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  1. What's the latest logan? :)

  2. Hey what's the latest?

  3. Hey buddy, is your modules revision pack compatible with TSLRCM 1.5?

  4. The requirement is lower. I only needed about 500 posts. You might be able to do it.

  5. Might as well, considering you are nominating me for an award. ;):D

  6. Thank you, TDM. I appreciate it. :)

  7. Wait...hold on a moment. You're telling me to make journal entries for CG when I haven't been around for about a month and have no idea what the exact script or sequence of events for this mod is?


    I'm not angry or feeling insulted, but you might want to think before sending instructions. ;)

  8. Hey Yat, I posted in the dev group. Check it when you can, Juan gave me some ideas to improve upon.

  9. I noticed that you said your computer is going slow. I have some suggestions to speed it up:


    1) Uninstall Toolbars in your browsers.

    2) Defrag your harddrives.

    3) Use Firefox 3.6 or Google Chrome, with Adblock Plus to completely eliminate ads (yes, it truly eliminates them from your screen).

    4) If you are using Norton, uninstall it and use AVG Free.

    5) Do a scan of your computer.

  10. Excellent idea, the more exposure the better!


    Any other progress going on?

  11. Btw, how far is the beta? What is the latest progress?

  12. Yeah, actually I would. In fact, I am considering the possibility of returning for just light consulting. Essentially, I'd be around to give advice and feedback, but not actually write.

  13. 1) Not really, especially if it's TCs other than ROR.

    2) Yes.

  14. I'm still with, just waiting for an opportunity. My character is inside the submersible with everyone else, I believe....

  15. Sure. I'll PM you when I can.

  16. Hey Yat, what's the latest?

  17. Any luck with the missing NPC problem?

  18. Wait, you made a vid too?


    EDIT: Okay, just saw it. Not bad.


    May I release my own to the public?

  19. Hey, did you see the vid?

  20. Sure, what do you need?

  21. I saw a few minutes ago. I was already considering him a demi-god for his work with HK, but this solidifies him as a diety. :D

  22. Excellent modcast! I actually ended up drawing that line. :D


    You know something? I'm going to give my own modcast a shot.

  23. I should have some work done for you on Tuesday.

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