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WIP: Old Ben Kenobi


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Thanks for the preview. You've done a great job! The head and the face look awesome.

You don't owe anyone an apology. I compleyely understand what you mean about telling yourself you'll finish it, but all the frustration of the process saps away your motivation. Actually, you said it quite well.


I really hope someone can help you finalize this model. You've done a terriffic job, especially for your first! Those robes have caused many headaches among the model makers around here, so don't think you're alone ;)

The painful trick is to keep the robe from splitting and prevent the legs from clipping through the robe at the same time. Of course the over cloak adds that much more of a problem (especially with the sleeves, right?)

I actually spoke to Toonces a while ago (right after he finished the Mace, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan models), to see if he was interested in helping you out with this model, but he's been so busy and consumed with other stuff, I don't know what he's up to now. He's done so much good work for other people, and by himself, perhaps it's time for someone else to step up and continue the helping chain that he continued from Cheshire and sithlordii (to name only a few). I know last time I spoke to him, he was quite busy with the real world, so we can't expect all this free stuff to keep coming from the same people. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, I cannot help you in any way with the weighting. Though I can suggest studying the Mon Mothma model that came with the game. (and possibly the Yareal Poof model by PsykoSith)

I only visit around here about once or twice a week, but it makes it so worth it when I catch a post like yours.

Thanks SO MUCH for your hard work towards rewarding us with the great character of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

We almost have him in all his glory...





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I've got some good news, I've finally worked out the leg problem! That was my biggest obstacle, the problem I was having with the outer robe was just weights, I'll eventually get it worked out but it will be a tedious process and will take some time, but after that all I need to do is weight the fingers and face bones and he'll be ready for release.

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Originally posted by KevinCoyle

I've noticed this, especially in maps with alot of lighting like the deathstar, I plan to darken the skin a bit before release so the robes won't look like they're glowing


Yeah, the in-game lighting is really on the bright side - never realized how much so until I did a couple of reskins.


The model looks good otherwise, Kevin. Nice job!

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Originally posted by Flanders

The website won't let me download the file. :(

Try this. ;)

Should work, it'll most probably open a new window before the download pops up. Count this as a mirror download.



I haven't had much time to test the model, plus I've been on pure servers lately. But it looks great. Hopefully it's only a matter of time until the final release is done. :)

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I'm working on getting the robed version working in-game, here are a few screenshots so far






I've hall all the problems with the legs worked out, the main thing that's bugging me is the clipping of the robe around the torso, it doesn't show up while running forward or backward or standing still (except for the blue stance, which has a problem), only when the model is stretched alot like while running at an angle or swinging a saber. here are some other screens of the problem. I could use some advice from any modelers out there with robe experience. I'm trying to work out the problem without making the robe look extremly puffy. Any help would be wonderful



clipping 2

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It's looking like I may have to release the robed version of Ben as a seperate model, it will make the download bigger but I can't seem to fix the clipping problem around the shoulders while attacking with the saber using the red stance. The only way I can think of is to pull the torso underneath the robe in where you can't see so it doesn't show through the robe, but that would require I release it as a seperate model

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i don't know if this will help but here's what toonces did on his Jedi models


he had two torsos, torso and torso_robe. the latter was a smaller one for use with the robe. for the unrobed versions, he surfed off the torso_robe and robe. for robed skins, he surfed off the r_arm and l_arm and the regular torso. you might try to contact him about getting more specific intrctions.

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