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Hi, I'm new!


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Fortunately I've prepared for this occasion in which my conciousness is downloaded into a cloned copy of myself upon chance of current body demise. Handy if you hang around a bunch of maniacs who randomly start hurling shiny sharp things and yes, blunt objects too at you.


I'm too hard to kill. I can keep making up reasons for why I can't die.

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Tse, tse, you forgot about The Imperial Empire of Aresen?


thats because funds went dry for a period of time, so like *all* empires which are bound to fall, and had fell...


"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind" - Winston Churchill



which basically i think if that mentality (pun pun!) is true, an empire of the mind if bound for the same failure, means...



in the future there will be mass insanity! :joy:


should make a 'pure stand alone' aresen.net forum :cool:

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