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Ghost pics and videos,real or fake???


What do you think?  

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Most things can be explained away. There are some that I believe are genuine. However, my view of "ghost" is different from what is believed by most. I believe in these three possibilities:


1. Time ripples. We're mearly seeing time repeat itself. Perhaps something actually is disrupted in this space/time gook we live in when something horrible happens, which most of the time accompanies ghosts, that causes these rifts.


2. By the sheer will of the people(s) witnessing the phenomina, something is manifested. (The moving of objects, bruises, etc.)


3. This one is based on the belief of the Son of Perdition, (Satan). He hates each and every one of us with every fiber of his being. He wants you dead and he'll do anything to get to you. Perhaps it is he who manifests such things.




Meh, who knows. Does it really matter that much that we don't know? *shrug* :confused:

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The caption under the "time warp" picture in the first gallery says that if it had been edited with any photo editor the peoples bodies would look warped too, so that must mean it wasn't. HA! Nice try. They must think people know nothing about graphics. DUH, of course it's possible to make the picture look warped without affecting the people's bodies. Liars...

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i already know how they did that time warp, they take 1 picture with people in it, then take another picture without them, go into photoshop, put the one with people as the background, and the one without people as a layer with partial transparency and add all the effects to that layer. now you know how to fake ghost pictures to.

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