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  1. Thanks mate! What's the ETA on Pre-Beta 2?

  2. No time to work on it, and I have a cold. Sorry.

  3. Hey Canderis, I tested out the module and aside from a few areas were the walkmesh wasn't 100%, perfect work!


    I also filmed my PC in module with Fraps. Would you like me to upload the video to YouTube as a preview for the community?

  4. Keep it on Mandalore. Interplanetary means a lot more modding and less compatibility.

  5. I just found out about it in the public social group. Weren't you going to PM me the link? And not that I think it's a bad idea, but why are you making it available for public testing at the moment?

  6. PM me the download link. I'll test it and PM you the results.

  7. Sure thing, let me just reinstall KOTOR.

  8. Canderis, that module is even more uber awesome!


    How's recovering TLO going?

  9. Sorry, I'm a bit busy. I only came on to check for updates on other stuff.


    And I'm also not on my comp.

  10. Yeah, still interested.

  11. Thanks, but it's not my birthday. :D I just put a random date.


    And I saw the fan fiction.

  12. Not yet. I caught some sort of cold so I've been feeling awful lately. I'll listen to it now.

  13. Brilliant. Only Shiloth is left.

  14. Hey Yat, I am getting no other auditions for Rothion. Can I go ahead and give the guy the role? He says he can make it sound a bit younger.

  15. Hey Canderis, what's the latest?

  16. Hey, I sent an updated version of The Lost Ones script to your email. Enjoy! :D

  17. Awesome. Just to let you know, the guy does Ardolis and Talias perfectly, Rothion good, and Shiloth not so well in my opinion. I recommend that we hand him Ardolis and Talias, and possibly Rothion.

  18. Hey yat! We got auditions! Check your email!

  19. Ah good, Corellia will be a bit less empty.


    I have to go now. I'll be on later today or tomorrow.

  20. Hey Yat. Sorry I snapped at you and logan. Come to TH?

  21. I feel the same way. I'll still stay on swknights.com for the RPs and fan fiction, but I'm sick to god of Total Conversions...well, other than ROR.


    We should start a new social group on Deadlystream.com and organize there.

  22. I'm on TH right now.

  23. Thanks. Chapter 9 is coming soon, so stay tuned.

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