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  1. Aren't we supposed to get one of these schnazzi '10 years veteran' badges?
  2. Would someone please give Roy his login data before I become all confused with his substitute accounts and might end up posting spam?
  3. Well, it is 2013 now, seems it worked. ^^
  4. *(Gets up on a milk crate with a megaphone.)* VODKA RHUBARB IS YER FREIND! *(Gets down.)* Thank you.
  5. Hey, y'all. I became daddy again 4 weeks ago. 6 weeks too early. Oh, but everything is fine. It's a girl, her name is Greta, she's growing and snuggling and drinking and errnerner and ssshhuuuu soooo sweet. I hope, and I wish, every single one of you is well and I wish all of you all the best I can imagine. And a big lightning J. So much for the lurrrrrrve. All Hail Lord Emperor Zoom So much for the business. Aside from that, can I be a moderator of Aresen? Oh, wait, I've won a year of thread. *fiddle*
  6. yah yah yah yah yah yah yah *eyepoke*
  7. Cards and gifts? A flower and thine peenes! Otherwise it will come back at you within the next 3 months...
  8. i want to be a mod can i be a mod?
  9. no reddo niner says he dont even wear teh pants
  11. i dont know how many years i've spend peeing myself in glee because of how cool my signature is and how funy i am

  12. sry i missed your special day ;_; hope you got laid ; <3
  13. "Enganged." Can someone say if this is some sort of sexual practice?
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computer#Potential
  15. Girls *need* drama, Ed. This is in connection to their cycle and/or also sexual compensation activities, plus some other minor things. Up to the tiny, unimportant things like previous relationships. Eventually it will always cut down to an indirect proportional drama-sex relation. However, just like T-Rex, girls can only recognise moving objects, but not steady ones. Same thing with love and, feelings and the boy of their heart. Just keep on moving it, Ed. I mean, trust me, I AM ENGANGED TO MISSUS JONES.
  16. 2 is your safe combination?
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