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  1. Cool! You're welcome. :D

  2. Hey! ^^


    So ya ready, my friend? Or you need more time?

  3. Ah, I see, I see. :)


    How're your RP's? With Check Mate and the other one?

  4. It's going great. Having a good summer so far before it's over. :)


    I'm also waiting on Betrayer to respond in Legacy RP. I asked MA to fill in for him, but I don't know how long he'll take. So yeah...

  5. Yay! Can't wait to get to the "good part"! :D


    Okay then, take your time. ;)

  6. Aww, okay. Take care then, Cyborg. Hope to see you again soon. :^:

  7. Hey there, MA. :)


    Um... I've been waiting on Betrayer to reply, due to Lyna finally coming to him and saying Sethos' name to get the Dark Lord/her grandfather's attention so they could duel. So, I was wondering... would you like to fill in for Betrayer again? Till he gets back? It's your choice though.

  8. Hey, Kyvios!


    Where are you? :'(

  9. Waiting on your response in the PM, PK. :)

  10. Ready for the fight on Legcy! :D

  11. I edited the post on Legacy to answer Cade, PK. :)

  12. I started the Party in the Galaxy RP. Feel free to post. :)

  13. I started the Party in the Galaxy RP. :)

  14. Thanks, CN. :hugs: I guess I'm not alone about knowing little of Naruto. :p


    But yeah, I was getting worried. Which I need to stop doing. It's just a RP, not a real thing. It's where you have fun with friends and family. Nothing to it. :)

  15. Well... I didn't want to do anything wrong. Plus... I didn't want you guys to think of me as strange, due to my posts on Shinobi. Everytime I post something... it seem as if people ignore them...

  16. Hey, CN.


    Was my speech on Shinobi too much? :(

  17. Oh, and I started the Party in the Galaxy RP. ;)

  18. Thanks for the invitation! :hugs:

  19. Hey, Cyborg. :)


    Still waiting on your reply on Legacy RP. Saluna, along with the other Ysanna warriors, are in the jungle now.

  20. Yeah, okay. It's all good. I do hope it goes well...



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