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Monkey Island Special Editions coming to stores (in Europe)

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Wow nice screens!. Can you please tell us if the special features are worth the buying?


I've only found the soundtracks and the concept art. Theres plenty of concept art on there especially for the canned film some I've seen before but others I think are new, not sure on that. Soundtracks can be found on the launcher has all the tracks for both games but I've noticed on the MI:SE soundtrack there appears to be a bonus track, I've not heard it before.


I don't know where this full video commentary session is that was mentioned in the product details from Play.com, its not even mentioned on the back of the case.

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[cross-posted from the Telltale forums]


Turns out quite a lot of concept art, and the complete story board for the MI film, is included, and it's awesome. It takes place before Secret, and includes an un-un-dead Murray, and LeChuck as a human. Guybrush is a Mighty Fisherman by profession.

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No new background paintings from MI2. All of the concept art/story board art is really high resolution, way bigger than my monitor, which is 1366*768, so I can't really capture a whole picture in its "native resolution" in one screenshot. The in-game size is about four times as big as these screenshots:


The film's "title card"



The first storyboard picture


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