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I hate Microsoft...


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Ok windows and microsoft are starting to REALLY get on my nerves. I have two major issues.


1. When I'm online and right click something it takes 20 seconds+ to load the menu.

2. Microsoft word takes forever to load ANY document.


I have to say I am using OpenOffice for most documents, except where situation demands I use MS Word, but when I do it takes forever.


I have:


1. Cleaned the registry

2. Removed Dodgy links from sendto folder

3. Defragged Computer


And it's STILL happening. If I didn't have to use MS products for university I would at least TRY to install Linux, but until I can I need to fix this highly annoying issue.


Every week I discover how much I really HATE Microsoft products.


So if any of you nice people have any suggestions for fixing either of the two above issues, I would be more than grateful :)


And forgive the outrage :D

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Originally posted by Jedi_Vogel

512MB DDR and 1Gig VRAM :/





Anyways, you've installed Norton lately? If you have, then just open the main window and do an antivirus scan, restart and your system should be okay. When I installed Norton Internet Security, my system was moving slower than a snail. After the above procedure, it kicks the snail's ass! :D

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The 1Gig VRam is a twentieth of my HD, so I have to be careful lol.


And I've had Norton for ages. I keep it up to date and always active. I have the Personal Firewall separate as I can't afford Norton Internet Security (it's a suite right?).


Yeah, gotta find some snails to kick :D

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No offense to anyone, but he has a good reason to hate Microsoft. I mean, Bill Gates freakin' includes glitches so you have to get new versions or costly upgrades/repairs. Nobody tell me that I'm wrong and I got it wrong and Microsoft doesn't do anything wrong, because I'm positive about this.


My dad uses Linux because of Microsofts un-efficient system. I use Windows, and if used correctly won't be much of a problem. Windows is, after all, more user-friendly.


A few days ago, my brother was trying to play a game and my dad was looking for the file (No CD game, C & C: Generals: Zero Hour). The computer was taking way too long, so he found out that many programs were running at once for some reason. This may be the same problem with yours.


If that doesn't work, try deleting cookies, temporary Internet files, they actually slow down your computer.


If that doesn't work, listen to all of the other people here.:rolleyes:



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well with a normal format the files don't just vanish, the computer just marks it as free space (thats how even after a format files can be recovered, using the rigtht software). but a low-level format changes all the 1s to 0s thus completely wiping your hard disk.



you know Jedi_Vogel i always wondered why your location says ‘UK or Belgium’ are you not sure where you are? ‘cause if you're not go into the nearest shop and ask for a waffle. if it's made out of batter you're in Belgium, if its made out of potato then you're in the UK.



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I use my Apple PowerMac G4 for EVERYTHING. Stable as hell. The best part of Macintosh is the fact that when I'm on the internet I don't have to worry about those stupid Pop-ups, virus and spyware/adware crap.


i still have my PC thought. no problem porformance wise with the games. only problem is the opersating system itself. its garbage. it's just terrible that you need to HAVE a second hand software like Norton Antivirus (or whatever other Norton products there are) to make sure your operating system is working at least like its supposed to!

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