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Cantina 13: Rebellion [DISCUSSION THREAD]


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well it started AS the actual thread

but deac desideed to change it to a discussion thread

what ever.... :D





start it already!

















come back.... :(

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Name: Commander Jessica "Eva" Davidson

Gender: Female

Species: Demonic human

Origin: unknown

Description: Alike meny high ranked demons, she appears to be human in every aspect, expect for a few key marks...


She is related somehow with Lord Talon, with that out of the way, she was able to get a good placement. Also with her bloodline her demonic power are near best among her demonic elemental type

Public Knowledge: none

Current Location: Ulna Shardes

How to contact: None

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((In that case...))


Name: Nom Vilnov

Occupation: Mercenary/ Assassin

Weapons: An assortment of blaster pistols and rifles. Sniper rifle on his back.

Bio: Nom was 16 when he saw his parents killed by a man who was high up in the leadership of the New Republic and vowed revenge. He got it a little over a year later. He had constructed six blaster pistols and was carrying four at the time. By that time, he had also bought the sniper rifle. With the best secrecy he could muster, he an and ran. What made it worse is that his sister was away from the house when it happened, so he feared that something had happened to her. He was relieved when he found out that she survived.

Nom, now 27, has his own ship and has been darting around the galaxy, making it impossible to find him. He is wanted on more than 60 planets for his various mercenary jobs and his first assassination. The authorities still don't know who did his other assassinations. He is helped by his sister.

Though he doesn't realize it, Nom is force sensitive, very much so.



Character No. 2


Name: Tarila Vilnov

Occupation: Mercenary / Assassin

Weapons: knives, daggers and swords.

Bio: Tarila was away from home on an overnight school field trip. When she returned, she found from her brother what had happened and she, too wanted revenge. While Nom was on the building top, Tarila went inside and made her way secretly into the office of the man, but she was caught. Nom's shot, distracted the guards holding Tarila and she was able to get away, but only after providing a good cover for Nom to get away.

Since then, she has become good enough that she can get into any building and sneak up on somebody, close enough to do the dirty work with her daggers. When she uses her swords, she is very deadly. She works in a spinning, flipping and rolling movement that makes her almost impossible to hit and does this until she is close enough to kill somebody.

Tarila is only 17.

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Look at everyone else's bios (except for Admiral's, because his characters can't be just happened upon) and you'll see "Contact Information".


That's in case you want your characters to seek out or "accidentally" come across someone else's characters, which is of course the best way to get more involved in the plot of the RPG ;)


edit: What I'm trying to say is, can one of my characters contact your characters? Or would you rather that not happen? ^.^

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New character info! (New to Cantina, anyway...)


Galactic Faction: Criminal


Name: Riss Dul'ur

Gender: Male [Apparently; none have yet had the opportunity to check]

Species: Unknown Humanoid

Origin: Nar Shadda

Faction: Karathi Assassin Guild [Former], Independent Assassin

Description: Humanoid and ugly, with dark green skin. A natural semi-chameleon who can stick to nearly any surface. Fast and agile. Sports long retractable claws on his fingers.

Public Knowledge: Among the top assassins of the famed Karathi Assassin Guild. One of few members to survive the Galactic Civil War. Considered extremely dangerous.

Current Status/Location: Unknown [Last Sighted: Mos Eisley, Tatooine]

How to Contact: Known to those who deal with or hire assassins

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Jokemaster, nothing has really happened with the plot your characters are involved in, because BD is AWOL, Deac's characters left this universe temporarily, and my, Scar's, and Admiral's characters are all doing their own things. :D


(speaking of which, I'm wondering why Admiral hasn't posted like he told me he would...>.>)

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Galactic Faction: Their own




Species: Unknown [Aesir]

Origin: Unknown [Asgard]

Description: Brown hair in braids, tall and muscular. She wheres the red and gold armor of the Valkrie. The symbol for the Valkryies on her armor has the addition of two swords showing her to be a member of teh Valkyrie Hunters.

Public Knowledge: None

Current Location/Status:Valen Minor

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  • 1 month later...

Deac, BD:


I need an idea of Coruscant's current defenses, the kind that an Imperial Loyalist intelligence agent might know. (and thus Starr.)


BD, what were the defenses like when the corrupt Senators were in control?


Deac, what changes has Reletha made, if any?


Thanks in advance.




Edit: And a separate question, for BD only:


Who are the main decision-makers of the New Republic at this time? Clearly Taklin Flax is the main guy, but who would be beneath him? Who would make decisions to, for example, make an arms/supplies/etc. deal with a third party? How would that be handled? (An answer of "this option wouldn't be considered" is also a valid response, I'm not going for the whole "in theory" thing here. ;))


Note I don't mean pure military strategists, so someone like Ackbar is out. :)


(Also, are you ever going to post your character bios, as everyone else has on page one? ^_~)

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Okay, ordering Homeric Last First.


3. No. Why, do you need them?


2. It depends who is offering, arms requisition would be handled by a Senate Commitee in the Republic. Anything has to be stamped by Flax at some point.


Currentlly Flax is opperating what might be reffered to as a Principate. Flax is Princeps, or first citizen, beneath him it gets a bit complicated.


Flax delegates power. He can pass laws on his own but when his five and a half months is up he wants to retain his standing democratically so laws are usually passed by the Senate and then the General Assembly before being signed by the Dictator.


Hal is Flax' military Right Hand, while Mirra fills the same political position, which previously was held by Sophae.


Kal is out of the loop with Deac.


The Senior Officers of the House Gaurd are responsible for a lot of Agamar's Military administration and various Staff Officers perform the same function in the wider Military Machine.


The Military of the various Sectors is overseen by the Military Counsel:




Bel Iblis



Admiral Hektor Thran

Gaurd General Rasnar Telaris-Flax

Gaurd General taes'Windrider


I suppose any contracter would meet with a Senate Commitee and a Staff Officer.


1. Double Layered Shields you want get through without an ISD.


Three Rings of Golon Defence Platforms


24 Ground Based figher Wings, mainly X- E- and A-Wings




6 MC90s


8 MC80b's


2 MC100s


24 Strike Crusiers


42 Frigates


Numerous Corvets, Gunships and support vessels.


Roughly one quarter of this fleet is on station at any one time the rest would be on patrol in the surroundign systems and would arrive in a matter of hours.

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