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Should we get a Monkey Island sub forum?


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Hey, since I saw the Is Ron just lying post merged with the Return to Monkey Island thread (interesting topic btw!), I wanted to mention something I had on my mind for a bit: I wish we would start creating new threads instead of talking about everything in here. The more pages the ReMI thread gets the less I'm interested in participating or reading.

Idk what do others feel about that? Is there even the desire or option to create a Monkey Island sub forum?

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I think it might be better to just let multiple Return subthreads branch out in the main forum for now, and then create a sub forum once people want to cordon off spoilers? (Only suggesting  that option to avoid having to split things TWICE once spoiler time hits.)

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I thought that, but then I thought "would it be annoying if threads about every aspect of the game spilled into the main forum?" (eg. "Is Ron a liar?" -- doesn't really seem worth a new thread). I don't know, I guess the current main thread is sort of a "ReMI Daily Chat". I suppose we could start a new forum, rename the current MegaThread™ to "Daily Chat and News" and keep spoilers to its own thread...


I mean once the game hits, is splitting things into two forums inevitable anyway?


I don't know. I'm completely in two minds... 

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I think at the very least we can not essentially ban ReMI threads existing independently of the generic ReMI thread by merging them, but instead let them live and die on their own merits. I suspect or at least hope ‘is Ron a liar’ would come and go pretty quickly. 😅


We could still merge similar ones together, for example if people started creating entirely new threads for each piece of fan art, it would make sense to fold them into a more generic fan art thread.


Certainly I think the main ReMI thread has fantastic moments but is also becoming impenetrable, which will mean interesting threads of discussion get under-discussed because people can’t deal with the constant onslaught of replies (I have seen feedback from multiple people now to this effect).


For example, we might still be speculating about the chef being hidden in the background of the trailer and other fun details if that had been its own occasionally bumped thread, but instead that moment came and went in a heartbeat and is now buried under a million replies. Someone passing by a few days or even weeks later just misses out. Just look at how the Amiga thread is the gift that keeps on giving.

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