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  1. What are Wally's unused lines?! More whining about being captured? What a baby...
  2. Yeah, I mean, how would we even fit the bats in there??
  3. Hit the Road Pens and Pins? That's easy-schwag. I'm just mad I didn't buy the ridiculous embossed plastic/painted mold of the Hit The Road cover that was presumably used as advertising with gamestores when I had the chance on eBay some 15 years ago. I probably have the saved pics from the listing on my computer at home...
  4. Wally went through a lot to stay alive between MI2 and CMI. He broke. His voice broke. Soon his fake beard will latch through grime alone. He's bound to have changed. Joking aside, I need to actually hear his MI2 performance for comparison. It can't be that different, right...?
  5. @ThrikI'm curious of your running list. I'd be curious if they could be addressed with more fan patches.
  6. @Jake who do I blame for Morgan stealing my heart?
  7. @CalisDraws Of the pop-up on answer, related to the Maniac Mansion franchise, then an ex-employee at LucasArts, and then just an offhand reference to an old NES game for fun.
  8. Swapping disks (in moderation) is such a fun additional part of the old gaming experience. I miss that, and modem sounds.
  9. I'm not the two-to-three here who made the joke originally, but I certainly wanted to see it.
  10. Have you not ordered the 2 Boss Fight Studios sets of figures of Sam and Max?
  11. Jojo surely makes sense. Voodoo Lady and Stan have in-game continuity in MI3 explaining why we may not see them in this game. Or maybe we'll finally meet El Carlo as the baddie.
  12. Exactly. Elaine could very well exist in her reality, whereas Guybrush and Chuckie could very well be real kids that stumbled into a alternate dimension. I'm mostly of the idea that as soon as Guybrush landed under Big Whoop he was instantly within a spell cast by LeChuck, and Guybrush played along perfectly to plan.
  13. I'm curious to see their ideas for the case files for Season 3. I ordered both of the Sam and Max boxers that went up for sale today. Looking forward to those and to the announcement of the Season 3 remaster!
  14. He did say its tagline was going to be: The secret revealed or your money/monkey back!
  15. The Seacrets of Monkey Island. It's about a Jamaican bar and night club in Maryland, USA expanding into Deep in the Caribbean.
  16. No bone dance sequence? How is navigating LeChucks fortress different?
  17. This was fascinating. Thank you all. Now, is this a to-be-reported bug for ScummVM to see if someone can patch this?
  18. That "oil can" is actually an expandable/accordion gas carrier so it is not meant to look like a metal oil can. But I can see what you're talking about with the resolution of characters and objects to the background. What I find more inexcusable is that green hose on the green background item right behind Ben there in that scene. I think it was an oversight during the conversion to the newer background. But I absolutely love Full Throttle (original and SE).
  19. I can hear Blondebeard now. I got a good chuckle out of todays puzzle.
  20. I liked the intro, jumping between important scenes like LeChuck's ship disappearing. I ended up really liking the use of zoomed in focus on the important parts of the memoirs. I think if I had done this, that wouldn't have crossed my mind. I like it.
  21. Hah! I thought about making a revised sticker for reordering just the five games, but adding in Return is lovely too!
  22. I don't recall it having a different code between playthroughs... Is that true?
  23. @Goury1 I believe Dom did voice Largo in the MinNMojo April Fool's audio clips from years back.
  24. I could be featured twice! -buddy
  25. I'm very happy I didn't miss todays puzzle. 👕 I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 1/6 💚💚💚💚💚 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
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