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  1. Sup SS, should have your skybox done in a few days :) Just finishing off this atm; http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=124&pictureid=984


    Hows you? How goes K1 modding?

  2. Recently acquired dislike for their writing? How come? I would highly recommend ME - excellent game; combat system is very good.

  3. You played Mass Effect yet?

  4. Oh Ship, Ship, where fore art thou paper? Hows you? How goes things with Cartheybaby? GBJx

  5. Doc, you can call me what ever you wish :) I don't currently have skype - I could be persuaded into getting it though I suppose! If you have msn, I can give you my address! Hope your well DV; hows your awesome mod coming? GB J7

  6. Hehe :xp:


    I hope you enjoyed the amateur dramatics and absurdness of it! :D

  7. \/ Isn't the bold quote, me? :-p


    I just wanted to register my utter rage and disgust, and your inaccurate picture of the Hitler wax work - I considered this matter so important I think you should review the thread now, and see the correct photo I have put in thread :carms:

  8. Chainz come back! We love you!

  9. Personally I use and highly rate this stuff;




    Then again, given that everyone seems to run for cover when I lift my arm, maybe it's not that good ;)

  10. Achilles smells :xp: *runs* (well that amused me anyway :D)

  11. Sup DS, hows M4-78 stuff coming?

  12. My cousin who is fighting cancer has basically lost it and been given 3-6 weeks to live. Usually; I'm referred to as the last bastion of hope - however in this case, I think it best to prepare for the worst.

  13. Sup Q; what have you made of Xarwarz Graphical Enhancement to TSL?

  14. Paper, you seem to be developing quite the fan club! Poem's what's next, if you get an chocolates send me some :xp:


    GB J7

  15. Please don't be offended by my post... it wasn't intended meant to be mean... Hope your ok bud! GB J7

  16. Oh, forgot to say, I think you should change your location too; 'What, aint no country I ever heard of'. :D GB J7

  17. Hehe, yeah that's what the avatar is aiming for :) its from my desktop wallpaper which I made :) GB J7

  18. I miss your Jack Black avatar! Still good old Samuel is pretty damn cool! :) GB J7

  19. Good to see you back around! :) Had wondered where you had gone as hadn't seen you post in a while! GB J7

  20. Heya Shem! :D


    Hope this finds you well! :)


    GB J7

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