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Master Chief


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Current Total Polycount :- 2016

Vertices :- 1863


Needs, tags,off surfaces and the skeleton fitted to it, if anyone wants to give it a go mail me Here and i can send you him in .glm , .MD3 or .3DS


Credit to Bungie for the model, i expored it out of Halo's game assets and converted to other formats.


So maybe it could be made as a player model like the AVP predator model ?

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Ooh! Now this has serious potential!


Unfortunately, I know diddly-squat about these things. I hope someone will rise to the occasion. I've been a big fan of the MC ever since I first played Halo. I'm going to be really looking forward to this!


EDIT: One concern, however; would this in any way violate copyright laws? I know there's been legal trouble in the past converting models from KOTOR to JA. Still, the Predator model was converted from the AVP 2 game, so who knows?

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Crap, I didn't know you were going to release it so soon. I messed with the model and shaders a tad so it looks more accurate.




I split a lot of edges on the model to give his armor a more sharper look. I also threw on a environment map over the specular and adjusted the visor color.


@Exlan: If you still want to mess with the visor shader I'll send you the updated file.

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Originally posted by Zappa_0

Well if you havent looked on PCGM lately, both files has been disabled. But there is still a good chance that JK3files and force temple will take it.


Don't be so sure. Some of the fools who got the file disabled sculk around at JK3files. I suggest claiming you downloaded the Halo trial version and converted the model from that. Its perfectly legal, I believe. Great job with the model, anyway, and I love the reskins, Zappa!:)

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