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  1. Thank you. :) Melany's a little like Cade Skywalker's character. She uses Death sticks and struggles with the Dark Side. Poor girl needs a hug...


    Oh! When Melany uses the Death stick, can Perdante catch her and try to talk with her? If you're all right with that.

  2. Hey, Tysy? How'm I doing in your RP?

  3. Oh! Okay. Thank you.


    I'll do it. :)

  4. No, no, I mean... can she struggle with the Dark Side? She's suffering mentally, due to her past.


    BTW, can you explain what the Millenium Mole is? I'm still interested though and read it, but I still don't know what it is.

  5. Still in Legacy, MA? ^^

  6. Tysy? Due to Melany's depression and being ashamed... everytime she's by herself, can the Dark Side slightly be in motion in her? She has a lot of things going on...

  7. Oh yeah. Even my old friends from school ask, "Hey, you got a Facebook?" I look embarrassed and say no. But yeah, it's all good. I know you're not forcing me to getting one. :^:


    BTW, in the RP, is it all right if Halana explains to Cade about Lyna and Sethos' history alone? I promise, it won't be long. :p

  8. Awesome text crawl with intro on YouTube, gal! I have got to learn how to do that. :D


    BTW, to catch Perdy and the others surprise, can Melany show up half-drunk? If you're all right with that.

  9. Okay, all right. Cool. Think I got it now. Thanks! :D

  10. Oh! Um... sure. Thanks! :^:

  11. M'kay. Thanks! :D

  12. Did you get my VM? I mean, I just don't know where you guys are at in the story. I need a recap, is all. :)

  13. Sorry I'm taking so long. I'm scared to join because I'm afraidI might do something wrong in the RP... :(

  14. Oh! Okay then. I'll see if I can get one. :)

  15. Never mind. FFWM12 and I solved it. Thanks, though. :)

  16. Well... *blushes* :^:


    Take your time. ;)

  17. Man, I know how ya feel. Melany fighting a cute Found, er, I mean insane Found. *looks up embarrassingly* :p


    Anywaaay... made the post already. :D

  18. Awesome! :D


    I'll have Melany clash her lightsaber with your character's, Dominic. If that's all right too. ^^

  19. Hey, is Melany fighting Dominic and his lackeys or no? Just wondering.

  20. Oh! Okay. I'll come up with a charrie then. :)

  21. Not sure what to do with Melany, Tysy. Can you help me, please?

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