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Barefoot Bandit nabbed


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Quite frankly, whoever raised him did a pretty piss-poor job at it.


That would be the mother who reportedly said that she was proud of her son for flying a plane (conveniently forgetting the fact he stole it, of course), and that he 'needs to practice his landings'.


She also said this -


Harris-Moore's mother, who lives in rural Camano Island, north of Seattle, where the barefoot bandit committed his first burglaries, had expressed a hope that her son would escape to a country without an extradition treaty with the US. The proud mother last year said: "He's smart. He took an IQ test a few years ago and he's three points below Einstein."


I guess that makes it ok, then. :rolleyes:


While his exploits are no doubt impressive, I hope he's now taught that his actions have consequences, and that the 72,000 morons who are his Facebook fans realise that too.

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Prosecute to the highest extremes, bar all profit from any book/movie/media deals (redirect to victims and courts to cover litigation fees) and lock this punk away so he can finally be forgotten... please.


Any way we can lock up the mother too for being a total dumbass? would be icing on the cake...

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Mmm, yes, because locking people away and throwing away the key has worked out so well for us so far.


It'd be a waste to bar him for the 30+ he's probably going to get, and sticking around in there with the possibility to get out earlier is only going to hone his already wide range of talents. Chances are he'll just get out more knowledgeable and do the same stupid **** again.


Regardless, sounds like the kid might be a paranoid schizophrenic based on how long and hard he's been running. Doesn't really excuse the damage he's done, but personally I'd rather someone try to confirm that and possibly treat it, then get his brain working on something productive. Least then he can actively pay back the huge bill he's going to be handed.

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