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  1. Personally I am also a Revan fan, probably more than Nihilus nowadays. As for the Exile beating Nihilus, the Exile was the only person aside from Revan and Traya with the potential to beat Nihilus.

  2. Annoying, actually.


    Hell, I'll probably start a free forum soon, just to help expand this community....

  3. 1) Both. :D


    2) Maybe. I've pondered this issue and I'm not entirely sure. It depends on how much knowledge Revan has of Force Vampiricy, because Nihilus' ability is absolute. If Revan can find a counter, then yes, he would win. Otherwise, no.

  4. Only briefly and I've returned at least until a bunch of my projects are finished. I just love this community too much.

  5. To be honest, I have no idea. Yatsuke has disappeared again. I'll try to get in touch with him, but no guarantees.


    If he doesn't reappear, I'll finish the project myself.



  6. Nothing done at the moment. I've been way too busy with M4-78 and finals are coming up soon....


    I'll try to set aside some time today, but no guarantees.

  7. GenoHaradan isn't finished because I have to finish M4-78EP's script first, otherwise that project will fall apart. I am still working on Geno though, the script should be finished sometime this coming week. I think we may be past research, just see if you can find the left over VOs and dialogs and whatnot so we can restore and expand them.


    Thanks again for your patience.

  8. Really. I hope he isn't one of those guys who summons armies of trolls to hack my email and whatnot. Then I'd be screwed. :D

  9. Hey dude! Do you know what's up with DeadlyStream? I haven't been able to access the site for the past few weeks.

  10. Too busy to manage an RP, unfortunately. I have barely enough time as it is for all the other stuff I do on LF. Sorry. :(

  11. Life is good, mate. :) How about you?

  12. Sure, I'll post a character tomorrow when I can. :D

  13. Okay, I'll have a look at it. I'll probably end up joining because Shinobi is drawing to a close....

  14. I've noticed your RP series and it is quite big. I might be willing to join in, but I'd have to do a little research on the plot....

  15. Hey! Any suggestions on how we should end the fight with Takai, Yoroi, and Takeda? Given the recent developments, I'm just wondering if you had any specific ideas....

  16. I think Team Hssiss is completely AFK. Canderis is in Florida, and no one is really working on anything.

  17. Nothing much really, just college and job apps.


    How about you?

  18. The vanilla TSL uses a difficulty system where enemies level up with the PC, as opposed to the KOTOR system where difficulty is preset for each individual NPC. However, according to the vanilla TSL autobalance.2da file, enemies on easy difficulty only level up at 75%. The edit by Achilles changes that to 100%. As for the other difficulties, I don't remember the specifics....


    It makes all the difference, I can tell you that.

  19. Okay, I got it. This sounds awesome.


    Btw, I've been using Achilles autobalance.2da edit and it has completely resurrected the combat aspect of TSL. I highly recommend you include such an edit in ROR, it makes the game challenging again.

  20. Good, except I am confused. Are you still having normal color crystals? I'd advise not to, because frankly that'd be too USM, which is a poorly conceived mod IMO. I think that the custom crystals should be the only color crystals.

  21. Okay, that works. I will wait patiently.

  22. Not much, classes started up and I'm working on job apps.


    It'd be awesome if you could send me the updated pre-beta. I'd be able to be of more help (trailers, previews, ideas, feedback, etc.).

  23. The problem I have is people keep asking me for the script for Canderous' Glory, which I don't have. In fact, there is no such thing, aside from one outline that I'm not sure as to the location and the script for the final battle. Most of the mod is actually in our heads but not in type. At some point we honestly need to hammer stuff out. I'd do it now, but I got classes and job applications. This weekend we'll talk.

  24. 1) Cool!


    2) Are you sure that's a good idea? A lot of these smaller TCs are kinda doomed, and I wouldn't encourage their development. But that's just me and my dark sidedness. ;)

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