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Who is your favorite jedi from a Star Wars game?

Who is your favorite jedi from a video game?  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite jedi from a video game?

    • Kyle Katarn (Jedi Knight II)
    • Dessan (Jedi Knight II)
    • Tavion (Jedi Knight II)
    • Mara Jade (Mysteries of the Sith
    • The Seven Dark Jedi (Jedi Knight)
    • Komari Vosa (Bounty Hunter)

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Gotta be Kyle. Sure, Jedi Power Battles had Mace, but they had wussy blue lightsaber Mace, not badass purple lightsaber mace. And I remember that Kyle has had at least three different lightsaber colors. And JPB sucked a whole bunch. And yes, I do realize JPB wasn't a choice, but I can't say anything bad about Mara Jade.

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<------------- Check out my name.

He and Mara are tied for first for favorite EU character of all time.


My favorite Dark Jedi in order are:


Yun- Saved Kyle, yellow saber, cool outfit, he is the best Dark Jedi

Jerec- He is actually a bad guy, evil voice, has a story

Tavion- She looks cool

Boc- Laughs his head off all the time

Sariss- Pure Evil

Maw- The guy has no legs!

Pic- He's got a cool voice

Gorc- He isn't much of a character

Desann- Dumb bad guy, bad story

Bounty Hunter Jedi -Never played the game

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Well, i'll say Kyle. Though i probably would have chosen Adi Gallia from JPB had she been a choice.


And who said JPB was a bad game? Its was a great game! Ok, so the second level was impossible, but who cares? ;) It was still really fun. Wish they'd make a sequel.....

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Well Mara Jade From Misteries.



If only that Game matched EU....



Anybody knows why we cannot play as Luke Skywalker on any game (except the super nintendo ones and Teras Kasi) It would have been cool if he could be used in Shadows of the Empire (damn this game had a lot of potential - it's good anyway) and Jedi knight...

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Originally posted by Dragonlancer

Mara is still an EU character though, Mace Windu is from the movies.


The only reason she made an apperarance was she was voted #20 on the greatest SW characters of all time. Lots of people were pissed because she was EU.

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Well if mara cannot count... the only Jedi out there is Kyle Katarn. Well and Rahn. the others are Dark Jedi :D



Kyle is cool, but i think he will be in JKIII (yes a sequel rumor has been leaked) since i hope he WILL BE Jedi knight. I dont like much being a smuggler and then a jedi and then leving the jedi way...

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