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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Here's an AU novel I'm writing for KOTOR II:



  2. Another chapter's up! :)

  3. Please don't review this until I've posted two more chapters. :)

  4. I'll definitely have a lot of it up tomorrow - and when I say AU, I mean all-new characters, except for the main villains. Plus, I'll have original plot twists.

  5. I also have half a mind (well, a whole mind) to start an AU KOTOR II novelization on Fanfiction.net. Interested?

  6. Here's hoping you don't run into "doggie land mines" when you're landscaping. I hope you make good money, for all the dirt, sweat, bugs and allergens to which you're exposed. :)

  7. Also, to me, the whole thing with Goto makes no sense. Why does he spend all that time and all those droids trying to kill you when he really wants to hire you? Since there is no G0-T0 in my story, I'm going to have one of the Exchange's crime lords on Nar Shaddaa work for either Sion or Nihilus.

  8. Since T3-M4 doesn't have much to say in the way of dialogue, I'm also going to replace him with a friendly protocol droid who's not quite so annoying as C-3PO.

  9. One of my new characters is going to be Kory (I haven't decided whether Kory is male or female), a legitimate, run-of-the-mill miner on Peragus who is the last remaining survivor of the purge by HK-50. Kory only lived because she was locked in a Force cage while our favorite assassin droid was running rampant. Sound good?

  10. What I absolutely don't want to do in my story is quote from the game verbatim, like with Kreia's dialogue. There's a story on FanFiction.net, "Alison Wonderland," which pretty much does this, and it's awful even though there are few errors in the story. It's just boring to read, because I know what happens.

  11. You know what my problem with Atton was? He sounded way too immature and selfish to have committed all the atrocities he did. Also, he was too much of a Han Solo clone, who I never really liked anyway because I preferred Luke.

  12. Which characters annoyed the crud out of you? Atton, Mira and G0-T0 were tops for me.

  13. Who is your favorite character in KOTOR II? Mine is, obviously, Kreia.

  14. My trouble with having large numbers of characters is that it's hard to make them all "deep." It's easier to deconstruct four or five protagonists than ten, at least for me. I used to write stories, when I was younger, which had 10 to 20 main characters and not enough plot. You can imagine how quickly I got confused and bored. XD

  15. *wink* I have an idea, and I sure won't tell anybody on Fanfiction.net if you give me suggestions for characters. What do you think about me doing a "Fab Four" kind of deal, with Kreia, the Exile, Character X, Character Y, and a droid as a tag-along? I mean I'll focus on them and ignore all the other "slots".

  16. I'm just doing it to do it (the RP, I mean). Plus the RP has a different storyline, after KOTOR II is over. Do you play TOR at all?

  17. Well, for starters I want to concentrate on three or four of them so that I can deepen their relationships. I've played TSL so many times that I want to put different characters in to liven things up and make things more interesting.


    1. Atton has annoyed me since day one with his perpetually-snarky 'tude.

    2. Bao-Dur is - weird. Why does he almost whisper when he talks?

    3. I might keep Visas Marr. She's my favorite companion besides Kreia.

    4. I also don't have much fondness for Mira or Hanharr, so they're out.

  18. I've decided to make all new characters for my novel, with more backstory and fewer characters overall. Would you like to hear the reasons why I'm "axing" most of them?

  19. I've kind of got the "summertime blues", but am keen to get back into Star Wars.

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