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  1. Well, you're definitely one of them! :) *Brofist* thanks dude

  2. Hey? I don't remember doing so, but cool :)

  3. Roll on November 10th!

  4. Fluttershy is favourite pony. <3

  5. Man. I look back at my comment in shame. I have been converted. I have a friend that has shown me the light. What do I speak of? Well, let this explain..


  6. I'm glad :) the thread seemed pointless and so I replied, speaking my mind. I thought it might have been seen as impersonating a moderator or something, so I was careful!

  7. he linked me the EXACT same image :D

  8. how? how? how can you like ponies!? my friend is obsessed! how?!

  9. FUS RO DAH!



    Jus' sayin'.


  11. yea, i know. i just don't expect anyone to like them nowadays :p even though they are awesome. I prefer John Lennon though (When he was solo)

  12. ah just your name made me wonder

  13. are you by any chance a greenday fan?

  14. Don't touch that cactus, son :)

  15. heh good on ya dude. Any good xmas loot ?

  16. just take care, mate. And a happy belated xmas to you :)

  17. Ah, sorry, I am afraid I no longer have it on the computer, but don't worry, I will try to scavenge it

  18. was meant to be somet like that mate ;)

    first one to get i

  19. alrite mate? how r ya

  20. lol, glad it worked :D

  21. t'was a prank mate

  22. thank you, my friend :D

  23. I liked the god mother one! u shudda kept it!

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