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WIP: Old Ben Kenobi


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I'm not sure that's what Scarlet Widow meant exactly. I think keo nailed it though, you just have to slant his shoulders a little, he looks just a little too bulky up in the torso area, makes him look younger and stronger than the charecter is. You can cheat the Skeleton a little bit


The Textures look very nice, your doing a great job on Obi :D




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Originally posted by KevinCoyle

A midget? I don't see how. His proportions are correctly set to the bones for a Jedi Knight 2 humanoid. If a make his body longer he won't fit the bones anymore.


Is it really? :eek:


Did you base the body off of one of the original JKII meshes? Maybe it is just the shoulders as meantioned.. i don't know, something looks very wrong though.



Looking at it a little more closely, the problem is definetly because of the shoulders and the waist.. he just looks too wide.

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Almost finished. Really all that's left is to add a bit more detail to the robe skin, smooth some seams in the skin and fix some Unwrapping errors that you'll notice in one of the below renderings, after that and a few more things are tweaked, I'll be ready to start setting Ben up for the game.


Here's a full screenshot




And a shot of the face



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Though I think it looks great I have one suggestion. I would suggest that you have the ends of the sleeves point back and not to his side. Only because most of the time his arms will be bent (when holding a saber/gun). But it does look fantastic. Thanks for making a robed version. You've done great. :)


Lol, oh sorry Vigrid beat me to it.

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Fixed the sleeves, thanks for the tip, I checked some other models in progress when I started on the body a noticed they had the sleeves the same way I did, I figured it would be alright, but since you guys have already gotten models with drooping sleeves into the game(Emperor Palpatine & Joruus C'Boath(looking forward to both BTW)), you'd know better than I would. You probably saved me alot of trouble.

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A few comments/suggestions:


1) I think the skin is lacking some serious detail. Ben's clothes had a much more rough texture, and were frayed in some places. Your textures look smooth and new. Try and get them a little closer to the movies, if possible.


2) I think there is something missing in the face. When I see it, I just don't think, "Yep! That's Ben Kenobi." Maybe it's something in the eyes. It doesn't look quite right.


In general, it just looks a little rushed to me. I'm very excited about a Ben Kenobi model, I would just prefer it to be the best it can possibly be. A good approach to take would be to not "sacrifice quality for speed," as -Tercero- has said (when it comes to modeling). Really take your time and try to make it look as much like Ben as possible. It's good right now, but it could be great! And without greatness, I'm still kinda hungry for a great Ben Kenobi model/skin.

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Looking really nice :)


I was wondering if you received my emails. Let me know if you want to take me up on my offer.


I honestly think that the face looks fantastic. The underobes look really good, but I agree that the outer robe doesn't quite look beaten up enough.

I have one other suggestion. The bottom of his under-robe (the beige robes) only really ever opened up when he was sitting down. And even then I only remember them opening up when he was in Dagobah talking to Luke (ROTJ). It may even help you in the weighting process to close those under-robes at the bottom.

Not a big deal, just something that caught my eye. His robes generally hung down almost like a long skirt.





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