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Hi, I'm new!


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I remember this one time in Ibiza with my mates, we all got ****ed on weed, and my mate looked out the window and asked "Are there two moons?". I was like "What!?". She then said "Well how can we see the same moon from here that we do from London?". I have never laughed so much and so hard since. I was litterally rofl for about 10 minutes. It was absolutely hillarious. :D

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And milk... let us not forget all the milk...


But hey... when ya' gotta go, ya' gotta go!


If Crack-baby would finally get around to installing a proper toilet or 2 in this place, maybe things would stay cleaner around here. The chem porta-potties out back have been overflowing for months. (Is anyone ever going to empty them?)


So: What's a guy to do, I asks ya'?

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