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Acts of Treason

Deft Aklin

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Corzip's interference was neither appreciated, or acceptable. Deft had a job to do, and the Affiliates were preventing him from doing it. The Galactic Union had made it's bed, and even though Deft didn't entirely agree with the Emperor's action against them, he would dutifully make them lie in it.


"Corzip, we all have our orders old friend, don't make me arrest you.", he said, anticipating the worst as he stared down the sight rail of his T21.


"Sometimes we must do what is right.", Corzip stalled as he reached for his blaster, "You know this is wrong."


As Corzip pulled the weapon from it's holster, Deft shot him cleanly through the shoulder and knocked him to the ground, unconscious, with a quick strike to the head from the butt of the rifle.


"Vosh...", Deft said with a heavy heart, "...arrest him."


Vosh approached cautiously as X'ero, Spir and Zennor kept the rest of Deft's small squad busy. Zennor turned from the man she had just incapacitated, and met Vosh halfway. Their vibrolances crossed, while the rest of the Affiliates, including Corzip, escaped.


Deft looked on, whispering to himself, "Your freedom is but a temporary miscalculation my friend." Deft gathered his troops together, the Galactic Union having already fled Corellia. Now they had a traitor to capture.


Calchexus looked to Deft, "Shall we pursue them Sir?"


"No.", he replied confidenly, "Let them enjoy their false sense of victory. There is only one place they can hide."


Deft knew where he could find Corzip. Now the only question, would he have him executed for treason, or reeducate him himself?


((Thought we could make this the start of some nice RP between our guilds.))

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Keldor hears about the news over the holonet, although he knows his leader is smart, he also knows that he cannot hide forever. Knowing that this will enevitably end in a clash of two opposing forces, Keldor knows he must prepare, he is not ready to take on the power of Deft and his forces.


Keldor hops on his speeder and heads to Coronet Starport. Apon entering the Starport Keldor is confronted by two Imperial soldiers. Not looking for conflict, knowing he must head to Dantoinne to train, he walks idlely by. APon seeing the soldiers reach for thier pistols Keldor knocks them both down killing one of the soldiers. Before he has time to take to other Imperial Soldier renforcements arrive and Keldor knows his only choice is to run.


Keldor jumps on the shuttle just as it is leaving. Although he knows he has just escaped the wraith of the Empire, he knows more Solidiers will be after him soon..........


(Sorry about the gay post before, this should be better:D )

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(might want to fix up your post, Jo. X'ero is in the Agrilat swamp, suffering from depression)


X'ero jumped on his speederbike, and sped off towards the Agrilat swamp. His home was on Naboo, and right now, the swamp was the closest thing to Naboo he knew of. As he left the group, he heard Corzip calling out to him. He ignored it. A few small tears came from corners of X'ero's eyes. Seeing is old friend Vosh fighting against him, in a situation, like the one that just happened, hurt him. How could DS be so blind, and follow the Emporers words, regardless of the consequences? Did Deft have no heart?


X'ero's speederbike began to sputter, and sparks began to fly from the back of it. He stopped it and quickly hopped off. If he used it anymore, it would be sure to explode. No matter, he was already in the swamp. He pulled out his katana, and slowly walked into the depths of the Agrilat swamp....




(Sorry if that's a bit corny. I'm rather tired, and when I'm tired, my RP juices don't flow so well)

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((If you don't mind, I'm gonna throw this in here since I have an idea floating in my head. I wanted to create this total non-RP moment into a RP moment. Sorry for spellin' and comma errors in advance.))


((Warning in advance: this is long))


Ryxx finishes his final blow on the last stormtrooper, creating a circle around himself. He looked around to see if the the troopers the stormtrooper had called for in his dieing breathes were comming and only saw the bright sun of Tatooine and the streets of Mos Eisley. He decided to rest his mind and started to begin his meditation. Just as he began he sensed something, something only a true warrior senses. Perhaps a sixth sense.


Ryxx ducked and felt the wind of a passing blow just pass over his head. He quickly reacted with a blind blow spining his foot around to his chest level. His leg had connected, but seemed to have connected with a wall. He looked at his opponent and found a stunning woman. Even with her chest and head covered in black composite armor, he noticed her incredible beauty.


He could hear a soft laugh and then a blow to the side of his head. He fell to the ground laughing too, as he rolled out of the foot comming towards his head. Ryxx got up to his knee and tripped her with a spin of his body and then finished his combo with a quick hit to the head, dazing her for only a moment. Ryxx felt his hands bleed from the composite armor and could tell he was barely denting the armor, let alone her. He quickly got out his set of vibro knucklers.


Ryxx muttered, "Better time then any." As he attached the knucklers he loathed to use. He could see her getting back up as he finished attaching the knucklers and got out a vile that seemed to be brandy. He quickly chugged it all and threw the vial to the ground. As he finished the drinking the brandy he quickly dodged as he felt a foot pass by his head once again.


"Going to have to try harder then that," Ryxx said, gloating. She then whipped her other leg around sending her heal into the back of Ryxx's head. He stumbled forward, not falling, but offbalance. Ryxx muttered and cused at his ignorance. Ryxx turned his head around and saw the woman running away, confused Ryxx followed.


Ryxx followed closely on her heels, only 10 or 15 meters behind. As he passed around a corner four stormtroopers began to fire on him. He quickly rolled forward, continuing to run towards his foe. Once out of his roll he sprinted to her, trying to catch up quickly before the stormtroopers shot him down. She reacted with a sprint of her own.


Finding himself equaled in speed, Ryxx decided to try a new method. He got out his fishing pole. A gift from his dieing friend, Pyro.


Praying, Ryxx said,"I'll need a little help on this on, good buddy." He then threw out a line towards the woman's neck. He felt it catch and yanked back, feeling the tension in the fishing line and pole. The pole was the stronger and the woman instantly stopped, just outside the walls of Mos Eisley. She fell to the ground quickly. Ryxx ran over to her with knucklers in hand and began to strike with vicous and precise blows to the small openings in her armor. After only a few seconds and just as many blows, he stopped. Ryxx looked at her, confused. Her head lay to her side.


"Dead already?" He exclaimed with anger and sadness in his voice. Curious he felt her hands and they were cold, ice cold. Confused even more he begin to search her. He got to her legs and when he touched them he quickly pulled his hands away. It was hot, no scorching, like they had been on fire. He tore off the bottom parts of her pants and found burn wounds all along her legs.


"What the hell is going on?!?" Ryxx yelled, confused even more. He rolled her body over, looking for more clues to this puzzle. His eye saw a gash in her chest, no blood came from it. Just a two centimeter diamater hole about 5 centimeters deep in her chest. Ryxx looked back where she fell and saw a sharp metal piece sticking out of the ground about 5 centimeters. He grasped the metal and it felt cool to the touch, odd under the intense Tatooine sun. He pulled up and it easily came out from under the sand. A full length sword came out, about 140 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide at the blade. A simple, practical design on its hilt fit both his hands perfectly


He swung the sword around and felt himself swing it as easily if it were his own hands. He stood around for a few hours studying the sword, enthralled by its dance of death it played on the air. Feeling a deep bond to the sword he sheathed it in his old hilt and picked up the corpse of the woman. He placed her on the doorsteps of the closest house and quickly ran into the now fading sun.


Knowing that this was no accident he quickly went to the house of his friend, Windoo, to begin his apprenticeship of swordsman.


(Rambled a lot, sorry if its too long. Also sorry for it to be unrelated to the thread besides RPing, but I had to get this out. I have more to this story, but I probablly won't do a thing like this considering the next part pisses me off too much. If you really want to know send me a /tell.)



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((ok ill post my part aswell))


*after the day he battled with Deft and his squad Corzip felt weird. A sence of loss to a dear friend. a sence of failure toward the emperor. he roamed the streets of Cori Celesti. Corzip Still had some good friends amongst the ranks of the Empire. He could turn in some favors. same goes for the rebellion. he could join them ...... *




*he shouted. joining the rebellion was out of the question. It were the rebels who stole his land. it were the rebels who were once his closest allies and booted him out. sure he had rebel friends. wich he would never betray. but if it concerned the rebel group that called temselfs: Trinity..... he loathed them. no he would never again join the cause of the rebels. not untill the trinity group was punished for their deeds toward him and his small group. His comlink beeped. His R2 at his brothers house got a message from the Empire. probably a kill on sight motion. he walked slowly to his brothers house. Atex was out hunting Perleks on Lok. Corzip was proud of his brother. Atex was a proud member of the imperials. a good fighter when he was in the RSF on Naboo. but lately to busy with his new Doctor stuff then serving the Empire. Corzip Arived at the terminal and he played the message. the terminal beeped for the beginning of the message and the face of a lieutenant apeared on the monitor*


"This is lieutenant Praks. I heard about your incident with the DS Squad. I pulled some strings and called in a favor or 2 and found out that it was never officially reported to the Emperor or Vader. only the local Moff knows about it. He has left the matter to Deft personally. The Moff is terribly busy with the new Dead Eye project. I heard he will reward a lot to those who collect alderanian flora for him. This may be a good thing for you. there. thats all. my favor for you has been repayed."


*the image faded. This was good news. if he could locate the speeder route and maybe a warehouse. he would have some thing to trade for his life maybe. he started planning his next moves*

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Grask's swoop flew down off the mountain, and burst out of the woods onto the grassy plains. He slid sideways, eventually coming to a halt. Tenla pulled up beside him on the left, while Keldor drove by on the right and circled around. In Cori Celesti the sun was still floating on the western horizon, but on this side of the mountain it was quickly growing dark, and stars were starting to appear in the east.


The stars were not what held Grask's attention though. There was a patch of darkness in the east that blocked out even the brightest stars - the Agrilat swamp. X'ero had been gone for a few days now, and everybody was starting to worry. It was decided that a team would be thrown together to try to find him. Grask had been chosen as the leader, as he had spent some time in this area.


The swamp was a terrible place. Humid, foggy, and dark even on the brightest summer days. Even though the sun was going down, Grask wanted to start searching for X'ero as soon as he could. Also they would be moving very close to Penumbra - the darkness would help keep this operation secret.


Grask pointed out the dark spot on the horizon.


"That dark spot is the swamp. We should try to stay away from Penumbra if we can. ...I'll take the North side"


"I'll take south", Keldor said.


"I'll go through the middle", said Tenla.


Grask looked at the small team for a minute, studying their attitudes. They were somber, but they were prepared for their mission.


"Stay on the headsets (groupchat), and try to stay within radar range. Avoid confrontation if possible...


...let's try to get X'ero home safely".


With that the three zoomed off towards the swamp. As they approached, they realized the magnitude of the swamp. The dark spot on the horizon grew as they drew near, until it eventually consumed them. Grask entered the swamp and was hit with a wall of heat and humidity. He had to bring his speeder to almost a crawl; with the combination of night and fog, he could only see 5m in front of him. This was going to be a long night…


(I’ll let Keldor take it from here)

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((Thanks for the set up Grask, now I dont have to write quite as much))


Speeding through the swamp, even though he could barely see in front of himself, Keldor came apon a house, if you could call it a house, it was more like a mansion.


"I found a house..." Keldor said over his headset


Upon entering the house, Keldor felt all of his energy rush out of him and he fell to one knee. If he knew anything he knew that this place was filled with great evil, great evil he was not ready to face, ecil he knew his friend X'ero would stay away from.


"Find Anything?" said Grask


"No, nothing here." responded Tenla


"Same here." Keldor responded over the headset, as he pulled up to the outskirts of Penumbra. Keldor knew that Pnembra was the only place they had not searched, and he did not put it past Deft to hold his old friend X'ero prisoner.


"I'm going in." Keldor said hesitatly, knowing he was still overt from before.


"Into Penumbra?" Tenla said with a concern in her voice, but she alreadly knew the answer, "Be safe"


"Deft and his soldiers are strong. Be careful." said Grask. "Tenla and I must head back to Cori to report our findings."


"Be Safe" Keldor replied


As he rode off into Penumbra he knew it would not be easy, showing up in Penumbra overt, while still trying to keep THIS visit peaceful. As he got closer to to city hall he felt trouble headed his way, and soon after noticed Martigan, starting to run toward him, Power hammer gripped tight in both hands. Keldor knew he could easily take out his rifle and take out Martigan, before he got within 20m,((not trying to sound cocky, but i could have just kited him easily)) but here was here on a peaceful mission, to look for his friend X'ero. Not looking for trouble keldor jump on his swoop a rode in the other direction until he came across Vosh.


"Maybe Vosh will be more undertanding and not so quick to pull the trigger." thought Keldor, knowing Vosh was once a member of him and his Affiliates.


Somewhat startled to see Keldor, or any -A- member in Pnembra, Vosh gasped for a moment, but then caught her breath, "You have come to speak with Master Deft, haven't you?"


"Yes," replied Keldor


Vosh took out here com-link and contacted Deft over it.Pausing for a moment Vosh said, "Come to the city hall, Deft is waiting for you there."


As Keldor walked up the steps of the of the City Hall, He noticed he was being surrounded by members of Deft's squad. Looking up he saw Deft at the top of the stairs, T21 in hand. The last time he had seen Deft they had both been fighting together in the Imperial army. This was a much different situation.


"You better get out what you came here to say, before Master Deft loses his temper." said Vosh


((The Rest of the Story is comming soon, I cant type anymore))

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((ok heres the rest))


"It's X'ero..." Keldor said to Deft "... He has disapperared. A few Days ago X'ero left from Cori, very upset, in this dirrection."


"Upset? Upset and what?" answered Deft, seeming somewhat concerned.


"Well.....You!" said Keldor knowing Deft already knew the answer. "He concidered you and friend, and that you have betrayed him and Corzip"


Keldor knew he could easily take Deft down with a swift sweep of his leg, but Martigan was standing 2m away, power hammer in and. There was also Vosh, he knew he had no chance against all 3 of them. He was here peacefully anyway.


"Where was X'ero last seen?" said Deft


"Somewhere near the Drall caves, in the swamp. Grask, Tenla and I were sent to look for him, but found nothing. I came looking here to see if I could find some answer." answered Keldor.


"The caves are Deep and Trecherous." said Vosh, showing much concern for her old friend X'ero


"Well, I knew nothing of X'ero's disappearence and I will send a search party to look for him right away. However, if my search party does find X'ero, I cannot promise his safty, seeing him as a traitor and all."


Vosh shot a sort of evil look toward Deft, as if she totally disagreed with what he had just said, but she said nothing. Keldor knew that Vosh and X'ero used to be very close, playing music and dancing in the Cantina's together. Keldor thought she would never let Deft hurt X'ero, but he kept quiet.


"If that is how it must be." said Keldor


Martigan tightened his grip on his power hammer, he was itcing to swing it at Keldor.


"Yes, thats how it must be." said Deft. "Now, onto other buisness. I will give you safe passage just this once, but only so you can give Corzip a message from me. If he turns himself in, he will only be.."re-educated" on Naboo, but if I have to come after him myself he will not be let off so easily."


Keldor knew what "re-education" meant, he would never let let Corzip surrender. "I was hoping this conflict would be resolved peacefully, but I fear that wil not happen."


"Martigan please escort our 'friend' here to the Shuttleport" said Deft


Keldor kowtowed to Deft saying, "Till we meet again," and walked off toward the Shuttleport, never looking back.


Keldor arrived in Kor Vella. "Grask, come in Grask" Keldor said over his headset.


"What happened" replied Grask


"A lot," said Keldor "Meet me in Woodfall Cantina, over and out"


Keldor hoped on his Swoop and raced off into the Sunset.


((Ok I cant write anymore so if some want to take it from when i got to the cantina, if no one does all that really happened was I said what happened all over again))

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((I'll do a little bit into this.))


Ryxx drove on his swoop sweeping in between trees. He was racing against the wind and time to try to meet Grask just as he came back from the dark swamps.


"Look who I found." Tenla said, excited, but with a sense of gloom overshadowed here excitement.


"How did the hunt go?" Ryxx said seriously.


Tenla's expression answered the question for him as Grask walked up. "No sign of him anywhere." He said gloomingly.


"I wish I could have helped you look, but I have been busy." Ryxx answered.


"We can't hear Keldor on our coms, he must still be in penumbra." Grask said.


"Hmm, I think he can handle himself. He isn't going to get into anything he can't get himself out of." Ryxx said.


"Well, if we're all here we might as well go get a drink. Its on the house, Ryxx." Tenla exclaimed, trying to keep the mood optimistic.


"That would be great," said Ryxx. Ryxx continued, whispering to Grask, "We have some business to finish." Grask noded back.


They walked into the cantina all ready for a good rest and drink, but wishing they could hear the soothing X'ero used to play. Ryxx was about to say something about one of X'ero's many great perfomances when he noticed a body on the floor.


((Grask or X'ero want to continue?))



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The body of a tall Trandoshan wearing composite armor lied on the cantina ground. Next to the body lied some glass shards and a Lightning Cannon.


"What the hell happened here!?" Ryxx said


Froobuk jumped up from behind the bar with his new laser rifle in hand, "FREeze... Ryxx? Grask? Thank god your back... Ill tell you everything.






Froobuk sat quietly at his bar stool in the Woodfall Cantina, listening to some old holo-records of the legendary entertainer Bluesbakka. It was mid afternoon, shortly before happy hour when the rebels from Rhaler's Bastion would get off their shift.


Outside, Froobie heard the sound of a speederbike pull up to the cantina. As the visitor walked in, he heard the sounds of a Trandoshan say "No signs of Corzip's wife... over". At this sentance, Froobuk quickly ducked behind the bar. The Trandoshan stood for a moment looking over the empty cantina. Suddenly, Froobuk jumped over the bar and smashed a bottle of Corellian Ale over the Trandoshan's head. A comlink lied next to the Trandoshan. Over it came the muffled voice of a man, "Find that Xanadu quickly and eliminate her, before the others come back". Fearing that more bounty hunters would be on their way, Froobuk again took refuge behidn the bar.




"My guess is DS hired a Bounty Hunter to kill Xanadu, and intimidate Corzip." said Froobuk. The other Affiliates agreed.



(see! Chefs can kick ass! To follow up with this story, I might be Xans body guard for awhile, that means follow her around :))

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((How amusing it is that I am actually the local Moff now. Amusing indeed.


*rereads the old post for the heck of it*


Expect more events like this in the near future.....


Especially seeing as DS will be garnering some new members as rumor has it. I think you'll recognize a few of the names Wraidth, but I won't spoil the surprise.))

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((I think you'll like it. In any event, SSI has been disbanded (Starsider Imperial Alliance) now TSE has formed in it's place (The Starsider Empire). DS has opted out as the leadership of said new organization is power hungry. Therefore, I am no longer the local Moff and as such, am free to harass any organization on any planet I deem fit. ;) ))

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((ill try to pick up the RP a little bit))


*its been weeks since his last encounter with the Regent of Corellia. Corzip went into hiding. using only his brother Atex as a contact to his friends. Corzip has contacted his old connections in the rebellion and they hide him for now. ALthough he is taking missions for the rebellion. His heart still lies with the Empire.

Last night he got contacted by Lord Hethir (sp?). When Corzip was still with the RSF on naboo he did great things for lord Hethir.

Lord Hethir tried to convince Corzip to turn himself in. and he also spoke about a possible way or redemption. a way to get him back in to good grace with the empire. Corzip decided to think about Lord Hethir's offer. now he was sitting in a small merchant tent outside of Theed... a shop from Atex where he sells Recourses......*


*he picked up is datapad and brings up a map of Naboo. ofcourse he didnt need a map... he knew Naboo inside out... almost litteraly (sp?)....

but he saw the city of Trinity on the map... the name trinity alone was enough to turn his gut into ball of rage... no time for that now

he marked it...

walked outside......

started up his Swoop speederbike and rode off toward the mountains of the south.....

toward Trinity City.*

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