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I hope not. I want Mario Sunshine to stay Mario Sunshine and not defile the Mario World name. Mario World X should be reserved for a true platforming sequel, not this water gun game. I'd love to see a Mario game in the style of the "Adventure Mode" in Smash Bros Melee, just with good game control and good level design. Even a Mario All Stars type thing, but in 3D and on GC would make my year.

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Originally posted by LucasTones

Those cocky americans had 'Mario RPG' on the SNES, but we never got it in the UK. That was close to an adventure game, if you remove the fighting element.


We had the sequel though - Paper Mario for the N64


I love Nintendo.


Here's a lot of reasons to buy a gamecube


Mario Sunshine

Mario Tennis

Mario Golf

Metroid Prime

Turok Evolution


Eternal Darkness

Perfect Dark Zero

Smash Bros Melee

Rogue Leader


Die Hard Vendetta (Looks good!)

Super Monkey Ball


Luigis Mansion

Timesplitters 2


And I want:


Conker 2

Mario Party 4

Smash Bros 3

Mario Kart Cubed

Lylat Wars

Smash Bros 4



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Well Metroid Prime is a first person shooter with realistic damage when you shoot the aliens, But realy these games are all fun to play regardless of what they may look like. From the Game Play I've seen Celda is going to kick some realy big ASS. and Pikman already proved that even with a cutsy look, the puzzle eliments make it one of thebest and original realtime stratagy games ever.


Super Smash Bros Melee would beconsitered to have a traditional "cute" look, but it has more depth then your realise. For the love of god you play Adventure Games! if they look like cartoons does that mean the games suck? I don't thinl so!

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Originally posted by PTDC

They don't suck and I like some cutesy games. I just enjoy a well balanced diet of graphical styles and I'd like something dark and foreboding for once.


Eternal Darkness for GC looks good.

You have a sanity meter, so you can go bonkers if yer not careful.

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Originally posted by The Adventurer


No Super Smash Bros: Melee? You disapoint me son...


It's not out yet over here in sunny/rainy/cloudy old England. I think it's released on the 23rd, but Smash Bros was teh Ro><or. I played it to death. Can't wait Can't wait CAN'T WAIT.

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