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how many people are actually staying?

Wraith 8

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.... DD quit. Zeto/iwok/iwoc quit. Jo quit. zennor quit. naxu/isis quit.


...... maybe i effectivly say the affiliates are falling apart?


jan is never online. xan found other games she playes more. tebra doesnt have the right connectoon to play good these days. x'ero isnt online because of personal problems.......


im frikken alone like most of the times.


im thinking of getting my stuff and move to naboo.



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sorry man. :( i do miss the guild most of all. but swg is just endless boredom now. and after playing wow i see how truly unbalanced it is. i do not want ANYONE to think the guild or them are the cause of me leaving, that never was and never will be the case, its the only reason i played as long as i did. blame the devs for not fixing the stuff that needs to be, puttin jedi in(no offence zeto, just play KOTOR or JA for your jedi fix) and all around releasing a game that wasnt out of its first beta stage IMO.


i miss you all, and if you come to WoW on US servers, look me up on Elone*sp* on the eastern servers.


love ya all and miss ya, ill be ingame sometime before the 20th so i can tie up the few loose ends i got and possibly give out a few mil. im gonna keep the rest in the event i DO decide to come back ever.

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OOO are we moving to Naboo??? IM COMMING CORZIP!!!!! Dont think you will get me off your ass so fast, or was it my ass ? :p


No Im staying ingame and when I get my adsl in a few weeks, HOPEFULLY!!!! I will be online almost all day on my freetime :)

And I got alot of that. I think I will get WoW, but it isnt sure yet. But that dosnt mean I wont play SWG. I still like the game, and thats cause I havent yet seen all the places there is to see and done everything I want to do, I still dont got the warren badge, hmmm.....


*writes up : warren is a thing I have to do soon*


But Im here Corzip, if you are moving, tell me, Im right behind you :)


*drags suitcases over the floor*



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I think we are just gonna have to accept it, Cor, SWG just doesn't do it anymore.


Like Jo says, it's become a great boredom to play this game, and the only reason I've kept on to the 2 accounts I have is the PA. I've never been in a guild/PA before, let alone been part of the upper echelon of one :D , but I can honestly say I will probably never be in a PA like this one ever again .... unless the same PA joins forces in another game or MMORPG. :)

I doubt very much that any PA/guild can top the good times I've had with all members of the Affiliates in SWG.


I thought JTL would spark my interest again, and for a short time it did. But, getting into WoW US-Beta was the killer blow to SWG for me. :(


It's sad that someone can take such a great potential as Star Wars and run it into the ground so firmly as SOE has done.

For that I've lost all respect for SOE and will never again buy a product - atleast of this type - from them ever again.

When WoW comes out, my money will go to them. They have yet to dissappoint me with a game I've bought from them, and WoW will be no exception.


I want to keep in touch with most people from the PA. Have had too much fun and joy with you guys and girls to just let you fade away into the great void that is known as the InterNet. :D

Hopefully, and I'm talking mostly about my american brethren now, we'll meet again in WoW when, or if, Blizzard decides to lower their region-policy.

Therefor, I am going to invite more people from the PA into my privat MSN account (my old one was starting to cram up with God-knows-who, so I just started a new one :p ).


I'm currently having problems with my PC, grafics issue. I think I will need to replace my grafics card. :(

It doesn't keep me from getting on MSN or surf the net cause the grafical corruption is minor in Windows. But in games, where I use the card to it's fullest, the grafical corruption can get so bad I can't distinguish anything.

Most likely I'm going to buy myself a new computer ... that is, a new cabinett w/powerunit, motherboard w/CPU, harddrive, grafics card, and low amount of ram, plus OS of course, and then transfer everything else over from my old computer.


Been thinking of getting a new motherboard and CPU anyway so it won't get that much more ecpensive, and I think my computer is starting to get F'ed up anyway so it's easier to get it all re-installed. :D


Like Reaper said, /love to all of you., aswell as /hugs to you all. :)


We've had some great moments and times in SWG, but I feel it's time to move on. Personally, SWG has become a huge disappointment to me, and I can't kid myself anymore.

I've seen it go from a great game, which it was in my opinion, to the sorry state it is in now, with even more unbalanced professions, flight characaristics (sp?) which doesn't resemble SW, HUD isn't Star Wars (it's more Wing Commander than Star Wars actually, which isn't a wonder seeing the guy in charge worked on Wing Commander in the first place :D ), Jedi and the existance of a Jedi Council that has a history, according to a transmission you could read a few weeks ago on the loading screen, that gives the impression as if the Great Jedi Purge never took place. :mad:

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Originally posted by Imreanna

And.....and......and if everyone leaves me...*sniff*.....alone ingame....I will...*sniff*...miss you all :( ...and...and....flirt with Deft and get into his guild :D:cool:




Done deal! *winks*



Jan sent me a tell earlier this week, and honestly, I damn near cried. Then Corzip sent me an tell very early this morning.


I think, given time, you can rebuild any PA. I look at DS now and hardly any of the original members are left. WoW dealt a serious blow to SWG, however, I have tried the game and I can't picture myself making a character to skip through the fields endlessly picking flora. *sighs*


I know a lot of people here have always thought me an elitist. I have a secret for you.... this -elitist- has never seen DWB, has never beaten the vette and has left a lot of these things to be experienced the next time boredom sets in. Much like Tebra, I have not rushed to accomplish these things so I have some challenge ahead of me.


What has kept me in game though, much like yourselves, is the friends I have and my PA. Most of all though, RP. Yes, the XRDSGU is an absolute blast, that's late night X-Rated Dark Sovereignty Guild Chat for those of you that don't know, where basically anything goes and we talk about whatever until the weeeeeee hours of the morning. All that aside though, nothing keeps my interest more than wondering what is going to happen next in developing story lines. Hell, sometimes even what my own character does shocks me.


It saddens me to think that -A- is in such turmoil. We were kind of sister guilds at release. *sighs* Don't give up. I swear, there are a million new players out there.... and somehow they all seem to find themselves in tells with me driving me insane with the same adorable newbie questions. Please, take them. STOP THE TELLS! *smirks*


Seriously though, I love you all to death, and hopefully you'll be around for a long time to come. DS has shrunk to about 35 members, a cycle we're growing quite used to about this time of year. In the summer, we shall again probably see an influx of members. School pulls many away.


If there is anything myself or DS can do to help out, you let me know okay?

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I second all what Jan said.


I tried to do all what is possible for this game, I did the DWB every saturday since it was out for like 3 months, I did the vette 5 times and got 3 AV21, the warren, all the possible themeparks (even the valarian and little things like the endor escape, the Imp PSG and things like that) I did PvP, Rp, and a lot of things, the only thing I never did was the nym's themepark and trying to get Jedi.


It just that SWG is not fun anymore. I was ready to leave since march, but the <-A-> and the < PAX> tags were the reason why i stayed this long.


And this is not only a -A- problem, is a game problem, all the galaxies in all the guilds are having this problem, people is not interested on this anymore, and the people who still enjoys the game is suffering because of this.


I would really like to see all of you ingame still, But I just need to find something to be interested in besides guildchat, and WoW is doing that for me.


Jan, Jo, Iwok and everyone else who is thinking about playing WoW, Again, I would really like to see you there, for people like Jan, my guild have helped a lot of euro players to play in the US servers, They buy the game and create the account, then send the copy overseas and the CDkey in an email (if you still have the Beta game) so you can play quickly, I think you all would like that.


I think I shouldn't invite people to join other games, but i would like to give the pages of my guilds to see you there, for Alliance toons, there is Silver Thorn in Argent Dawn server (it's an ONLY RP server) and for Horde Toons we have Pax Dominus in Hellscream, I would recommend joining both guilds since this is a game you just can't be loyal to one side all the time, since the content is just amazing everywhere.


I'm sure that if the game have enough fixes as it's supposed, all of us who are leaving will come back and we will all want to be in the Affiliates again, we just need to pray and hope SOE will fix some things in this game.

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why is it all of you have to give me names of guilds in wow AFTER i have built up my druid to lvl 14(which in reality sucks, but it took me alot of time with what little of it i got) ..iwoks on a different server, naja is..jan cant play US with us unless he pays me to send him a copy already set up on my home adress(which i will do, just drop a PM man)

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Originally posted by Jo

why is it all of you have to give me names of guilds in wow AFTER i have built up my druid to lvl 14(which in reality sucks, but it took me alot of time with what little of it i got) ..iwoks on a different server, naja is..jan cant play US with us unless he pays me to send him a copy already set up on my home adress(which i will do, just drop a PM man)


Even if you start again I promise there will be people there who would help you to get 14 in no time jo, they are a big family just like we are in the -A-


Jan still can play with us and I can get him a US CC to play.



/chant You will change realms ;P


/hug X'ero


Things happen hun, already happened to me once and I thought I would just hate guys, when things like that happen is because something better is comming ;)

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then thats it then.....


The affiliates... after 3 years.... has fallen....

... damn this almost makes me cry....


i will miss all of you. and in dedication of many of you im going to make an end movie for our guild.... im sorry if im mad or have been mad to some of you... but you have to realize that i spend SO much time for this guuild.... i thiought it would never die......




so long Affiliates.......


Erik Klasen


Corzip Dinn

Atex Dinn


(looks like its you and me tebs..... naboo here we come)

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Dont give up on the guild Corzip. Look at this like the next step in the Affiliates. Just because the Affiliates dont have the vets that were here since the beginning, does not mean that they are dead. I still think this could be the greatest game if it was just fixed up a bit. I am waiting for the Combat Revamp to see if this game can possibly be saved.. But that is out of our hands.


If you do decide to finish off the guild then SWG is done for me. And there will be no reason for me to come back.. Do what you think is best Cor, I know you have made tons good desicions in the past.



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i know iwok... but.... after wow final release in europe... tebs and me will most likely be the only ones of our ENTIRE guild to be online..... you know how painfull it will be for me to log on every time and see the names of all my friends in my list that i will mostlikely NEVER see again...... i rather then finish it off then hopeless wait for the old glory days

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I dont know what to say. Xanadu isnt leaving... ok zennor is but thats only coz i cant afford it. Yes Star Wars has grown boring for me, so /bow jan, i totally agree with you, someone needs to come up with some new stuff.

I will get into WoW eventually but only coz its a game where theres no pressure to sign on everyday, no maintence and such, i need to get a real life so i hanvnt to much time on my hands these days. I forget to do stuff on SWG and things get destoyed.


I really hope the guild dosnt dissapear :/ u guys have worked so hard. and also what of Cori? i guess that will bite the dust now as half the residents will be gone. Thats a shame, but i guess we had a laugh,and i cant stay there forever.


/salute to all u guys, if i dont see u ingame at the times i will be on, i will be on these boards :)



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thanx guys.. that means a lot to me.... it really does. makes me feel i didnt do all that stuff for nothing :)


and the -A- will never truely die...... it will be with all of us...... in our memories :) (sounds lame but i thought it would be a nice toutch :p)



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I don't want it to end... But I know it will happen...


I think the problem is that we have no real goals... we're just a group of friends hanging out... after a while, that gets old... It was great in the begining, when everything was new, but the game has gotten old. It doesn't have the content we all had hoped for.


I'm still going to try to keep playing. I'm just having problems. Everyone goes through them... I'll get over it.

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give it four or five days, that experience will be fulfilled. sadly thats how they made the game, too repetative. if they somehow pull through with CR and some new content, ill come back for a while..but right now WoW is where i am, im in a guild there already, but i miss this one more..and now that you move back to naboo i really miss ya :p

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