragon: Using the ice around him, Takeda can create an ice dragon which will attack his enemies.

Frozen Fury: While using the seal Takeda's strength and speed are drastically increased. While technically not a jutsu, Takeda has taught himself to not only hit harder but faster as well.

Changes in Personality: Ever since he failed to save Asuka many months ago, his personality is slowly changing. While once a quiet one who rarely relied on emotions, they seem to fuel him now. He'll do whatever it takes to get Asuka back, even if it means death.

Background: As a young child Takeda was always quite talented with his justu. He trained with his father every day in unarmed combat and received justu training from his mother as well. Takeda had developed his Ice Release at the age of 12 and has been practicing with it ever since. With the death of his parents at 14, Takeda lost his youth and became a cold individual. He usually keeps to himself, unless he is to work with other ninja.

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Name: Asuka Kyo

Age: 15

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Ninja-Girl.jpg

Personality: Quiet, Easygoing, but harmful when threatened or if friends are threatened by enemies.

Weapons/Equipment: Katana and Tanto

Nature Type: Water and Lightning


- Chidori Current

- Chidori

- Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique

- Water Release: Tearing Torrent


Young Asuka began training in the ways of the ninja when she was about 11-years-old, by her uncle Chokichi. But sadly, he died in battle with a Rogue ninja before he could finish her training. Devasted by this, Asuka quitted training. By the time she was 14, her mother, who became very sick, told her to find a good teacher to finish her training. Stunned by this, the young girl agreed, and kissed her mother farewell after she died. As she continued to find the right teacher, she came across a wise old man named Benjiro Ikeda. He taught Asuka well, teaching her techniques like Water and Lightning techniques.


After training with Benjiro, Asuka went on her journey alone, finding ways to helping anyone she would encounter in need. Although she's a formidable opponent, Asuka is caring and bright, always there to help a person if they needed it.


Is that okay, PK?

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Name: Sayomi Kahanashi


Age: Unknown (is thought to be in her teens; around 17)


Rank: Kage (Technically), Kage Level


Appearance: Sayomi wears a cloak that resembles the Akatsuki's in design although the clouds are slate grey instead of red and the cloak is more form fitting. She also wears a rice had similar to the ones the Akatsuki used to wear which covers her eyes hiding them from the world. http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/1222/balisticformyq6.png


Personality: Mysterious, angry, and deceitful.


Weapons/Equipment: The Kusanagi, though she doesn't carrie it on her, it is stored away in a safe place for quick use.


Nature Type: Fire


Justu: The 7th Seal (for releasing her demon seal to it's seventh level)

-Gate Destruction (for breaking open all 8 gates at once)

-Releasing Seal (for releasing her "Hell's gate" curse mark)

-Dimensional Shift (allowing her to hop dimensions or pull various weapons out dimension storage)

-Chakra chains

-Chakra viens

-Grand Fireball Jutsu

-Multi-elemental clone jutsu

-Ignition Jutsu (allows her to set things on fire with her mind)

-Shadow walker Jutsu (Allows her to displace herself in this dimension to be able to phase through things like weapons and to be able to literally go into another person and take control of their body with no physical side effects to herself or the person she's taken control of)

-Floating Jutsu (this allows her to float in mid air using the same technique that is used to walk on water.)

-Genocide (This allows her, providing that she's collected enough power to use it, to wipe out an entire battle ground.)

-Morphic sound (This allows her to manipulate sound waves in the same way gaara manipulates sound)

-Ultima Demon Mangekyu Sharigon Genjutsu's


Background: Sayomi Kahanashi was born in the village hidden in the sound and as a small child she was taken from her parents never to know who they were or where they came from. Orochimaru saw potential in her as he began preforming wild tests on her, she was one of VERY few who survived all of the tests and happens to be the only one still alive who got through the trials of it. When she was only 10 years old she was appointed to Orochimaru's personal ANBU squad as the leader, meaning she lead all of the ANBU throughout the village. Sayomi, during a mission, discovered things about her past that Orochimaru had kept from her. Enraged she left the village carving a slash through her head band making her the first rouge ninja from the hidden sound. She sought out the Akatsuki, found them, and from sheer rumors of her past they accepted her into the organization... providing that she completed various tasks. After she had returned, it had been a couple years and the Akatsuki was in heated battle. She saw this and decided to take herself out of the mix allowing what would've happen to happen. She eventually found Orochimaru and destroyed him for what he had done as well as destroying his village, Otogakure. She once again sught out the Akatsuki only find the members of the organization that she had once be brought into were now all gone and the Akatsuki was no more. Because of her immense anger at this the clouds on her cloak physically changed becoming a slate gray color. She swore revenge on Kahona... and that brings us to right now...

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I know, through combat and physical touch, which my character did with a member of the Uchiha, she was able to gain the genetic coding for it. Not to mention it is unknown who her parents were so there's a chance that she has some Uchiha bloodline heritage which allows her to use this ability so well. Besides all of that the experiments Orochimaru preformed on her were insane, he could've been able to encode that in her genes easily especially since what Orochimaru had done it before with the first hokage of the hidden leaf.

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^Actually I have a special ability that allows for me to steal other special abilities, it is one of the reasons the Akatsuki made member without years and years of long waits and serving them.

I know, through combat and physical touch, which my character did with a member of the Uchiha, she was able to gain the genetic coding for it. Not to mention it is unknown who her parents were so there's a chance that she has some Uchiha bloodline heritage which allows her to use this ability so well. Besides all of that the experiments Orochimaru preformed on her were insane, he could've been able to encode that in her genes easily especially since what Orochimaru had done it before with the first hokage of the hidden leaf.


I don't read anywhere within your bio you're able to absorb other peoples abilities tho. And on a side note: Itachi was the one who killed Orochimaru o_Q


Also, do you think you can ease down on your usage of abilities. Because its starting to get to the point where its becoming ridiculous for everyone, because you dont seem to give them much of a chance in battle ;)

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