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  1. Nice find, Jae. Good to know that Bioware has a variety of templates off of which to create a story.
  2. I just think that there happen to be a large number of variables that could easily misconstrue the data from one experiment to another. Even if they did account for a multitude of variables, it still seems that the data might be skewed in one way or another. Sir, I do contend that they might be terrorists. To the satellites!
  3. It appears that way, but I'd venture to say that the information fueling the "head scratching" was fairly worthless: To emphasize: To me, that seems a terribly foolish way to compile data. Wouldn't the local police departments have records of tickets given out for driving while texting, thus providing a place wherein one might compile more accurate data? Basing scientific results off of watching people from street corners seems to me to be terribly inefficient and ineffective (mainly because we don't know the reasons people were on the phones; for example, we are not aware if it is the new law that keeps the phones off, or some other, unrelated reason).
  4. You, sir, have committed a vile atrocity by not including a 'Yoda' option. I move that this be rectified as soon as possible.
  5. The ferocity makes it superior, Sir. The sheer ferocity.

  6. Sir! Your avatar, it has morphed!

  7. Congratulations, Shem! Enjoy the sleepless nights and subsequent irregular sleep patters, and changing dirty diapers.
  8. I rather liked Stewart's piece on it, too, Avery. On a more serious note, I imagine there's a bit of misconception with what he said (which was hilarious if only a little disturbing [we should be immune to it by now, don't you think?]) and what the Lieutenant Governor intended to say. Or, or the other hand, he could just be a moron. Wouldn't be a big surprise. I wonder if this is a result of voting with little to no information on the candidates (other than the big 'R' or 'D' behind their names), or just a general dearth of decent candidates?
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Idol Stats to back up the claim are lower on the page.
  10. Look, it's great and all to inject some popular culture into the forum once and a while, but really? Maybe I'm not the best person to be issuing advice on this, but the sheer idiocy that is the beginning of American Idol (combined with my hatred of said program) is despicable enough to warrant this criticism.
  11. I contend that that statement is a lie. A few years back, I had this terrible proclivity towards spitting. It took a while to get me to stop, but I eventually managed to wrestle the urges to the ground.
  12. He's with the fuzzy teddy bears in Lucas' mind. Good luck traversing that one.
  13. Many thanks, Good Sir. I have chosen to adopt this new avatar for reasons yet unknown. I think it's turning out pretty nicely, however. :p


    After exams, Sir, we must communicate. o_Q

  14. Your magical rainbows are insignificant in comparison to the power of the magical unicorn, Darathy.
  15. Way to 1-up. What was it like, if you don't mind my asking?
  16. Rain is fine; Florida, on the other hand, is the perpetual punching bag of hurricanes. Boarding up the windows and waiting those things out is (was!) not a fun task.
  17. Okay, first of all, most government offices have an age at which they force you to retire. It differs from agency to agency, but it's generally around the mid-sixties (Social Security also can be taken anywhere between 62-68. I wonder why?). It sucks to be forced to retire, but I digress. Generally, states and local governments want to collect taxes. The collected money is used to improve infrastructure, improve social services, etc. By improving the standard of living in one area, the (local/state) government hopes to attract more people into a specific area, thus bolstering revenue in new tax money. More people = more money. So, why would any self-respecting county/state even think about hiring "Vietnamese people" to teach at a school; in doing so, they are placing the reputation of their county at risk, and any future revenue in tax dollars quickly dissipates. To make this much simpler, that's absolutely crazy, the blatant racist comment aside. Putting "not being racist" does nothing to alleviate the meaning of a comment directed at a group of individuals.
  18. Speaking from personal experience, school has taught me how to be with/handle other people. Interpersonal communication is one of the most critical subjects to learn as a human being, and that's really the basis of school (besides, y'know, preparing another generation for the workforce). While I can see the benefits of being homeschooled (lack of bullying, negative pressure [assuming that your parent isn't a nut], increased motive to help you succeed, and many more), I don't think that it's worth one's social skills being stunted.
  19. Thanks. I just tend to use bigger words than my peers. :p


    Criticism from your family can cut pretty deep, if you let it. I'd say that the best way to prevent any of it would be just to push through and get your degree in whatever you want. I have a feeling just getting it will empower you, to a degree.


    Morality's a tricky thing, especially in the workplace and other areas whereby sacrificing a bit of it can get you ahead. The problem is the slippery slope that it inevitably leads to, and the problems as you slip down further.


    Okay, now I'm logging off for the night. Catch you later!

  20. Nothing, as of yet. Still in high school. :p


    Thanks for the link; I'll check it out when I'm not about to pass out from lack of sleep.


    As for going back to college, I'd definitely recommend it. My father ended up going back to college not long after he married my mom (she more or less forced him, but that's another story), and I'd say that it's helped him a great deal as life goes on, especially in times like these.

  21. Not Asia nor Europe, but 100% USA material (I've got the FDA sticker to prove it, too!). :xp:


    I haven't heard the song you've mentioned, but *shrugs*. School is... well, I don't really need to describe it, do I? It's tortuous enough just to go for forty hours a week (or so).

  22. Not much, really. Exams are coming up this week, so some fun studying to do tomorrow (today!).


    The name itself? I dunno, really. I remember using it a long time back, and it's stuck ever since. I can't recall the specific creation of it, but I think it cobbled together some surnames that I had heard.

  23. Many thanks, GTA. I found it while surfing this great mass of interconnected nets. o_Q


    How have you been recently?

  24. Interesting, but it doesn't look at all practical.
  25. I curse our time difference very much, sir. o_Q

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