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  1. You do?! :D


    Oh, wait... my parents says I can't get one because too many "people I don't know" are on there. Plus, "too much drama" goes on on there, quote my mom and dad. >:=(

  2. Nothing much. Just getting ready for college this year. I'ma graduate! :D How about you?


    Also, I'm really sorry for not sending you a VO. I'll send it to you ASAP. I will. :)

  3. Oh! Also, since Sethos use to be a Jedi, Halana Ysanna, Sasha's mom and Lyna's grandmother, trained with Sethos before. She always expected the Dark Side in him. And when they were young adults, they use to duel each other a lot. :lol:


    So once Sethos and his fleet comes to Ossus, and a battle starts between the Sith and the Ysanna tribe with their Jedi allies, could he and Halana duel each other? If you're cool with that. :)

  4. Oooh, okay! I see. Yeah, keep on contacting those admins, and see what the problem is. Hopefully, they'll do somethin about it. Really wish I could help too. But it's gonna be all good. :)


    But that would be cool if we kept in touch thru email or something. I know we got LF, but yeah... :p

  5. Did ya get my last VM? :)

  6. You're right. Um... I'll try and make a character. But they might be emotional, struggling mentally, if it's a Sith apprentice. If you're okay with that.


    I'm just worried about college this year and my future career. Plus, my parents are on me about this case. 'Cause I just graduated H.S.


    But yeah, thank you for the advices, Alkonium. :)

  7. Oh, okay! Thanks! :D

  8. Me? Talented? Aww, thank you, Alkonium. So are you. :hugs:


    I'll try, but... are you sure though? Your RP looks really great.

  9. You still want me to join? I mean, it's no problem, really. ^^

  10. You still want me to join?

  11. Really? That's great! :)


    Aww man... I really wish I could join... but you run such a great RP, Alkonium. I don't wanna ruin it due to my absence and all. :'(

  12. Oh. Was that to me or Alkonium? :)

  13. Also, do you want Melany to be by the gate of the Found's Gathering place right now?

  14. Sure thing! No prob. I'll send the PM right now. ;)

  15. Aww, okay. Thank you, PK. Plus, you're a nice guy. And one of my first friends here. Hopefully, Cyborg will post too. ;)


    And no, it's not a strange question at all. ^^ No, I don't have one. Is it like Facebook or somethin'?

  16. Hey, I gave you my e-mail address, right? Just making sure. :)

  17. Oh, thanks. ^^ I was planning to fly in my Jedi starfighter back to the temple and inform her that I'm going to be one of the lookouts for the Gathering of the Found's gate. Melany's master, Yakhta Gara (Tysy) is gonna call her to lookout once everything is cleared. This okay? :)

  18. One more thing: You want me to meet Juhani now? And where can I find her?

  19. That's great. :^:


    Thank you! I'll try my best! :3 BTW, I believe Saluna will be taking the prisoners (Cade and his team) to the leader for questioning. Maybe you could try and start a conversation with her along the way. :D

  20. Lots. Going to college this year. I'm so excited! :D


    How 'bout you? How you doing?

  21. Aww shoot. Was thinking Melany and Perdy. But okay, I understand why now. :)

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