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Status Updates posted by HockeyGoalie35

  1. a quick heads-up, there is obviously a few bugs

  2. here i got it :Dhttp://www.filefront.com/15243459/ARC%20mod%20beta.zip now let me finish installing modern warfare 2 :p

  3. I know! im trying!

  4. for some reason, any filehost i try doesnt like the zip, and its too big for an email

  5. yea rapidshare works, and i dont know how to fix it...... just get to the end of the level i guess

  6. uh filefront isnt working anymore for me, can u just upload the crash texture in your album?

  7. i wasnt missing it, i just altered by accedent

  8. i also need those ranked droids and the "Gunship crash texture"if you can upload those too

  9. well, im having a problem with the level. the blasters on droids and troopers are invisible!


    and yes, i need the textures

  10. eh...we're movin along i guess

  11. no not yet, im a freshman in high school :p


    tmrrow is my 15th bday!

  12. haha yea if my NHL hockey career goes south! :p

  13. upload the map to filefront, i have to be preminum member on rpaidshare


    EDIT: never mind

  14. you have to create a duplicate shader and then go into its properties and replace the path

  15. well...there is no "HUD arms"(arms that hold the blaster) for the adult

  16. yea sure! and btw, how do u get the dual pistol action? :D

  17. ulmont, your putting you new textures in the "my level" thingy right?

  18. ...im doing my homework again :p

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