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Another example of why Australia's Prison System Is a Joke...


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Prisoners milk spiders for drugs

September 7, 2004



NEW South Wales prison inmates are keeping deadly redback spiders to milk their venom and inject themselves for a hit.


The State Opposition also revealed today that some other prisoners managed to cultivate a 40cm marijuana plant in the grounds of another jail.


The four "pet" redbacks were discovered at Grafton prison on February 19 this year. Their venom had been milked and watered down to be injected for a high.


The marijuana plant was found at Long Bay jail four days later.


Figures obtained by the Opposition show weapons in NSW prisons have quadrupled in 12 months, while drug use and jail brewing have doubled.


Fifty-five "shivs" (homemade knives) and 78 other weapons, including sharpened paint scrapers and steel spikes, were found in the first quarter of this year.


In the same period last year, prison officers found a total of 36 weapons.


Marijuana finds escalated from a total of 13g to 33.4g, while there were 46 discoveries of other drugs early in 2004 – exactly double that of last year.


"NSW prisons are more like a holiday farm than a prison system," opposition justice spokesman Andrew Humpherson said.


Mr Humpherson said despite promises of a crackdown on contraband, prison officers were still not tough enough.


"Prison officers are either compromised or corrupted into getting these things in," he said.


Agence France-Presse

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Originally posted by flint paper

Yeah, screw Australia



sounds like a job for Debbie... once she's finally finished with Dallas






not that i've seen that film of course...


>.> <.<







*hits wall*

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Originally posted by Alien426

I thought the whole of Australia was a prison. Maybe I'm just an old fart...




I know I got sent there... on a school field trip... ah crap.


I have to ask the admin though, do the mods get criminal background checks done on them before you decide to make us mods (because with me, you basically just said I'm a sensible regular and that was it).

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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

Your not SERIOUS are you? :eyeraise:


No, hence why I hadn't actually asked an admin.


Would be funny to think though, that you've given mod powers to someone who theoretically, could be a major hacker who only needs a dozen IP addresses to start seriously screwing up peoples computers.

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you see there’s an infamous cult classic porn film called ‘Debbie does Dallas’. in this film the heroine of the story, Debbie, travels to dallas. she’s an aspiring something or other. well she ends up having sex with everyone she meets... thus the title, 'debbie does dallas'


and that’s why my joke was funny



i’ll get my coat



i didn’t wear a coat today


I’ll just go

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YAY Debbie Does Dallas *insert cheering emoticon* I met some wonderful transexual prostitutes one night, drunk off my face, wandering the streets of St Kilda (the redlight district of Melbourne) anyway to cut a long story short, I just ended up chatting to a couple of them for like an hour. They thought me and my friend were fantastic, we got lost and we ended up in Tranny Ally (it's not really called Tranny Alley... it's just all the transexual prostitutes hang out in this carpark behind a supermarket which backs onto a laneway) Anyway, we had no idea how to get back to this club we were meeting some other people there, but for some reason we knew how to get to Tranny Alley... we ended up being late, only because we were having such a fantastic time talking to these lovely prostitutes. After that, I always felt bad about driving down there to laugh at them :( I was so ashamed.

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Originally posted by Siv

you see there’s an infamous cult classic porn film called ‘Debbie does Dallas’.


Round about here is where you lost all credibility. The thing about jokes that only a handful of people get is that, for that handful of people, they'll love it. Now that you've explained it, it's less special to them.


Oh, and explaining a joke is never a good thing anyway.

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