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  1. look in "Hud Textures"

  2. hold down the left click to go left and right


    hold right and left to go up and down

  3. just dont change the size of the pic itself or its gets messed up

  4. ah prcrastination.....you go to love it....


    here: http://www.filefront.com/15074471/prudii.zip

    the texture :D have fun!

  5. ok ill give it to you once i finish my homework :D

  6. thx i made it myself :D

  7. oh haha sorry about that!

  8. english please? :D since you changed your name, who is this?


  9. well its hard even WITH the supergun mod at the engine level, where thers like 10 of them


    and i made a new one from the mos eisly map by aramus..

  10. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. well in the end well need you to pack it up and we also need some skinning and ideas

  12. i added you on xfire as hockeygoalie35 :D

  13. hey, me and a bunch of people are creating an ARC trooper mod, are you intrested in helping us?

  14. i need a bio for carbonite modders can you type one up?

  15. can u give me a bio to put on the site? thx :D

  16. im acculy friends with pfwskip (the creator)on youtube and we talk quite a bit! i got many sources >_>


  17. ok so whats the bone name for holding a blaster?

  18. how do you view meshes with weapons and attacments in the animation browser like you did?

  19. haha youve been working hard!

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