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Hot People Thread!!! (*keep it clean*)


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Originally posted by STTCT

Am I too late?


Hey where are all the other hot people?



Hayden C. is hot - especially since he's all buffed out for this movie. I'm sure I'm going to be very grossed out by the end of the movie - considering he turns into Vader. But he is hot. :)


And who can forgewt he smells like body odor.... mmmmm. :)

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Originally posted by Pie™

I agree.


I can understand operations if you're horribly misformed, but it pains me to see perfectly good looking girls getting unneeded operations... :/



yeah, I think breast augmentation is good if you had breast cancer and feel like a part of you is missing after they had to remove the breasts to remove the cancer. but if you're a perfectly healthy normal woman, you don't need implants. Besides you're born with what your body is able to take in the long run, these women with these oversized fake breasts are going to have a ****load of back problems as they get older and they're going to be in constant pain.

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