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Cantina 13: Rebellion [DISCUSSION THREAD]


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3. No, but it's convenient, since it's hard to remember who is who especially with the similar names. I can't recall who Sellena even is, for example, and I keep forgetting Taklin Flax' first name, and what Kal's relation to this whole family is. Another confusing thing is that you call him "Flax" when it's the last name of a whole bunch of your characters. Bios would help with this. ;)



2. Where might a potential contracter go to speak with someone about this? One with little to no previous contacts in the Republic? Even if they would be rejected out of hand if they weren't already an old ally. (Yes, I am going somewhere here, and it is somewhat important. :))



1. Okay, thanks. Deac, my earlier question, what changes - if any - would Reletha have made here?

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3. Okay then




Name: Lord-General Taklin Flax.


Titles: First Lord of House Flax, Earl of the Black Wall, Lord of Agamar, Defender of the Rim, Warden of the Unbroken Towers, First Right to the Crown of King Malken of the Ancient Line. Jedi Lord



Height: 5 foot 10


Build: Relativly lean


Age: Around 50 (Born 19 BBY)


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Brown


Statas: Commander of the Rebel Forces, Father of Halren, Kalren and Mirrali Flax. Widower to Sophae Flax. Brother in Law to Sellenna Windrider


Gen Decs: A Warrior, pilot, leader, politician and Jedi Taklin Flax is one of the unsung heros of the Rebbellion. Present at the initial assult on the First Death Star, Commander of the escort pilots at Hoth and Commander responsible for the defence of Home One at Endor; Taklin Flax rose steadily though the ranks rather than rapidly, that is, until he met Deac Starkiller. A chance encounter with an NRI agent on Tatooine brought about a chain of events that saw Taklin's potential finally realised. Through the Crimson Star Episode to the Negotiation with Empire to the Second Rebbellion Taklin Flax met evey challenge and succeeded. Despite his current level of power Flax is no mythical hero.


With a fighter pilot's height and build he is dignified rather than overly handsome. Despite his age he remains healthy and vigerous. He holds the destiction of being and excellent swordsman with energy or Steel, having mastered the elegant Form II of Lightsaber Combat.




Name: Knight-Colonel Halren Flax.


Titles: Second Lord of House Flax, Jedi Knight


Height: 6 foot 2


Build: Relativly heavy set


Age: Around 27 (Born 3 ABY)


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Brown


Statas: Son of Taklin Flax, Military Attache to the Embassy to the Aseir.


Gen Desc: A military minded individual like his father Hal is not the most centred Jedi, however his rigid adherance to The Code and his strong sense of honour ensure he will never fall to the dark side. He is a very powerful Jedi, his skills are honed to a fine combat adge and he is skilled, if less experianced tactition. Hal uses either one or two lighsabers or a blaster in combat, he is an excellant pilot, like his father. His only weaknesses are his short temper and his eye for women. He has been known to have a biting sence of humour.





Name: Kalren Flax.


Titles: Lord of House Flax


Height: 5 foot 9


Build: Lean


Age: Around 22 (Born 8 ABY)


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Blue


Statas: Son of Taklin Flax


Gen Desc: A thoughful and quiet individual with a calm disposition. Kal takes after his mother and would rather avoid violence, he is strong in the force and his talents lean towards defence, healing and psychic powers. The Death of his mother hurt him. His aprenticeship to Deac Starkiller has been an on-off arragement and he remains inexperianced

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Gah, you did the Hero Machine thing too? :D


Give me a second, and I'll save and attach the image, if you want. ;)


I suppose I should draw my own characters as well (although I don't have exact mental images for some of my characters yet...) so watch this space. ^_~


edit: The reason for this is that a third of my characters were created directly from drawings, a third of them were created from specific mental images for the same world, and a third were created specifically for this RPG. The first two thirds, I know exactly how they look. The last third, though, I don't really know. :)


Category 1: Rwos, Shane, Raschel, K'Warra, all PtH characters except Misae, H'lena and Trael from Crisis.


Category 2: Nereli, Gilian, Ida, Tari, Slythe, Sieze, Orion, Farran [original, "Ariel"], Riss, Celeste, Kvana from Mrear/Crisis, miscellaneous characters from Crisis.


Category 3: Starr, Luthen, Farran [imperial version], Artemis, Sejhan, Duncan, Aren, Saria, Misae from PtH, side characters from Mrear, A'melie from Crisis.



Oh, and fine, BD, be that way ;)

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Reletha has continued to phase out Republic Starships with Imperial Ones. She has also added Interdictor Cruisers to all hyperspace points, and installed more planetary batteries, along with the deployment of her personal skyhook.

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Deac: Okay, then. Two more questions:


1) Is everyone else cleared out of the area?


2) Have they done/are the doing anything in the way of salvaging the wreckage?



BD, JM: Raschel Sheire in PtH was part of New Republic Intelligence, a member of a small "branch" that had an as-yet unknown purpose, was based on Coruscant, and kept top-secret. (I don't actually remember what I had intended for that, so it's up in the air.)


Raschel also knew Talkin Flax, although not Halren.


Wondering if this could be worked into the current plot somehow, just as a side thing? (i.e. Raschel is part of NRI intelligence trapped or left on Coruscant, etc)

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1] The Fleet is still holding position, collecting survivors and salvaging the wreckage.


2] See above


3] There is a resistance group on Coruscant. It was the same group that Beler Jil lead to destroy the senate building. Raschel could easily be part of that and on the run.

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Thanks, Deac. :)



Currently the Empire is disorganised, we had hoped Palpatine would not reapear for another six months or so. That would have allowed the Imperials to fully fragment and we would have been able to eliminate one War Lord at a time. If Palpatine has reapeared then we will have to find another way to win this war.


What War Lords? Those were the Separatists. Cracken annihilated them. (Or most of them.)


And the Empire is not that disorganized, and the disorganization that is there is because of Reletha. Destroying Reletha would have (and will still) simply strengthen the Empire and allow it to finish reorganizing.

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Redwqing speaks thy truth. Starr has been in control of the Loyalyst Faction of the Empire since Cracken left, and since Cracken's return, has ceeded power back to Cracken.


if i recall, the Seperatists during the Imperial Civil War were, rightly so, annihilated by the Loyalist Imperial Navy and Army, leaving Relentha to take control of the remaining few Seperatist forces, F. Irvine, and overthrow Corusant.


The Loyalists are ever organized, and loyal to the Emperor and his apprentice, and his children. There are no warlords in the Imperial Loyalists faction (Mine).

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Okay, thats a lot of questions.


Admiral: Easy, Flax and the others intend to honour the treaty however the existance of a large Sith Empire can only be percieved as a persistant threat.


The only reason the Republic accepted the treaty to begin with was because it was on the ropes. No Sith is ever going to be trusted by the Republic or the Jedi. THese people aren't planning to betray anyone, they're preparing to be betrayed!


Flax, Sellenna, Hal, Kal, Mirra and Jammes are all Jedi.


Cracken, Redwing: This is simple political theory. The Empire was being controlled by the Apprentice, since the Empire is run through fear and power politics the absense of Cracken and the fact that Starr is running around doing stuff on the ground, not sat on a command chair in an SSD is going to begin to create a power gap.


Over time you would expect the Empire to begin to break down at the edges, as this happened the Republic could pick off these pieces without violating the treaty.


I'm not suggesting that this had happened, just that it was eventually going to and that the Republic was waiting and biding its time.

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BD: Ah, but Starr has only been running around on the ground since he left to 'retrieve' RH Irvine, and Luthen captured him. ;)


Granted I never said (and don't know) how long he was on that SSD. But it couldn't have been too long.


Also, do note that the Empire's current holdings either A) joined voluntarily or B) chose to stay after Cracken's original conquests, choosing the Empire's order and stability over the continuing chaos of the New Republic. It's not like they're desparate to get away.




Deac, about that blaster. (As I did think it out fully, since it's Aren's personal weapon. :D)


First of all, it's not an anti-cyborg blaster specifically; it just works on them as well. The idea behind it is that it can kill through any impact armor, by ignoring the armor and destroying organic/sensitive material.


Also, it's got a fairly short range before its 'charge' wears off, and the bullets move fairly slowly [for bullets], so no sniping with it. ;)

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Red, its political theory. The vacume has more to do with the fact that THERE IS NO EMPEROR.


With All this bare in mind that my characters are not privy to the motivations of other characters, as far as they are concerned Cracken is the son of the most evil man the Galaxy ever spawned and he's a self declared Sith to boot!

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