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  1. haha i looked at ur joke blog and my fave was the computer voice demo lol

  2. Cool is there a way to change the mp menu names? Like demolition to arc?

  3. i will in 2 weeks (i got a hockey tourny :D )

  4. quoted

    Hey Mird'ika I found a Star Wars show that's way worse than TCW that will make you beg to have TCW back if you were forced to watch it. Here's one link http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Ewoks and another http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Droids[/url




    AGH! my eyes! theyBURN!

  5. yea ill send u my newest one when i finish in about 2 weeks and can tell me how to make an installer and an uninstaller?

  6. well im working on one for the mos eisly one with mandos and btw welcome to LFs!

  7. aar'ika41 for saying i hate you to Darth333

  8. wow evryones getting banned

  9. *PULLS HAIR OUT hooper wants me to make him the clone trooper mod with SEVEN extra squaddies!

  10. its hard because i have to edit every level

  11. i play hockey evry day of the week

  12. well i took the heavy reaperter and turned it into a rotto blaster

  13. i wont be able to for a while cause i got hockey

  14. well the extra squaddies is still under devolpment.....somtimes it causes the game to crash.......

  15. i dont have the skins for that....yet

  16. they are the same as the clone trooper mod actully:D

  17. go to youtube and search ARC trooper mod i have 3 vids

  18. not bad :D how did u get banned?

  19. is it a permanet ban?

  20. jerketa got banned?

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