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Hi, I'm new!


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You have to ask? :dozey:


Actually, "vinegary" seems a perfectly apropos description of the cast of characters that still infrequently frequent this locale... does it not?



vin·e·gar·y (vn-g-r, -gr)


1. Having the taste, smell, or nature of vinegar.

2. Unpleasant and irascible.


Hmm, I think I see what Ed is saying about you all.......because I'm a ****ing joy to be around. :D


And Lynk, I'm not letting you pour vinegar on me, I want nothing to do with your kinky sex games. You probably have those damn tentacles slithering all around too.

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I don't poop and pee on my girlfriends.

Are you sure?


You are talking quite a lot about it for someone who has no interest in that activity. I really think you are someone who would honestly like to give it a shot if presented the opportunity. You are the one brought the girlfriends into what was an otherwise everyday defiling of a perfectly good forum floor. My mind never would have gone there...


Perhaps Ray can introduce you to one of his lady acquaintances. You know those Germans are known for being into some kinky stuff...


C'mon man... we're all open minded here. You are safe admitting your deviant fetishes to us... trust me. :D

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No dude... I mean I have unfortunately heard stories (or much, much worse: stumbled upon pictures...) of real, live, flesh and blood Japanese girls (and probably men, too...) doing highly disturbing things with real, maybe live (though, probably not for long if they actually were to start with...) flesh and blood slimy sea creatures.


Anime is just cartoony drawings of sicko pervy fantasies. That I can deal with... it's when such things are attempted to be enacted in the 3rd dimension by actual people that I start to get weirded out...

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I remember seeing this one where the chick has a seizure in the middle of "doing her thing" and the porn crew absolutely FREAK OUT!


The last shot is of the director trying to get the camera man to stop recording XD He had the coolest porn moustache LOL... he's like


"CUTTU! CUTTU!!" and he was panicking so much XD lol

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Hmmph,.. my dear boy, you shouldn't be watching the evil pornography. It will corrupt your soul.


Send me that tape, or the link to the vid clip,.. so you may fully cleanse your conscience.


I will deal with the smut in a proper fashion.



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When I go, everybody is coming with me.


I'm the only one who can defuse the nuclear warhead I hid somewhere under RSN HQ... The second I am late entering the code, the countdown begins.


But have it your way. I'm ready to go.


Have fun!



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