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Hi, I'm new!


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So what have you been doing with yourself, LQ?


The details of that are not fit for public forums. For $4.95 a minute i will IM you the juicier bits.






Oh I know, I couldn't stop laughing...especially the question about a redwing/wacky sandwich. ROFL It's been years and I'll never forget it. LOL


>.>;;; I suck...cuz I don;t remember exactly what I said.



Sounds kinda like herpes.....not that I would know....:dev11:

Well dur...I mean you troll SW Forums and play games...tis obvious you don't do any of the activities that LEAD to getting herpes.

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Yeah... but, face facts: That's kinda like grading on a curve. Plus: Degrees of "reek" are open to personal subjectivity.


Let's be honest: We are a fragrant bunch. After all: If you can smell us over a broadband connection, well,.. let's face it: That's pretty bad.


Fiber optics: maybe... But catching stink over copper? That's intense.

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I've heard the whispered rumors... The hidden legends that the old men only speak of quietly and secretively, late in the darkest hours of the night when too much wine has flowed and tongues get loose...


But I never believed it would be my great fortune to actually encounter one such as you in my lifetime.

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