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WIP: Yarael Poof


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I started making a few meshes for JK2 and thought Poof would make a cool addition to the characters.


*Use copy paste to see the screenshots*


No lights:



Lights and shadow



Now i have a problem...since he's got longer arms and hands (and no i'm not making 4 arms) than a human being, the mesh gets distorted when the fingers move (taunts and force powers).


No problems with the neck.


It's not weighted or uvw mapped yet, since i want people to give some feedback before i start messing around with it.


Also looking for skinners and voice/audio talent.

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i thought people would have said he is too slim! :) i got the impression he was larger because of his puffy robe.


The bottom of the robe needs to be wider to follow the skeleton, but i'll slim down the torso.


{BK}SupremePain: i'm usimg 3D studio max 4.2


btw there will be no facial anims, cuz it would screw up really bad.


edit:Yep i did Ki Adi, Grafox made the original skins


Hellfire: Poof is a Quermian, member of the Jedi council not a Kaminoan (or cloners like u said) i believe he wasnt in AOTC.

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great start man, gotta agree with everyone else, slim him down a bit and his feet look a little to big, oh by the way if this model works out good which it seems like it will, you should do a cloner skin, that would rock, oh and im gonna put your model on my site.


awsome job !!!

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actually, after seeing that star wars database pic of him, Psych0sith has it damn near perfect. One thing that might balance it out is taking a couple more screenshots ad different angles. It looks to me like his shoulders should be widened EVER SO SLIGHTLY (but that could be the camera angle). The robes could use some enhancing. The section that sits on top of the robes and arcs down over his chest (what the hell is that thing called anyway?) starts to flatten itself back out parallel with the ground plane instead of following the contour of the shoulder line all the way out. Same kind of deal with the robes. If you notice the way it forms a point at the ends of both shoulders? I notice the section where the neck starts to fan out into the shoulders could be dropped down just a bit as well. It will make his neck look a bit longer. The neck looks shorter when compared to the reference pic. That cone shape comes together not too far from the colar.

These were just a few of the tiny details I noticed that were different in the comparison from the model renders to the reference pic.

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thanx for the comments...


Psynex: i agree there are some things a bit off about the robe and his "neck pad" :)


I notice now the shoulders are in fact wider than the pad (the pad itself is also bigger than the current one, and flattens instead of following the shoulders)


the neck should also be smaller at the bottom.


also, like enjoi9187 said: his body is pretty wide, just not fat.


seks03: I made the feet smaller than the pic where he's sitting down...about the "cloner" skin, id rather start a new character from scratch (and i dont have time for that right now), but someone will probably do a skin for that anyway.


i'll go back to work now...


P.S.:Wassup GreenDevil?!? :D bet u cant wait for Plo Koon to be released (like most people!)

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Hehe, I'm not sure how that'd work with _humanoid.gla.


The neck will work fine, i already did some tests with another model.


The hands are not in the right position so i know they will distort, the easiest solution would be to weight the fingers and hand as one mesh instead of using all the "finger bones".


I'm assuming fingers won't move for the taunts or force powers...i dont mind this but some people might not like it.


about ripples and folds, i'll leave that to the skinner...or maybe i'll add some, but it'll cost a lot more polys, i'm already @ 3000+ polys.


I'll post an update later this week.

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Very nice to see you working on this PsykoSith!

I actually tried messing around with a Yareal Poof mesh a while ago (It was my first modelling attempt) and it can definitely be done.

Toonces and I actually did a tiny amount of experimenting with how it might animate on the root skeleton and it worked pretty well without even adjusting the weighting at all.

A few tweaks with the weighting and it should be able to deform quite well.


As far as critiquing goes... I think that the neck is a bit too short, you've already talked about shaping the "neck pad" more accurately and I thought i'd add that it actually rounds out in the back (as opposed to the point in the front).

I just re-sized your screens to the same scale as some ref pics that I have, and I think that the body could just be scaled down a tad to match his head and neck (or increase the head and neck scale) Heh you still may need to extend that neck a little without widening it too much though.

One more thing. You may want to include a scale-mod size suggestion in the readme. I have a great pic, and I would gladly send you all my ref pics (just email ygmypay@yahoo.com) of a crew member behind the scenes adjusting something with Yareal. You can see that even while Poof is sitting down, he looks to be about 7 feet high. I know when I was messing around with making him I scaled him very very tall and it really made it seem right. :D

Also, I might enjoy making sounds for this Jedi. He is one of my favorites and I think I could create a sound pack that would do him justice.

I'm not around here too much these days, but I could definitely manage the time for this.




May the force be with you.




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