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Name: Matrin LeCelli

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Vehicle: E-77 Fighter TIE Bomber

Vehicle Weapons- Atomic Bomb, 4 Guided Missiles

Handheld Weapons- E-11 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn Rocket Launcher

Occupation- Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track

Class in Occupation: Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations, Level 18 of 20

Appearance: Blue Armour with special White and Red Jetpack, White


Other Info: LeCelli in his early years lived in Le Havre in France, before becoming interested in Space Travel and flying to Hoth. There, he met Marcus LeCoy, who introduced him to many other imperials. Since 4 years ago, he has been becoming a very sucessful and wealthy man. Being the Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations is a hard job, however, as Jedi are needing to be killed or diverted by his soldiers. It is Matrins choice to decide about war, and the next level in his career is MoD, Minister of Defence.


Does anyone want me to write out the Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track? It'd be my pleasure.



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Real Name: Vash Mammon

Nickname: Vash

Occupation: Former Anthropologists, turned assassin

Age: 250

Species: Shi'ido

(According to the Offical SW Species Guide: Shi'ido's are shapeshifters. They can take on the shape and generally the physically attributes of most creatures. They have limitations. Their shifts aren't always completely accurate, so they also use psychic influence to make a creature ignore the mistakes. Their transformations don't encompse some attributes of a species. For example, changing into a wookiee would give the Shi'ido their strength, and fur, but not their sense of smell or hearing. Shi'ido have limitations, they can transform into creatures as large as a Hutt or as small as 2 feet tall. Vash's attributes will go from his human form, which he'll be in most of the time. Shi'ido's in natural form are as tall as a human, hairless with one supersized fist/arm, and one normal sized arm. They have elongated snouts, and small eyes. Life span is 500 years, the longer they live the better their transformations.)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170

Hair: Blonde/Spiked

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Lao-man aka Sh'shuun

Clothing: Red overcoat, white shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, orange sunglasses, storm trooper armor underneath clothing, no helmet, speeder bike

Weapons: Two heavy blaster pistols with red laser sights with holsters, long knife hidden under coat, ascension gun attachments to pistols, blaster rifle, several motorized spinning blades, vibro axe

NFU with limited pyschic ability

Ship/droids: TIE Avenger called the Slashrat

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Im using the Final Fantasy format for my character...




Name- Gus


Apperance- http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/pic/art/j/u/justinb/reaper.jpg (with cloak)

http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fanq/e/d/edwinhuang2/jhonny.jpg.html (without cloak)

Also has two hidden, large bat-like wings


Class- Black Mage



Fiagra: Shoots 2 bursts of Fire at enemy

Blizzarga: Shoots an Ice Beam at enemy

Thundarga- 10 Lightning Bolts hit the enemy

Magic Orb- All of the above spells combine to turn his scythe into a huge sword. (Lasts for 5 min.) http://www.blizzard-art.com/img/cai/Gaert%20Sword.jpg (not the guy, the sword)



Large Scythe:This ancient item can take lives and can control one's mind. Not always succsesful.


Height- 5' 11''


Weight-100 pounds


Eyes- Dark Green


Hair-Blonde, Spiked






Bio- A young boy, who is the guardian of the Light. Sadly, an evil man named Sephiroth erased his true memories and dragged him to the dark. He is a mysterious shady character...

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- Race: Human

Age: 38

Profession: Jedi Trainer


Formerly Darth Necron, was turned back to the lightside of the force by a child. He was going to kill him but was reminded of himself when he was the child's age, he then saw the great atrocities he has commited. This frightened him inside so much he is now a Jedi Master, able to use the Dark Side without fear of turning. This is because he knows the ins and outs of the dark side and now longer fears it, he understands it. After this he changed his name from Necron to Blaze. This is because when people heard is name they would flee in terror. He is no a Jedi Trainer at Luke's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. He is a master of force enflame, a unique power that gives him the ability to control fire.




Weapon: Lightsaber, Blue

Armor: Black Jedi Robes, no cloak.

Left Arm: Personal medical computer, also a healing device.

Right Arm: A GPS-like device for directions as well as a comlink.

Belt: Strength and Mind Enhancer and Stimulator. Protects Chryon from mind affecting force powers as well as enhances his strength and perception.


Force Powers


Force Enflame

Force Lightning

Force Choke

Force Fear

Force Push and Pull

Jedi Mind Trick

Force Speed

Force Foresight: Visions of the future, similar to Yoda's ability.

Force Serenity: Gives him a state of calm that enables him to fight with regenerated vigor.

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Name - Kenkon Shen

Age - 30

Race - Human

Class - Force User




Height - 5'11"

Weight - 190 lbs

Hairstyle - Thin midlength tied back dreds, light beard.

Skin pigment - Brown

Markings/scars - Tribal tattoos on back




Outfit – dark grey Jedi robes

Weapons – Orange Lightsaber

Accessories/tools – short blade, throwing knives, grappling hook.




Character History - Kenkou was born to an average human family, with average human proffesions. His father's dream was always to become a Jedi, but he had too many responsibilities to do such a thing, and so he vowed to himself, he'd give his son the chance, and as soon as Kenkou was old enough he joined the temple. At the age of twenty a travelling accident lead him to meet a Whills named Suddha. This small green elder nursed the Jedi to health using natural remedies. During discussion, the topic of the force came up. Suddha explained that neither jedi nor sith are good or evil, that they are both stubborn ways, the only way to truly master the force is to detatch ones self from these ways and study both of them evenly, maintaining balance, a middle way.


Kenkou stayed with Suddha for three years as he trained in the ways that the Whills lulled him with. And when he emerged from the planet, he was neither sith nor jedi. When the council learned of his survival, Jedi tried to bring him back to the temple, but he explained that he was no longer tied to the ways of the jedi. Under the impression that he had been absorbed by the dark side, he was exiled, and is hunted. He makes his money as a bounty hunter, using blade, and only drawing a sabre when confronted by a jedi or sith. His life is dedicated to the realization of this middle way.




Element – Water, Wind

Further Description - Quiet and contemplative, he is the true observer, always watching his surroundings and taking things as they are rather then forcing them to change.

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Name: Crogan Mitchury

Age: About 40 years old

Gender: Male

Race: Twi'lek

Home: Coruscant


Outfit: Some official wealthy stuff



E11 Blaster Rifle

His ability to intimidate


A handsome twi'lek. He has no strength nor wisdom. He has a big mouth, but he is truly a weak person. This sort if figures are very intimidated by the sight of a lightsaber...

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Name: Gus Kenobi

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Affiliation: Jedi

Age: Unknown

Rank: Jedi Knight

Personal Ship: The Dragon Fang. (A FireSpray)

Equipment: Green Dual Bladed Lightsaber, and a Jedi Knight robe


Name: Serena Kenobi

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Affiliation: Sith

Age: Unknown

Rank: Dark Jedi Knight

Personal Ship: The Dark Knight. (A TIE Fighter)

Equipment: 2 Red sabers, similar to Count Dooku's, Hooded Dark Jedi Robe


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Darn Force-using punks. I hate 'em!

Okay, this is my profile. I have a squad of five security battle droids, and one commander droid. I control all six of them.







The Profile


Commander Unit 1612-2723



Baktoid Automata Battle Droid


Home world:

Underground Facility, Geonosis



Standard programming and daily ugrades and mods



Two million different languages












90 lbs












Unit 1612-2723 is a decades-old battle droid from the grand Clone War. He and his squad still travel the galaxy today, after all them years. As commander, he has to make tough decisions for his party, and provide daily upgrades and modifications to their systems. They all live as rogue droids in the galaxy, often being hired for work.

They may not seem like much, but they are certainly no ordninary battle droids. They have several powerful built-in scanners and jammers, com-links, lasers, and vibro-daggers. Over the years they have learned to disobey orders, as well as be totally obedient to 1612-2723.





1612-2723 and his counter-parts all look highly similar, featuring harsh upgrades to their once-standard bodies.








E-5 blaster rifle, built-in lasers and a vibro dagger, other weapons aboard their ship.



TIE shuttle, which holds all six members of the squad as well as room for two other hostages/prisoners. Commander Unit 1612-2723 flies the ship, the other droids stay in the second part of the shuttle. It has been refitted with one ion cannon, two laser cannons, and a great hyperdrive.




The squad - http://www.cswu.cz/shiptech/ground/battledr/battledr.jpg


The TIE shuttle - http://www.hyperjump.net/thomasparis/swshipstats/starfighter-tieshuttle.jpg




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A kid at the age of 8 (his name you decide)found by the jedi to be force sensitive. they take him to Yarvin 4 to start his training you actually do the training like trails and how well you to the trails like how well you do your force powers how well you fight with a lightsaber is how many points you get to progresses your skills. You can fight different masters and learn their fighting style and have many fighting styles learn all kinds of force powers from your masters train when ever you want. and when it gets to the time to start your mission you build a lightsaber. you can go were ever you want on yarvin and do whatever you want and report to your training sessions when you want to contiune your game kinda like Fable. You become an apprentice and your master starts taking you on missions and again progress your skills on how well you do. you should have to tons of mission and the whole time you are doing these mission the republic is a war. the better you get the better master you get until final Luke is your Master he will test you and then put you through trails so you become a Jedi Master once a Master you join the concil and start planning mission to stop the enemy you are givein a padawan and you actually train him and when you think you are ready to fight a final battle you go to the concil and make battle plans then you and your padawan go to fight the final battle. In this game you can go anywhere you want to Corasant and get upgrades for your lightsabrer make duel lengths, get different robes when ever. the fighting in the game needs to be like the fighting in the episode 3 game it so cool and you need to be able to choose your side.


Weapons a blaster and lightsaber what ever style hilt you want chose your color

Clothes: you pick you have chocies you can have the old robes like Anakin whore in the movies pick the color of your robes and just where normal clothes have armor

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Name: Tai White

Species: Human, Caucasian (White)

Age: 16 (Now, then will grow up!) =)

Sex: Male

Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on the left eye. Ivory skin

Class: Jedi Consular (Mage)

Weapons: Two Dual (Exar Kun style) Silver-Blade Lightsabers, sometimes uses them both, but is equally adept to use only one

Abilities: All standart Light Side Force Powers. Focuses on Speed Tricks. Ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing) through Force

Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)

Biography: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy Yavin 4. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings)

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Name: Darth Extas

Occupation: Sith Lord

Former Occupation(s): Imperial Royal Gaurd, Emperor of the Phantom Empire

Weapon(s): Dual LightSabers(Color: Shadow/Black Hole/Dark Grey[Only a yellow Lightsaber can cut through it], Cuts through all but blue & yellow lightsabers), Modified Force Pike(added a Ion & Blaster Rifle or known as a range function)

ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force Fireball(Ancient Sith Power), Force Darkness(Has ability to control the environment on any planet[can make a fissure/sandstorm/Lightening Strike/Ash Storm/Earthquake, though limited amount of power can be spent]), Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw, Force Shadow Mold(Just allows to create his Crystals for his Lightsaber(s) can rarly be used).




Armour: Modified Imperial Royal Guard(Black Helmet & Black Cape), Black Gloves.

Eyes: Sith Fury/Maul(Always)

Race: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)

Age: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)

Helmet Modifications: Night Vision, Twin hidden Laser mini-guns(Above the Ears), Painted Black.


Note: Defies the Sith Code because he is a Sith Lord with an Apprentice.


Apprentice: Darth Exras

Weapons(s): Twin Bladed Lightsaber/Darth Maul(1 Red & 1 Shadow), Pair of Force Pikes.

Force Powers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening/Spike(Sends a chain of Force Lightening on the ground that will go within a 5 yard Radius, Forms a spike like form of Force Lightening), Force Influence, Force Grip

Race: Y. Vong

Age: 98



Eyes: Dark Blue with Red Pupils

Armour: N/A or Just a Black Sith Cloak, Black Gloves

Height: Average Y. Vong

Weight: Average Y. Vong

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Name: Darth Tadain

Occupation: Sith Lord

Former Occupation(s): Imperial officer

Weapon(s): 1 red lightsaber, and 1 red shortsaber

ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force destruction, Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw

Armour: Black Jedi-style robes, Black leather gloves and boots

Eyes: Black

Race: Nautolan

Age: 21

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 170


Note: Nautolan is Kit Fisto (The Green guy with all the tentacles on his head) incase anyone didnt know

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Name :Inok Atilk

Race:Human (White)

Occupation:Gun for Hire

Height: 5'8

Weight:200 lbs

Bulid:Very stalky




Family: His Mother Alink Atilk(Deceased) ,His Father Lango Atilk


Personality:Dosen't say much and is not on good terms with his father

Weapons:A Blaster pistol,A Custom Vibro Dagger and Blaster Rifle

History: Inok grew up in a small house in Mos Esliey where him,His mother and Father lived,He Had a happy life until he turned Nine,Thats when his mother was shot by bandits trying to take her speeder from her,After that Inok has had a hard life,His father being a raging fool who blames all of his problems on Inok,So one day when Inok was Twenty he ran away from his father and to Bestine to start a new life.

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Name: Vode An

Race: Human (Caucasian)

Occupation: Sith Lord

Former Occupation(s): Bounty Hunter

Weapon(s): Red staff lightsaber, vibro-dagger, forcepike, DC-17 Blaster Rifle

Force Powers: All core & sith powers, plus jedi healing and mind trick

Armor: Black & red Mandalorian armor, custom gloves & boots

Eyes: Blood red

Age: 26

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 190

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Name: Kin Solar

Age: 34

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Gender: Male

Hair color: Light Brown

Height: 5' 5"

Weapons: One orange lightsaber


Bio: Kin was trained in the way of the Jedi since his early childhood, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is loyal to the Jedi cause and would never dream of breaking the Jedi Code that he so closely follows. His lightsaber belonged to his Master, whose name is unknown. Kin took the weapon off his Master's corpse during a battle against Dark Force users at the age of 19. He is allowed to take on an Apprentice, but has chosen not to, his Master's death branded in his mind.


(I'm putting him up here because he'll be my new main character to replace Kilmor Katarn.)

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Name: Valin Shyld

Age: 26

Homeworld: Karthakk

Alignment: Clouded

Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Height: 6'1

Weapon: Single Blue Lightsaber

Attire: Brown Jedi Robe, along with Black Clothing underneath.

Force Powers: Standard Jedi Powers, Dominate Mind, Battle Meditation, Force Grip, Burst of Speed, and Force Levitate.


Personality: Rather distant from the Order, and has a bit of an attitude toward the Jedi. Has flirted with the Dark Side before but, has always been able to return to the light relativley unnoticed.


Bio: Valin was found on the planet of Karthakk when he was five years old by a Sith Soldier patrolling the area, after the attack and attempted take over of the system. Valin was found along the beach, knocked out from a heavy blaster shot to the skull and near the brink of death. From what Valin has been told by the Jedi, he was taken from the sith at night with no cost of casulties. Valin accepted this at the time, but now thinks of this to be a bit convienent. Valin has a scar going down past his eye all the way to halfway down his chest, being cut with a Vibrosword in the attack on his homeworld. Valin is now with the Jedi Order, but is confused to how the Jedi are handeling the new order.

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Name: Sala Therandial (pronounced Sargh-la There-and-E-yal)

Species: Twi-Lek

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Look:Tall and curvy(but not fat), Dark blue skin, wears a long black waistcoat over a short green, figure hugging t-shirt, long light brown shorts and knee length black boots.

Class: Smuggler

Weapons: Trusty small blaster and repeater gun conceled inside her waistcoat.

Personality: Keeps herself to herself most of the time, and trusts only a select few people.

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Today, 07:55 AM #1







Join Date: Oct 2005

Posts: 6 PADAWAN













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Today, 07:55 AM #1







Join Date: Oct 2005

Posts: 6 PADAWAN













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Class: Imperial StormTrooper




Black stormtrooper armor with Navy BLue shoulder pauldron and MG34


BirthPlanet: Tatoine


Species : Zabrak


Politiocal Affliction: Empire, 10th Nova Divison


Bio: Tx-42 A.K.A. Zeth Matthias was born on tatoine, from a very young age he wished to join the Empire. At the age of 17 he enlisted the Imperial Academy to become an Imperial NovaTrooper. He went through the most rigouris training in his life. After he graduated from the academy he was deployed to mos eisly and spent most of his days standing gaurd in the cantinas making sure no one caused trouble.

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