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  1. there are people having three badges or even more
  2. There was an acrticle about the digitality or analogy of nature in the Spektrum der Wissenschaft magazine (I think its the german version of Science mag)
  3. In germany we had The Digedags, with Dig and Dag.
  4. This seems familar with a Fear and Loathing scene.
  5. And what kind of plants you grow in your house compatible with cats?
  6. You could put it on an USB stick as live version and let her try it without touching her installation, there's some step by step how to on their home page how to do this, it's practically done with no effort at all. It runs on almost every machine, I carry one around with me for my job as a rescue system and to secretly boot up forein machines without leaving a trace. I mean no, I really have no interest in doing so. ;
  7. Ubuntu, or derivates like Xubuntu is pretty much no-pro-safe. I use Xubuntu for my kids' laptops from 2003 and 2006.
  8. 1990 I got an Amiga 500 for my birthday, the first game I got for it was The Last Crusade. It took me at least two years to beat it. Maybe because meanwhile I got Monkey Island in '91 as a present, and beat it within a week and also Loom in about 6 hours.
  9. and is there a stewardess availablle to move it around, so Roy and me can grab the bootze at any given point of time?
  10. I play all the old LA adventures over scummvm. I found back the talkie version of Sam and Max, which I got with some game mag, lost it then and never played it, instead I lend it non talkie from a friend.
  11. I still have that music in some folder on my phone. Seems I took it with me from phne to phone. ;
  12. This will teach them value and respect to other people. And how to make bounty! XD
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